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    We have varied interests overall but as pertains to these activities (festivities) we're looking to meet like-minded couples as well as interesting men for actual meetings involving real sex. That means if we happen to mention "role play" we're not talking about computer games or online fantasy. If we enter into that type of discussion we're serious about showing up, and provided everything is as we discussed, shedding clothes and fucking.
    Other than that if you just want to drop a note we're always willing to chat about anything interesting or answer questions so drop us a note if you like.

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  1. The thing about old pics especially after the wider use of color, but really true of photographs in general, is there's so many layers of thought/experience with those. You know, a lot of the vintage B&W pics are unknown starlets but also a lot of guys wives that were producers or involved in the entertainment industry in the '30s-'40s and surrounding decades. I think more than a few went from the casting couch to marching down the isle because a guy found someone so interesting one thing led to another. You think about the people and the times but also even though digital pics are probably more "technically" accurate as far as colors and some details, the older pics have a certain richness of color that is... artistic and uber reality at the same time... I guess "enhanced" reality. And even when they're faded, which adds another dimension and makes them all the more interesting. In the '90s I found that it's fairly easy with the tech we had even then to restore in a way the faded pics.... probably some of the photogs here that have a better eye then myself would find themselves to be very good at that... and I think that would even add yet another bit of depth to any set of pics, especially if they featured those "before and after". I really think we're in the wind down to a sort of "golden age of HotWiferey" roughly similar to the "Golden age of Porn" that covers about the late '70s through most of the '80s. These folks that have documented so much of it have truly made history, I'm very serious.
  2. I'm sorry, this is all my fault because my thoughts can diverge a long way from linear thinking. Basically Jag asked if anyone's mothers or I suppose by extension anyone had an influential female figure in their life that might have been a hotwife or cuckoldress that might have influenced their formative years, ultimately leading them to perhaps be able to think in a way that brought them here. BTW, is your handle a reference to one of Browning's designs about 1911-ish? We may have more than one common interest.
  3. I've actually seen that "backfire" effect play out a number of times when reading (mostly) men's accounts of how things got started for them.
  4. That.... is freaking scary..... not even spokes to clothespin a card to so you can have pretend engine sounds. I'd probably be like my dogs when the power goes out and everything is quiet. Damn, hadn't considered that. I've gotten to where I don't always have music or tv rattling all the time and even though it's about 75 yards out to the road with a lot of trees between I can still actually feel vehicles going past, especially equipment.... and there's a creek between me and the road too, mind you..... Just you mentioning that caused me to actually consider how quiet that must be.... I expect even minimal wind noise because you're riding the gusts so I guess you're ahead of the sound, mostly. You know, even underwater you can hear things a long way off... If I go bat-shit crazy you have to cover half my shrink bill, LOL Problem is, how would anyone be able to see a difference?!!
  5. Well I expect you've probably found them by now, LOL There's one or two focused on "how to" and at least one that's for meeting others.... and I think a couple more that are sort of there for people that are practicing hypnotists to promote themselves. I run across some subs (as in "subreddits" rather than "submissives" although I run across those sometimes too, LOL.... If I'm on my toes I swerve in time to miss, so far so good Anyway, I run into subs at times I didn't know existed and then it can be hard to find them again if you don't join right then and a couple of those have been hyno related. The new "experience over there is confusing just because it's so "busy"... if we'd have had that in the old days no one would have ever needed acid or shrooms, LOL On one of the major hypno subs there's some pretty good links to resources as well as a story site or maybe two. I think I've pointed out the internet archive as a resource for all kinds of educational materials and they've got a lot of stuff there that's either copyright- expired or that the authors have released for various reasons such as getting you interested in their work so you buy their new stuff. Hypnosys, NLP, guided imagery are all related and there's overlap. Another educational resource is the Gutenberg project, you can either google it or there's links from the internet archive as well.... you may know the part of it called the waybackmachine Gutenberg has a lot of stuff that was published in the late 1800s to around the 1930s on all sorts of science related topics.... of course it's easy to get off on that stuff and be way off topic pertaining to anything here but it's a miracle I ever interact with live human beings at all, LOL I love to read technical stuff, but the old norse tales and other fiction is a thing for me too. Luckily I can at least point people towards some things if I know they have an interest sometimes. I get into some obscure materials. The psychology subjects, not just sexual related but the global subject is one of the reasons a mutual friend of ours was so fascinating, being a natural at some things psychology intensive.. I kind of think I fucked up when we we having some fun but it's possible she just went on to other things. as I know she had something that sounded like it could turn into a paying gig in the works. I'm afraid that I probably stumbled around like a bull in a china closet though and just didn't think about some things and monkeyfucked something up by not thinking about what possibly might have been taking place... but I have no clue.
  6. Jaguar makes those too??? Seriously though,...... Damn, you get around! LOL I wanted to get into that or at least try it out at one point . Awesome to learn about drifting up on thermals and how far you can go without an engine. Never been within a hundred feet of a sailplane that I know of, when I found out about that stuff I didn't have the means to even see if we had any of that going on locally but we must have. I think I was lost in a library from about 3rd grade up until I got a driver's license so I could read all about everything but couldn't get to any of it...
  7. Interesting, do you ever check out the hypno related subs on Reddit?
  8. You looking at the ladies brings to mind my thought that so many younger guys being aware of the attraction of MILFs is one of the best things that's come about in regards to sex. right up there nearly with the pill. Before it was a thing I'm sure some of it was happening (I know it was as I saw some happen) but I think the guys weren't as willing to approach because everyone was older women and possibly worried that if they were to make a move that they'd be crushed or something. Like maybe she would go out of her way to hhhhhhhhh you or something else embarrassing. On the other hand women seemed to be stand off-ish for reasons of their own of which there were probably many.Women seem to get plenty of grief from the judgmental even for just being sexual or expressing certain opinions so I can imagine that most would be reluctant to accept an opportunity. Even these days in popular culture you don't often see that portrayed other than as a joke although that's changed in recent years. The old man/younger woman thing is often presented that way as well but it's just as common to see that shown as an everyday thing or the guy being seen a a super stud. "Trophy wife" has usually been used as a derogatory term with few women that are willing to "own it" but I think it was often a shot at the guy that had one as often as it was directed at the lady.....Context and who was doing the talking. Again I find myself asking "why the heck are women so mean to each other over sex?" Has here ever in human history been a shortage of dick? In regards to your thoughts on Cuckolding, I think sometimes we can overlook that Hotwifery has a really big tent and a lot of practices have outrun the terminology. That's in contrast to Polyamory. If you don't know what I mean look at the poly related sub on Reddit.... they've seemingly got terms for all sorts of combinations that are of recent vintage. Ever hear of a "single poly"? And they're even doing it in China! Under a number of related cultures, I think. Maybe we could recruit some of those folks to be consultantsto improve the nomenclature, LOL
  9. Isn't that a weird feeling when that happens? I get that sometimes for no particular reason. I take it you don't think it's a repressed memory or anything. You didn't give me a reason to think there was a lot of turmoil other than the one thing you said "then saying she was cheating" . I imagine it all did seem strange. We seem to all be at least a little insulated from those topics even in a "vanilla" context at that age.
  10. I think that might be because when the question is asked but not yet answered it's sort of like Schrodinger's (SIC?) cat where it's in a condition of duality before you have opened the box to see if it's alive. Before that the mind can see it as both conditions at the same time.... I've probably mangled the ... What the heck do you call those anyway, Occam's razor is another one. Actually the only two I can think of at the moment but I know there are others. Has to be a name for those. Back on track, before the question is answered you can think of all sorts of possibilities and your mind is open . Myself, I can sort of feel an ethereal "something" or a lot of them at a time depending on the question as possibilities that I can't even think to articulate because I haven't fully formed them. Then as soon as the question might be answered they vanish usually (almost always with me) . It's sort of like searching for a word you know well but for some reason it's right on the tip of your tongue, yet out of reach when you need it. (Those usually come to me 15 minutes after I don't need them anymore) Then when the question is answered often I feel a little let down if I've set too high of an expectation. I think that might happen with some subject matter more than others. "Do we have any of that pizza left from last night" vs "What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done"..... "wandering where the mind is curious" Is that a typo? (wondering perhaps?) either way I'm stumped. Can you expand on that ?
  11. I love that first pic where he's obviously captivated. You know, she's one of those rare women that seems to look good in everything or nothing at all.
  12. I suggest lots and lots of ketchup, LOL My problem is by the time I realize I've drifted off-topic I'm too far in and too invested in something to abandon or change it. There's probably a name psychiatrists have for it. If not , they should.
  13. pniced Can you say at what age you became aware of this, and not in a general sense but rather in the full knowledge of it? Don't let me dictate your answer, say if it was an incremental understanding or something else then.... I'm asking in order to understand, not to fit into a cookie cutter conclusion.
  14. I don't identify as a cuck and my mother wasn't any of that..... but I'm pretty sure my MIL caused Wifey's Dad and later her Step Dad both to beat the crap out of some poor guys here and there... It's one of the reasons that Wifey flipped when I introduced her to related concepts.. Both of those guys were insanely jealous and so she thought that any guy that wasn't that way must not care about her at all. I made the mistake of thinking she was more enlightened than she was and more like most of the girls I'd gone out with before. She's in the tub right now or I'd ask her about it but i don't think our first date consisted of anything more than us hanging out and smoking a joint or two but she fucked me on the first date. I may have gotten her a DrPepper but I don't think we even went for a burger but maybe so. But that wasn't all that unusual for me I thought that was pretty much the way everyone was doing things. Almost every girl that went out with me gave it up on the first date, I can only remember maybe three that didn't and two of those I had my face buried in their tits on the first date and ONE of those didn't think I was moving fast enough so she played a little game to get my hands under her blouse. I knew what she was doing and when I had seen how awesome she was stacked it was all I could think about . You might not believe it but I was shy sometimes then, still am sometimes but I was just working up a plan when she did that. When I had started talking to her she was working the counter at a fried chicken place and I wanted to asked her out and just blurted out something so profoundly fucking stupid that as soon as I got it out I was stunned in the realization of just how goofy I could be with a chick sometimes and I had a large audience in line behind me and I just knew I was about to be laughed out of the parking lot and down the street ans seriously considered running off but I was still standing there bracing myself and she never batted an eye and handed me my order looked up and said "I get off in about 15 minutes and I could use a ride home" She had heard every stupid word of it and an hour later... you get the idea. She wasn't stupid and she wouldn't have taken pity on me so there was no mercy involved 'we ended up going out for over a year, she was the last one I got serious about before i met Wifey So my head was spinning I may have still been trying to work out what happened when she decided to speed things up, it was a lot to absorb and as I said... what I said to her was so embarrassingly moronic you can offer me any amount of money or shoot me and I'm NOT going to say it, ever again., LOL She was really a smart girl but I knew I couldn't hang on to her because she was incredibly beautiful and got so much attention there was no way... but I tried because I was.... let's just say "fucking stupid" . Topping it off she had started to unzip my pants (remember this was about an hour or two after we met things got really weird later but this is a tangent so I'll save it) After I had moved in with Wifey a buddy brought her over one day and I had no idea what was going to happen but Her and Wifey hit it off and palled around some for a while. They went dancing one night, I don't remember where I was but Wife was entranced at how she worked the guys, as if she was holding court or something. Probably part of the reason we split had to do with her being so strong willed and she may have thought i didn't respect her although it might nit seem like it I treated every girl that went out with me as best as I know how. I'm still a barbarian of sorts but I don't mistreat women... I sometimes forget a finer point of etiquette and Wifey still calls me out on stuff sometimes but if you can show me a woman that ever was seriously injured from not having a door opened I'll track down where Emily post is buried and go talk dirty to her for a month as penance. But this is where I'll pull it back to my and my darling wife's first date and you'll see the relevance as that other girl was about to suck my cock and she still had her tits out and I said something to her teasing and expected that she would snicker and keep going but she thought I was serious for some reason and looked disappointing and stopped and it's just too much for a guy to absorb! You already know how it had gone earlier that evening when I asked her out and my brain just wasn't doing anything at this point I didn't know how to fix it and my dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic, there was no blood supply for my poor brain it was done for the day (no MFer it's way past quitting time and I'm not sticking around for this BS you better straighten up). I shouldn't admit it abut I stopped her again, did the same thing I think about 6 months later,. Yes, I'm serious... she told /Wifey about that later when they were hanging out I never did get that blow job until after we hadn't seen each other for a year and reconnected and she says "let me show you what I learned" Well, I had learned something too and I wasn't about to fuck up a third time and she whoops it out and slurps it 'bout three times deep throat and my knees buckled and I damn near fell out and it was all I could do to keep from busting off but somehow I managed but we were interrupted. Later when I was taking her home we were discussing and she says "Oh, you should've, I wanted you to" You think this is a long story.... there's a lot I've skipped over because there's just not enough room on the internet . This was just before I met Wifey... you think what I've told you so far is "unusual" We just don't have time, LOL I had another GF also then, this was a few years later after I had gotten out of the army, I was a senior in HS when the other stuff took place She's the same age as Wifey, I don't think I can tell you in open forum. But you may have known me to say that I had shared GFs while I was still in school, that was before any of this took place and I still claim that most of the girls I dated I turned into sluts if they weren't already there and lighten up Ladies, I absolutely adore sluts, they've been a major source of happiness to me and you see how fucked up my life has been at times, so cut me some slack... it's a term of worship NOT the weaponized part of your vocabulary y'all use against each other when you're pissed off for whatever "It" is at the moment and all I have to say about that is .... why????.... BTW (tangent warning) I have yet to this day to receive a double blowjob, Wifey's been saying she's fix that for years but shit happens However if any guy on the planet deserves it it's me, you don't know what a stand up guy I am there's ONE I haven't mentioned and it'll have to wait. On that first date with Wifey I brought it up... it wasn't as crass as "hey, wanna fuck?" but sometimes things came easy for me then ,still do sometimes... in matters sexual I'm blessed and cursed, it's complicated. But one of the things that happens, and many times I'm simply NOT at all prepared for and it's a surprise every time is a chick will, or would... just throw herself at me as I put it and that was when I still could view women as being the graceful, innocent creatures I somehow am bizarrely shocked to rediscover you .... well, did I mention that I adore sluts?... thank you all so much.!...Wifey was one of those girls and I've never seen myself as extraordinary good looking and my MIL and other women have told me that and I seriously don't know what to think which might help you to understand why I'm almost never prepared for it.... I don't see myself that way which is topsy turvy as could only happen to me because I can still be shy.... can you guess why? Because I'm one of the horniest, dirtiest kinky guys I think that ever lived and when you look at me, I'm looking at you and if you had any idea what I'm thinking .... well, I still have trouble wrapping my head around it but one thing that helps me understand is women all have a built-in thing that in the case of international incidents not turning into shooting wars more often called "plausible deniability" so you have the luxury of being able to hint or do all kinds of stuff stick your tongue out and wiggle it in the most suggestive,delightfully, lascivious way and some of you are really good at this kind of thing, and you know when a guys blood supply is no longer available to anything above the wait and we're helplessly off in kinky fantasy because even I've only met maybe women that have this quality abut all of you/them have some skills there we are, entranced and if we do something that makes you shy off ... "oh, I just smiled at you I was just being friendly" we stand no chance unless were assholes and that really just camouflages the fact that,,, we stand no chance... and the only thing you can do is (after you kick yourself) is stomp off uttering things in clicks and grunts, LOL BTW guys when you have the urge to sash or destroy something and act on it or even think about it there's a reason that's settled science.... it raises testosterone feeling helpless tends to make T levels fall and I can go on about the H-P-A axis and all that it's seriously awesome and actually useful OK, what's the point... gt on with it , LOL Wifey threw herself at me and the reason , or A reason I asked her out was a buddy and I were driving down Buckner Blvd one summer afternoon and looking for chicks and as happens occasionally (to everyone else, LOL) we actually find chicks, amazing how that happens and we pull over in our separate cares and the girls jump out of theirs (wifey's) and into ours (mine)` I'd have to ask her but I want ti say that first kiss happened right there and it was because my buddy was ribbing me but something else happened that was probably more a reason is I asked her/them if they wanted to go get a coke of whatever and she looks at me and says "All I want is you" and do I have to point out what happens again because I've probably mentioned a couple of times that stuff is way different for me and it might sound like I never get any but that "now I have you" stuff works two ways but still up to that point I can be unsure and yet still I can sometimes take risks, all I have to do is simply turn off my brain and hope something doesn't crush me like a bug or whatever while I'm not thinking Wifey made it easy and we took her car and left it at a buddy's house because I had said that she shouldn't leave it where something might happen, gaining me brownie points and street cred but by then I knew, I knew I had her naked although I hadn't touched a tit or anything else other than a kiss. It's different every time and I can't tell you when that moment is because it's just not quantifiable but it exists just as sure as the sun rises, after that, all thought of shyness or humility are gone and that doesn't mean I'm an arrogant SOB at that point because women don't get that from me except rarely while in jest,,, I save that for the guys and I can be pretty fucking ruthless when someones being an annoyance and it's not at all what you're thinking but there's a point when I know I have a girl, might as well say it, in my power, I had been in something like a 6 month dry spell and when you're there you can get to a point where you doubt everything you know and almost beyond being convinced of the laws of physics even existing or any other absurd thing i can bring u to describe it because everything else you've understood about reality isn't working anymore did I really see that stuff happening in this way my entire life or is it I'm actually insane and most of it is a chemical induced dream and I'm really sitting in a jar in a lab somewhere and just don't know it.... you think I'm being goofy but by then is almost never about getting a little, nothing youve depended onyour whole life works at all, the Midas touch in reverse kind of thing and especially when you''re young and it's only the firt time or three tyou've seen it tyou don't really know if it will end as you'v maybe never seen it palay out all the way,,,, that why there are old]people , to give you hope with you have none or youll not understand there's an end to it. Can you imagine when people were at a point inevolutionary history when some had never seen winter come and go and sot hey had no idea it would end? I was in the depths of that and when Wifey did her thing I was ready for it I asked her out a lot of it because I wanted to break the curse. I thought she had some experience but when we were there in a park parking lot talking and enjoying each other company, and a little buzzed I asked her something like "wanna fuck" and we had the birth control conversation. You'd think I wasn't capable but as I say, once I know, I know there weren't many times I was out and didn't have a condom, this was one bur I was able to discuss rhythm method with her.... that's where you turn the radio..... no, just fucking with you but she was in a good point although docs will deny there's such a thing they have an agenda usually focused on money And a lot of them simply lie. But it works in reverse too, we have two kids to prove it (they're grown now) Wifey agreed right away but said something like "and I'll probably never see you again. That's when I knew something was up . and she told me then I was her seconds and she didn't have to tell me the first guy was an asshole and made her feel bad. I usually tell her when we talk about it that is why she got a second date but that's only part of it and you don't know how lucky I've been and every one of those times or the few times I had been intently focused on a girl and thought seriously about marriage I wouldn't trade her for all of them. Now it did so happen that i was still feeling the sting of girlfriends past and I wasn't looking to settle down because after all, that never worked out even when it seemed to be perfect and I don't remember if it was before or after we had the talk about swinging and I ran I almost didn't come back but I did but her mom and stepdad were really pissed off at me for years but I guess after being married for decades I proved myself and her stepdad got all over her mom one day and defended me although I didn't find out for quite a while after. I mentioned about her dad and stepdad getting in a few fights in a jealous rage or two. Well when I brought up the subject of swinging, I don't think "hotwife" was a word back then. It's actually one of the words I like as I think although the terminology we got stuck with is atrocious and I'm not the only one as there's been a lot of attempts to fix it. Worse is there are people that are bastardizing the nomenclature and insist they are technically correct when the exact opposite is true. There's no reasoning with people when they're in that state of mind but I'm not going to say why but I can make a special claim to authority . It's not that big a thing and I'd rather not have to deal with some people that are going to piss me off but I can do stupid things sometimes so you never know, LOL The attempts to re frame the terminology I can only look at with appreciative disappointment. I get it but I haven't really tried much although I think some of you use word I've sort of coined but i think they would have come into existence anyway My disappointment stems from some of the newer terms... well they just sound silly to me but they probably are more suitable that some that are being mangled..... words matter... I once had a 17 yer old girl sitting on my hood bawling her eyes out thinking i didn't love her. Like I said at the first, I thought she was like most of the girls I'd dated before and had no idea but it wasn't just her.... as if that weren't enough ... that had me more than a little worried. Her stepdad took his stepdaddly duties pretty serious and it was the last thing i wanted was for him to happen to come outside and hear her and find out what the conversation was about. Those days we usually thought about swinging and that is one thing about hotwifery that is an improvement as some of the terms are more descriptive it's just there's a lot af things that fit into the or under the umbrella hotwifing was a thing but not a word as far as I know but I'm not sure when it came into common usage. We heard it the first time in a move called "Eating Raole" but it's at least a little older than that. it's a hilarious movie. But then it was "swinging" to most people and when someone was open-minded about sharing their wife, or husband although I guess there's just not the same "thrill" when you're talking about hairy old men, LOL I'll confess that I like the chicks a lot more than the guys, We always then or the people I knew talked in term of threesomes and it's about the same as you think of it now it was just another part of swinging and it was a "some people are into that, others aren't" thing We still consider ourselves swingers and party with couples and party with a guy or three as well. My reasoning was always and still is mainly that I can't be expecting other guys to allow me in on a thing where I' enjoying his wife and then me not be OK with my wife having the same kind of fun. It might not sound quite the way I'm thinking it but basically I didn't see a need for separating it out from swinging as I hadn't considered that it would be occurring the way it often does now.. Neither i or Wifey has understood how it is that some couples think it's OK for the guy to never participate while the wife has all the fun but it is OK as there's a lot of people doing it that way, What might consider participation or non participation isn't necessarily the whole picture and a lot of guys are participating by taking on the role of "waiter"in a "waiter/dater" scene, I've been there, done that and had it be fun but usually there was a distance or babysitting issue that prevented me from being there, not always I've never understood exactly the thing about women's feet exempt I do, almost or in a way It's pretty strange but I would get into a foot job or licking a woman's foot but I for some reason think it's sexy when I see her foot is dirty from walking barefoot and I can't explain it for the life of me other than maybe it has to do with... I've got nothing, LOL I guess its just a trashiness thing but you can get caught up in definitions and over ting and I don't think its in the cards, LOL I do have a thing for trashy women but that 's a big arena and it depends on what corner they're in how I'll view it. I do appreciate women's feet for the fact that to me I can see the female form but most of the foot isn't something I wanna rub my cock on. It's really about the only part of a woman's anatomy I don't want to rub my cock on. When we party with couples it's usually the other couple that has limits of one kind or another. We are the ones in most cases that are respecting the other couples limits. I'm actually one of those guys that has a longstanding "pass" she does as well but as you might think she usually gets more opportunities. But I't odd to us when it's "no kissing" I mean I sort of get it but we've aslo hung out with couples and it's OK to smooch up a storm but you cant fuck,LOL but the other way around and I sometime actually do ask "Let me get the right... I can stick it here, here and even here but i can't kiss her? We're OK with being in the same or separate rooms, most other couples don't allow separate rooms. I get that more but to me I'm comfortable with almost anything other than scat or piss I'm not going to make a judgement but those things being what they at I think were probably pretty mainstream on it. Wi8th separate rooms it not usually go away and stay for hours. Usually you ll be in one place and then you might go to another room for awhile then everyone might end up in the same room again later. We aren't into big clubs but that might just be me, LOL She's played alone and sometimes that because she know s someone from her work for a couple of years it was because she worked nights and we didn't have a babysitter. other than me and its not something we would have wanted a sitter that much for. it's a little different although not that much that sometimes I'd call at night to touch base on a bill or whatever and when she picked up I could tell by her demeanor someone was feeling her up. I usually knew who as she told me all of it but she was alone in a locked office and those guys didn't usually try to stick to a schedule,LOL I keep trying to get back to when she was upset when I had talked to her about swinging and sharing. That actually only lasted less than 20 minutes I think and that doesn't seem like it would be that bad but when you have a chick crying like that it doesn't feel any different just because you know that you didn't intend to course that or that she misunderstood you still feel like a rotten SOB and given the subject matter being unusual you don't stand a chance if someone wants an explanation. With her stepdad possibly coming outside for some reason I was definitely thinking about two things at once and you kind of need to understand a couple of things about this guy to "feel" it. It was bad enough that she was upset the way she was although sh did start to get it and then got curious. but in the meantime I was more than a little worried. her stepdad might have been older quite a bit but I didn't get much comfort from that as in the first place it's never good to have to fight your GFs stepdad when he's feeling like its something that's justified and the other was I/m about 5ft10 and 190, I was about that then but fresh out of the army or out a year or so I was in better shape.... the problem was that her stepdad was about a foot and a half taller and you have to understand,,, he was at D day with the 101st Airborne. He got a kick out of it as I was in the same division, but we weren't fighting a war...On D day back then where we would have been coming in on helicopters... UH1H Hueys, Vietnam era stuff, they were towed in a glider that was made sort of like an old biplane.... they basically used the same technology of sewn fabric stretched tightly over a steel tubing frame and then you "doped" the fabric.... that's where the term "dope" comes from if you are huffing it or if you happen to have inadequate ventilation it;ll make you higher than anything and all that kind of stuff is just about the worst thing you can be doing if you're doing it to get high. There;s a lot and I'm very serious, s lot of out nd out lies and myths about illegal l drugs, I know much of that by personal experience and it's bullshit however, fabric dope will rot your brain or whatever it is huffing those volitilr solvent does and it doesn't take that long her stepdad had been in one of those gliders. When I was at Ft Campbell they had one in the museum and you could get a pretty good look at it I had taken aviation mechanics (A^P license classes) in high scool and we had made some of that stuff , We' welded a small aileron stitched up the fabric and doped it. They don't look like the modern sailplane gliders that can go thousands of mile riding on updrafts T They pulled those gliders several of them behind a tow plane anthe relesed them from the line by pulling a lever in the glider and they woud drift down. On D Day he had riden one of those down and it crashed and it killed every single guy on that glider except him. It had knockd him out and he woke up with all his budies dead around him, worked his way out of it and then went and had to kill a bunch of Germans that day, and for days after that, He couldn't even think about sitting around or morning the guys he had trained with. He didn;t have time and it was him or them or maybe everybody, I didn't know a lot of this until his funeral. needless to say, but I;ve said it several times I think, is that I didn't want him pissed off at me, LOL I did gt Wifey calmed down and when she listened to me awhile I must've done some pretty good talking that night, she's been with me ever since except for the time I panicked at first and intended to bail. I didn't want to get tied down, and figured it would end up like the other girls I'd gotten serious with. But so far, so good.
  15. I'm pretty sure you can post it anywhere you want! Damn, I miss tan lines....