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  1. Hello bul here in west palm Bch let’s do this can she take 11’ Of BBB
  2. Why hello im a Ret. Army Col and would love to welcum her back home lets talk,,,,,,
  3. thanks for sharing when she is ready again id be honored to help out again,,, lets talk? JJ
  4. Congrats i have two kids by different ladies also only difference is that i started a trust fund for them lets talk [email protected] JJ
  5. easy if you dont mind what is tje snapchat number or name let me say hello?
  6. choc delite


    Hello this is somethng that really take time to make happen,, i have done this twice and do have a great realationhip with the famly botj of them,, lets talk please emial me i dont like this format [email protected] JJ
  7. why thanks and its multi orgasmic and works great,,
  8. let her take the lead just support it more and openly 




  9. lets talk and make this happen... yes i travel to play also,,,
  10. Another thing is that most are all talk and NO action and i view as a waste of time,,, quality not quanity is always best,,, so are you guys seeking?