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  1. Need this real bad real soon. The wife has given me permission to find a discreet buddy to serve once in a while but it was so much easier to find a guy when he would get to fuck her also. Working on getting her back into fucking other guys
  2. Awestruck cuck wont play 😪
  3. I love the real woman bodies in these vids. Much better than some scrawny porn chick.
  4. Wow wow. Very very nice bunch.
  5. Damn I wanna beat the boredom
  6. Omg this almost made me cum in my pants
  7. Maybe its because of people being more comfortable coming out as bi. Or maybe its because more women are getting into watching guys get fucked like bitches
  8. I would love that. Eating pussy while I get fucked like a bitch is also on my sexual bucket list
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