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  1. The shots with the cucks got me instantly hard
  2. Someone asked me what I like about humiliation specifically cuckold type stuff and small penis humiliation. I thought about it and here was my response. Id say it probably started in some small way a long time ago but i really started to get into it when me and my wife were dating I lived a long way from her and with my grandparents, i also worked 3rd shift, she would hang out with a friend of mine and his girlfriend while i went to work. Well him and his girl broke up and she fucked him a few times. I got home really early one night and almost caught them (unbeknownst to me at the time). She went home with me and we went to bed. I started rubbing all over her and then went to eat her pussy, she tried to stop me but i insisted. After we had had sex she confesed that she had fucked him. And then that they had literally just finshed when i pulled in the driveway. She had wiped his cum up as much as she could but he was longer than me and had came balls deep inside her. That was the 1st creampie i had ever unintentionally eaten. It was a long time (years and a wedding and kid) after that and we had a threesum with another friend of mine a few times. She fucked him while i was at work for a while too but by then after watching her get fucked and ride him i didn't care that she had been fucking him only that she didn't tell me. She gave me permission to find a discreet buddy to serve once in a while after she found out that a few years after she quit playing with my buddy that i started serving him whenever we had the chance. I really miss the way he humiliated and degraded me while he used me. And he had fucked my wife both in front of me and while i was at work so it made the bi bull fantasy really predominate in my mind
  3. Wow thats hot. Except for the never fucking her husband again part. Thats the whole reason i want my wife to fuck other guys is so i can put my little pp in her used hole afterwards
  4. When shes in the mood to do it she really likes it. She usually gets soaking wet. I love it. I wish she was more into verbal humiliation than she is but the pegging is fun
  5. One of my favorite things to be called while i have a cock in my mouth
  6. 1599147201_adventuresofcuckboi.mp4.e8866bb26da5829565f93d8f28f7c8a0.mp4
  7. Jeesh... i bet she would be utterly disappointed with my 5.5 even before trying bbc
  8. I would love to suck a big dick at a glory hole
  9. I definitely noticed. Would love to watch the wife's pussy lips holding onto a fat cock like that
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