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  1. Hello there,


    Care to chat?


  2. Hey sexy,

    what are you looking for ;)

  3. Tried to get u on yahoo a min ago

  4. 32 bull here. Im Spencer. How are u?

    Spencer apr19.jpg



  5. is this a fantasy for u or are u doing it?

  6. Always nice to see a Missouri neighbor?

    1. flrw2fan


      Hope you are staying warm in your area of Missouri. Pretty cold her in St Louis.

      I know we have chatted in the chatroom and discussed interests and desires. Remind me again where you are and what you desire? I enjoy meeting couples and ladies for NSA fun while the cuck husband watches or allows his hot wife to play alone and come home afterwards and tell him about the fun time she had with another male.

      Look forward to your reply and hearing from you again soon.

    2. tightjeansmom43


      Kind of chilly here in KC as well... 14 last time I looked...

      I have yahoo messenger:

      [email protected]

    3. warrinty2


      Like to chat sometime

  7. Thank you for stopping by...

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    2. nhfun2



      I don't have it . I want to download it some time

    3. tightjeansmom43
    4. tightjeansmom43


      Do you ever private chat in the room?

  8. cutt.us/8vQnd


    2016 - 1 (8).jpg

    1. darksexacts


      gorgeous...I could eat it for hours


    2. thealonzo


      That is perfect...nice an smooth with the right amount of ....hmmmmmmm

  9. Always nice to see a neighbor!

  10. You have an amazing profile, young man!

    1. BigBlackVeinyBull


      thank you. I think you have very nice n sexy hips

  11. welcome


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    2. blksatisfaction


      i did have messenger but got locked out of my account   dont know why

      tell me about you

    3. tightjeansmom43
    4. blksatisfaction