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  1. O.M.G. I don't know were to start ! Lol
  2. Looking really delicious ; )
  3. When a woman spreads her legs wide for you after being with one or several lovers and expects you to clean and soothe her sore swollen pussy it's a love that creates a very special bond that can't be compared to by anything ! Absolutely love it....
  4. The whole package is dynamite , I'd eat the whole damn thing and couldn't wait for seconds 😍💕
  5. My heart starts pounding at the thought of it !!!
  6. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet a woman like her !!! Sweet.
  7. Sounds like the perfect woman to and for me !!!
  8. What a delicious relationship. 

  9. WOW , what a woman, definitely a woman who deserves complete oral servitude 😍💕💕
  10. To be perfectly honest I would love being with a woman with a reputation for giving the best blowjobs around "Black only"
  11. I love women with a intense oral fixation for black dick ! So sexy....