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If you as a cuck is into being humiliated that’s ok. But what I worry about is that this is becoming the perception. That all cuckold relationships involves the husband being humiliated. I think there is some degree of humiliation in every cuckold relationship (just by simply allowing another man to fuck your wife) but these relationships are more than the bull humiliating the husband. 

I clean up and I suck cock but I do it because I love doing it. We are not into cages and tying up and disciplining me in any way. I let my wife and her bulls have free reign but that’s because it’s a turn on to me. 

But for those cocks who love being humiliated, if you enjoy it keep it up. It’s all about fun. 

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While I am not black I will speak to this in any case. 

I tend to not do anything that will reveal the fullness of the relationship to anyone in the couples circle of friends or family.  Usually the cuck and hotwife have kids and a sure way to get the government involved is to have a situation where a friend or family member can say these are unfit parents.

Most of the time what the cuck couple's friends and family know is that I am a friend of theirs and we frequently do things together.  That is about it.

I did have one couple where their close friends were told straight out what was going on.  Turns out the other two couples were cuckold couples as well and were looking for a bull, so from one wife that got the hots for me at a party I ended up having three cuckold couples where I could have my choice of wife any day of the week.  None of their other friends knew anything about our situation.

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