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  1. Damn. That's a crazy story. Maybe now he will chime in with the more detailed story. Perhaps share the video with his mom in it
  2. Still waiting...... 😒
  3. I'll get to serve another nice cock with the wife like that again someday. Just gotta get her horny enough to want it again
  4. I love the ones where the bull is using the husband, forcing him to be a cock slut like his wife.
  5. Come on. Tell us the story... I'm dying here... I got my little pp in my hand just waiting......
  6. Wish it showed more before, and the cleanup
  7. I would love to hear about it
  8. My wife is not into humiliation or cuckolding yet but i have played the cuck role for a buddy and his wife. She loved making me wear panties and making fun of me and my little dick
  9. Im always told im not small enough for sph but i enjoy it im only 5.5-6 not tiny but not big
  10. Sounds like fun to me. If you don't like it then he just has to sit and watch 😏
  11. I love her nipples in this picture
  12. Annnnnd im hard again.... is it wrong that i want to suck all the girl cocks too? 😊🤤😜
  13. I totally understand that. But..... i know for a fact that she likes to be full. She likes dvp very much and she askes me to strech her wide with 4 fingers once in a while. Ive been up to my thumb and she loves it.