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  1. My wife and I played more in a swinger type setting but it was always me looking for the people that we would meet. I was always much more interested in finding couples with men she would like and the woman was just extra. The last few times we played it was me finding aa bi couple with a guy she would like... the very last time was me looking for a bi guy she would like that would also let her watch me suck his dick.
  2. I think my cuckold and creampie cleanup fantasy started when my wife (then gf) fucked one of my best friends. It had happened 3 or 4 times and i unwittingly ate her pussy after he had fucked her and came inside her (she had wiped up of course). I had asked her about hearing they were fucking the night before and she assured me they had not. I got off work early and picked her up and took her home where we went to bed. It was late as i worked 3rd shift but got off half shift. I had apparently just missed them fucking and when we got home i was quickbtoceat her pussy and fuck her. After she started crying and told me about it. I was deeply upset but still my cock was hard as a rock. I didn't think about it like that until years later and i have gotten very into cuckold and creampie cleanup fantasy. I think it has also installed a deep submissive mindset and a beleif that i can't fuck her like she wants to be fucked especially since i was only 19 when that happened. There have been other things similar since but that was the start
  3. I love that last set. So many fun things for a little dick submissive to do 🥰
  4. My god 😍 the cock in that second video is absolutely amazing.