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    My ex-wife was a bareback slut who fucked lots of different men and fortunately my current g/f is just the same. I actively encourage her to spread her legs and share her cunt with other men. Love creampies and sloppy seconds, thirds or eighths.... the more cum in a sloppy hole, the more I like it.

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  1. Only 60 guys fucked her before you met. She's gorgeous and deserves a lot more cock(s) than that. You need to encourage her to share that magnificent body as often as possible.
  2. Well Katy I call her a slut because she is a slut she is a slut..... she fucks lots of guys and she doesn't charge so she's not a whore. As for me yes I love watching her perform and like to join in the fun.
  3. My g/f Mandy is a slut who has been spreading her legs for lots of men over the last 4 years. Recently we attended a greedy girl night with only 4 females present and 40 - 50 males. Mandy happily took on all cummers and was fucked silly and filled with spunk. It was so fucking hot watching her take cock after cock. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. I'm with you the smell of my g/f's used cunt is such a turn on especially after she's had multiple loads dumped up her. Licking out her smelly cunt when she's full of cum is such a turn on. Love it!
  5. My ex wife was a school slut too, she started fucking at 14 and happily spread her legs for the boys at the end of a night out.
  6. Yeah I love the smell too especially after a group of men have dumped their loads up my g/f. What a stink.... lovely!!!
  7. Very sexy woman, would love to fuck her.
  8. My kind or girl. Yes mate there are lots of us just like you. My g/f is an easy slut too and just like you, the more cock she gets the better I like it.
  9. Would like to see you slut.... reply to me as follows: hit the quote button, then more reply options button bottom right of screen, then attach files and add pics.
  10. I love big loose cunts too. My g/f is a right dirty slut now and her cunt is really well stretched. She can easily take my fist in her cunt and up her ass too. She loves taking two cocks up the same hole.
  11. Yes bring her to my house for a couple of hours..... very tasty
  12. My g/f Mandy doesn't have limits either, loves stripping off for groups of men and parading round in her CFM heels.
  13. Nice looking slut..... she'd look great on the end of my cock.
  14. Yes that's about right, 1 or 2 cocks every Friday, a monthly gangbang and a MMF or MMMF now and then. At least 15 cocks a month.
  15. With the right slut the numbers rise very quickly so yes I believe you. We tried to count how many cocks Mandy has fucked but its impossible to remember them all. She does know that she had been fucked by 59 men before she met me and then I got her to started sharing her cunt. At first it was just 1 or 2 guys a month, then regular cock every Friday on the pull with her slutty friend Debbie, then some threesomes MMF with me, then MMMF, MMMMF and now regular gangbangs with 8 - 10+ cocks. We also go dogging and to clubs and greedy girl parties. She's fucking at least 15 men every month, sometimes
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