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  1. Dirtyfun1

    033 (2).JPG

    Would love to see that
  2. Dirtyfun1

    Bild 2018-07-04_22-59-17-179.jpeg

    I would love to suck that
  3. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    I would love to see her get fucked and filled by a big cock. And she wants to see me get fucked some time too. New1.mp4 New2.mp4 Edit.mp4
  4. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    Me too
  5. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    Me and him were really close friends so we continued to hang out. Then i started showing him pics of her and of stuff on my tumblr until i got him to bring up old times and hint we should mess around. This was when he (and me i guess) found out i liked to be a submissive sissy bitch for dom guys...... but thats probably a story for another thread
  6. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    The first guy we played with was a friend of mine. (She didnt know but me and him had experimented in high school and unbeknownst to him i discovered i liked to be his submissive) It was a drunken night and truth or dare got real fun. We played with him a few times over a couple months. Then i found out she was fucking him after i went to work. She had no idea i was bi curious. When i found out I drove straight home and we talked then i ate her pussy and fucked her. After that she didn't want to play for a long time. And when she did she wouldn't play with him.
  7. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    She has had several others and once in a while she gets in a mood for another just not as often as i would like
  8. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    Cant believe not a single comment on this
  9. Dirtyfun1

    Is she really satisfied?

    My wife says she loves my cock. We play with others once in a while mfmf mff mmf but she rarely wants to. She always says shes happy with my cock and its the perfect size. She has been fucked by smaller and larger but always wants mine. I love to see her get fucked by other guys but shes just not into it very often. Is she really satisfied?
  10. Dirtyfun1

    _962985f5de3833202ae80303d3725391 (1).mp4

    Holy crap. I would probably choke myself to death trying to get all that in my mouth
  11. Dirtyfun1

    Showing hotwives

    My wifes sexy little pussy. Message me if you want to chat. 33 bi submissive
  12. Dirtyfun1

    Chatting On Kik

    Any bisexual bulls like to chat? Message me your kik id. Edit.mp4 New1.mp4
  13. Dirtyfun1

    Panty Wearing Cuck

  14. Dirtyfun1

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Not yet. Kids are out of the house for the week so hopefully we can find a guy to play with
  15. Dirtyfun1

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    She was mad at first but then said she would have taken the pics for me. Then that night while i licked and fingered her pussy she made fun of my cock and said she needed a real cock to fuck her not my little thing, and after she came i fucked her like a slut. Then a couple weeks later she fucked me with her strapon