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  1. Cant see the video 🤷‍♂️
  2. She has not yet seen me get fucked, she has only watched me suck cock a couple times and she fucks me with her strapon now and then
  3. Wow. Very lovely bunch. Got my 🍤 excited.
  4. Sounds like you are only 1 tiny step away
  5. Does she fuck other guys? Is she happy with that cock?
  6. My wife has been fucked by at least 11 guys since we have been together, 9 of those were after we were married. And she watched me suck 2 of their cocks. We played with mostly couples but our first time was with a buddy of mine. I have fucked 6 women since we have been together and have been fucked by 2 guys, one of which was the same guy we started out swinging with. (It was after we were not playing with him as a couple anymore)
  7. I really thought this thread would get more input
  8. Those are all very very good
  9. Sooo.... last nigh, I'm in bed massaging my wife and I make my way to her pussy to start licking. She stops me and says "you better get my new toy, I'm going to need it" so I get up and get out her newest toy, which is much bigger than me. I open the package and she stops me and says "not yet, you first". So I get on top of her and put my cock inside her soaking wet pussy. Within a minute or two I am trying hard not to cum. She whispers to me, "don't hold back, cum for me so you can eat my pussy while you fuck me with that bigger toy". I protested saying that I didn't want to cum that I didn'
  10. I'm more into bwc cuckold porn but BBC is most of what is out there
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