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  1. The first time I saw my wife fucking was in the late 1980s. The story leading up to it is long and involved. I will leave that for another time. We were away for a weekend to attend a friends wedding. My wife had been flirting and dancing with another long time friend. He had been feeling her up and kissing her during the evening. When it was time to leave he offered to take her back to our room for a drink. She agreed and off they went. I was delayed for a while. After about 20 minutes I went to our room. As I opened the door I saw my wife on our bed naked, legs spread. He was between he
  2. We first started swapping and playing with others back in the late 1980s. After a few years we were very relaxed about it. In the early 2000s my wife purchased a classic motorbike , not her first, that needed quite a lot of rebuilding. We new a guy from our bike club that enjoyed that sort of work and had a big shed at his house that he worked in. The bike was put in his shed and was worked on for many weeks. My wife spent quite a lot of time there. She is always chatty and flirty with guys that have good manners and a sense of humour and he was one. I would have never picked him as a player.
  3. Very hot, nice big boobs to suck on
  4. Mine used to go out a lot with the "girls". Sometimes very juicy when she arrived home. I have always encouraged it.
  5. Always shave my wife before we go out. Friends like her shaved
  6. Interesting topic. we started off with a swap some 35 years ago. I did get to see our friend cum in my wife on the first occasion. After that we swapped a lot for a while. Then we had a few MFM and found them to be the best situation. this was sometimes with my wife and sometimes with his. Does that make us both cucks? Not long after that we started visiting and if his wife was home alone I would fuck her and if he visited and I wasn't home he would fuck my wife. he would often phone me to tell me he left a deposit for me. Within a couple of years my wife was fucking others. I was also
  7. Have to agree, loved watching friends cum in my wife. The look on her face as she arched up to them, feeling them cum inside her. Watching his muscles clench as he shot his load. Best memories I will ever have. Always thought my wife was so sexy when she was fucking a friend. That cum filled pussy was so awesome to see and feel.
  8. Ah.. Love sloppy seconds either with my wife or a friends wife. Our very first swap 35 years ago I had sloppy seconds in my wife after watching a friend cum in her. it was awesome and has been my thing ever since. When we MFM I always encourage the other guy go first so that I can eat and fuck a nice cum filled pussy. The second fuck is always the best with the wife really getting into it by then. It often ends up sloppy thirds and fourths or more. So double cream pie doesn't always fit the description. sloppy seconds = hot wet smooth as silk pussy and a very turned on wife who becomes
  9. Close friends know that we have swapped and 3somed. My brother new and he fucked my wife. I fucked his wife a few times too. We did attend a few swingers parties without having sex, so those people knew and some of them we knew from other social gatherings. We were approached about it many times in the motorbike club we were part of so I think yes those in the lifestyle can spot others.
  10. My wife always judges a guy by how well he eats her. Extra points for eating after fucking. In a mfm with the guys swapping taking turns bare, if they eat with her enthusiasm, long deep tongue action, licking it out and giving her an orgasm,then they will definitely get a second invite.
  11. My wife had a lot before we married. She has never discussed it much other than to say her first was when she was 13. I do know that she went out with a friend, who was later our best man, and fucked him many times. He was also the first one to fuck her after we married. After we married in the early 70's she didn't have any extras for a few years. She did constantly flirt at parties or the pub. Our best man eventually got her into bed one night after a party and fucked her. She took him bare, after that he fucked her regularly for about 15 years. Once she started she had a few others, always
  12. My wife had many sexual partners before we married. I had much less experience. We married when we were both 20yo. It was the early 70s. Our best man was a mutual friend who had been out with her before I met her. Later I found out they had had sex many times. He married a rather hot sexy lady a few years later and we hung out a lot. After quite a few years of "joking" about swapping and lots of flirting, we ended up doing a swap one evening. It was separate rooms. We swapped back to our own partners after the first round and I had my first taste of cum filled pussy. Also my first sloppy secon
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