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  1. Raging_Bull

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

  2. Raging_Bull

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

  3. Raging_Bull

    Muslim Hot Wife

  4. Raging_Bull

    Hot little Slut

  5. Raging_Bull

    Hot little Slut

    Mhhhmmm those lips and eyes
  6. Raging_Bull

    Hot little Slut

  7. Raging_Bull

    List Your Location

    Gold Coast, Australia here
  8. Raging_Bull


    They are, met them on a trip. all 3 live in Brisbane Australia, heading out there soon
  9. Raging_Bull


    I'd would like to get you guys involved and help me choose between these Hotwives. Could you guys give points to each Hotwife (3,2,1), I will add them up and will go through them accordingly. Happy voting would also appreciate a quick note why you chose them in that order, ty.
  10. Gold Coast, Australia
  11. Just wondering if anyone is interested in sharing my wife with me and 2 other guys, would like to make it a permanent arrangement 2-3 times a week if possible maybe more
  12. Raging_Bull

    Does anyone know who she is???

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows who this woman is???
  13. Raging_Bull

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    a few more pics
  14. Raging_Bull

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    Well we are in Australia, let us know we are always up for some fun, if you ever come over