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    Showing hotwives

    My wife, her pussy, and the cock she has at home
  2. Dirtyfun1

    Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    The 1st pic in this lineup always gets my little cock so hard. I really like the one with husband and wife both in stockings serving their big bull
  3. Dirtyfun1

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    My buddy used to come over and hang out and i would show him pics of my wife and sissy tumblr porn until He would get really horny and tell me to get my sissy ass in the shower and he would get in and tell me to get on my knees. I would suck him hard and then he would hold my head and slowly push as deep as he could and hold it for a couple seconds then with small strokes and his head still in my throat fuck my mouth until i was choking and gagging and slobbering all over his balls then pull out and start again. He was a very big masculine guy and just used me to get off. Sometimes he would let me suck for a while then tell me to get up and bend over. He would fuck me until he was about to cum and then turn me around and cum on my face or chest or if i was really lucky he would cum on my cock and then tell me i could stroke it now and he would laugh and make comments about my cock while i stroked with his cum as lube laying on the floor of the shower covered in spit and cum and tears until i came too. We would just hang out after like buddies. I used to love serving his cock. This was also the 1st guy we had a threesum with and we had 4 or 5 of them (she didn't know i was bi at this point) . Then she started fucking him while i was at work for a couple months until i found out about it. I was really turned on but she decided she didn't want to play with him anymore. We didn't hang out for a while but he stopped by one day and i started getting horny and wanted him to use me like he had her so thats where this story starts. I should also note that me and him had experimented way back in high school a couple times (probably where i first got the desire planted to be submissive). My pics for your amusement..
  4. Dirtyfun1

    Let me see ur wife pics

    My wife..... not my cock. I took the pic
  5. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

  6. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

    No dirtyfun1 is my name. She dont play online at all and has not been real into playing much at all with others lately
  7. Dirtyfun1

    Creampie cleaning

    I have only had the opportunity to clean my own creampie. Well except one time before we got married but i didn't know about that until after i was done.
  8. Dirtyfun1

    Any wannabe cucks want to talk?

    Im under 4 soft. 4 semi hard 5 hard
  9. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

    Feel free to message me here or kik. I have more and love to chat with bulls and bi doms
  10. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

  11. Dirtyfun1

    Creampie Vids

  12. Dirtyfun1

    Creampie Vids

    Holy fuck look at that cock. I wouldn't even have to be told to suck it
  13. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

    Sent me this sitting on the swing out front this morning
  14. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

  15. Dirtyfun1

    033 (2).JPG

    Would love to see that