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  1. @Naughty Nicki very very sexy post. Thank you for adding to this &&&&&. Hopefully others will follow our lead. Ohhh all the dirty thoughts that are swirling around in my head. Your husband is a lucky guy. @secondjag keep up the good work.
  2. @secondjag is always posting things for us to stroke our little pps to and I'm sure some nice big dicks get stroked to his material too. I can log on daily and count on him having posted something to get me poking and dripping in my underwear. Even though he keeps us guessing which pics showcase his magnificent cock. I propose we offer thanks. I will start out. not my dick my little pp soft me hard, the 1st dildo she used in her harness to peg me, her new favorite toy. The pic that was how she found out I liked to be verbally humiliated and forced to wear p
  3. I love Lois Griffin. The cuckold cartoons with her are so hot.
  4. That does look like a great fucking time to me
  5. Love this gaping pussy. I can imagine her there in that position with cum trickling out. She orders me to eat and I happily drop to my knees
  6. Does he just dress as a sissy or does he preform like one as well?
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