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    my wife spa Philippines

    hi i just want to share my real lifes story of well , being a sharing husband. ill make this short as possible if possible. we re newly wed couple last year july. asian from Philippines. i first met my wife in a spa which we friends go, i was naive back then didn't know the truth about that place, its a spa and also a place where u can have sex if the price is right. so anyway since we met there I constantly get her for massage and also courts her(she gives me handjob and blowjob back then. thenwe got married, we are open couple so one time we had this talk about her giving extra services to other clients, I really love my wife we share the same fantasy, it gives me sexual pleasure to know her having sex with others, so we had this agreement: she gets to give sextra services to others as long as she tells it to me first or after or in between, same goes to me she wants me to have sex with other girls(i get to her therapist friends and her sister who works there too) yeah im a lucky guy i guess gets to screw my wife's friends and sister, and it has her blessing. she keeps insisting i try them. anyway it seems my wife job is like a whore or prostitute but no. we just really have this fantasy of having sex with others, i love the feeling of my wifes pussy when she came home with cum of others inside her( shes constantly on pills) by the way if u guys are going to Philippines specially cavite part try my wife shes 5'3" not to petite normal boob size, look for linden spa her name there is mariel and works there wed -Sunday 3pm to 12 midnight. she gets to fuck daily for the whole week of work, sometimes none or few , it varies one of most memorable thing happened there is that she got a black client she said its like 10 or 11 inch she got home with swollen pussy, she said the guy wants her after her sched so she go with the guy and go home next day, yeah i fuck her even when shes too tired and full of bruises but not to hard. one of our fantasy is to have her gangbang which happened, a group of teenagers go to the spa and got her, the boys wants her so go and the money is good, its sunday back then so she go with them after work she just txt me about it and it makes me hard. my wife said then fuck her one by one then one of the boys dad found out and fuck her too then shared her to his friends and gangbang her, they fuck her for 2days, she gets home Wednesday morning with full of cum, i get to fuck her too i dont know why i love the feeling of my wifes swollen pussy with full of cum when im inside her, guess its my fetish, i even let some of my friends have her it really turns me on seeing her having sex with others😍 now most of them keeps bugging us (are u home, is ur wife free, can i fuck her again etc). there thats it, this is true guys just try if ur on Philippines remember linden spa kawit cavite - [ ] look for mariel my wife or her sister (also hot) jonie wed-sun 3pm to closing. we even had this talk if the client dont want extra services, give it to him free👉 👌💥 i attach her photo
  2. dickypucker

    Bareback or Condoms???

    babeback. i love creampie and my girl love it too
  3. dickypucker

    How many cocks?

    my gf had 12 fuck buddies according to her before we became a couple, she always want creampie so im guessing they all came inside her. now present she have 6 fuck buddy, me, and 5 of my friends. we all fuck her when we want to
  4. dickypucker

    Number of cocks

    ok 55leone i here is her pics no vagina pics for now but ill let u know when she agree
  5. dickypucker

    Number of cocks

    sorry 55leone my gf doesnt want to have her vagina picture but dont worry ill convince her ita only a matter of time after all she just got creampie again last night in my house by 4 of my friends, i can only use her pics for now but not her vagina pics, can sumone tell me how to post pocs here? im using ipad mini and i dont see any pic uploads
  6. dickypucker

    Number of cocks

    a how do u post pics here? cant see any options
  7. dickypucker

    Number of cocks

    my gf and i are asian, so meaning i have a small tool, but my fantasy is to see my gf getting gangbang by lots of bbc, havent done it but last 2 months ago she confess to me she had sex with 3 guys in one night(when they get drunk in a party) i was turn on by it and i told her its ok its what i want, then i told her all my fantasy. after that we agreed on sumting. she apply for a night job at club where she can be hook by group of men. and i got what i wish for 6 guy creampied inside her vagina it really turns me on. now she have 3 regular fuck buddy other than me. one is black american which i really enjoy watching when they are having sex in my house, really turns me on seeing her vagina spread, stuff by black cock. we even try double vaginal and cum together inside her