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How many out there like's the old pictures


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The thing about old pics especially after the wider  use of color, but really true of photographs in general, is there's so many layers of thought/experience with those. You know, a lot of the vintage B&W pics are unknown starlets but also a lot of guys wives that were producers or involved in the entertainment industry in the '30s-'40s and surrounding decades. I think more than a few went from the casting couch to marching down the isle because a guy found someone so interesting one thing led to another.

You think about the people and the times but also even though digital pics are probably more "technically" accurate as far as colors and some details, the older pics have a certain richness of color that is... artistic and uber reality at the same time... I guess "enhanced" reality.

 And even when they're faded, which adds another dimension and makes them all the more interesting.

In the '90s I found that it's fairly easy with the tech we had even then to restore in a way the faded pics.... probably some of the photogs here that have a better eye then myself would find themselves to be very good at that... and I think that would even add yet another bit of depth to any set of pics, especially if they featured those "before and after". I really think we're in the wind down to a sort of "golden age of HotWiferey" roughly similar to the "Golden age of Porn" that covers about the late '70s through most of the '80s.

These folks that have documented so much of it have truly made history, I'm very serious.

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