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    We have varied interests overall but as pertains to these activities (festivities) we're looking to meet like-minded couples as well as interesting men for actual meetings involving real sex. That means if we happen to mention "role play" we're not talking about computer games or online fantasy. If we enter into that type of discussion we're serious about showing up, and provided everything is as we discussed, shedding clothes and fucking.
    Other than that if you just want to drop a note we're always willing to chat about anything interesting or answer questions so drop us a note if you like.

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  1. Hey man, it's probably a good thing you didn't get that car.... you probably didn't notice that somebody put the steering wheel on the wrong side in your excitement.\.

    Talk about a close call, LOL That would've took a lot of weekends to fix it!

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      And I freely admit I'm not very good at satire, LOL

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      (Deleted duplicate)

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      sorry, i was eating a big bag of "Candide" while reading your response.  got distracted

  2. I came, LOL Might wanna do some research on that stretch of road though. Here there be monsters.. I mean if it was just mostly about a piece of pavement that's reasonably smooth it wouldn't get my heart a thumpin'. Of course I might be singin the blues next week or whenever I'm not paying attention. You can get too comfortable (Or at least I can and it hurts more than in the '70s and '80s, lol) I don't think those guys hardly look up unless you're going at least 20 over I'm safe and courteous mostly though so I have a clear conscience.. Those are racing in Europe? or still in action? Y'a'll get upset at a little bump?- You come out with all this iron and now I can't show you mine because it's so fugly. That's why I have to drive like that , so you can't get a good look, LOL Pickup about as fast too, but it's speed you have to milk the throttle to get it to do what you want. It's afraid you might have gone to sleep if you don't kick it some. Of course likely not nearly as fast as that stuff your sporting there. Had to buy Wifey an Altima with maybe half as much engine and the damn thing made me rethink everything I know... still not sure if it's faster than mine but I think it might be. sometimes I worry when she's out on wet pavement. I was late for court one day and had it at 130. Still was late, LOL. But it's responsible for me declaring I now officially like 16 inch wheels. I'm gonna get us in trouble for being off-topic, I better go look for my apology hat and stuff... Should've took it back channel.
  3. Very nice! But will you go over 95MPH through Palmer, TX 4 times a day for a week in it?Yeah, I know it's not that fast but....context. (You think I'm shxxxxxg you don't you?) Them thar English cars sher are purty though.
  4. And wowee zowie, did I miss a lot of in another universe. Nit sure i can keep up... Something about maybe using the whole chicken, sticking /stucking things in people's ends, intellectual distractions, something about making people comfortable while you're sticking thing in their ends or maybe that was about to. and a whole bunch of other stuff I left out because I'm too lazy to scroll back and forth I'd like to be able to make sense of it but I "Kant" As Don Juan Matuzio , double man and mentor to Carlos Cataneda maybe should have said ( and maybe he did but I'm just making it up) "don't drink that one, it's for the cat" (muahahahaha, screw with me and I'll did deeper into the pit of even more obscure references) an old one by "unknown" illustrates I think what my sort of point was somewhere back there "If it's fun it's either illegal, immoral, or fattening" No we certainly should not be mean to each other but as Jackie Gleason supposedly said (and there's a big debate on if this is his, it's been attributed to at least two others) "If it ain't dirty, you're not doing it right" (I'll have that one put on my coat of arms when I get one) And really, almost all that is relevant to the discussion, how did that happen? And you've all move on probably weeks ago... damn!
  5. I certainly will, just for you and hubby. I'm glad I saw this you're not someone I want to see upset with me, you are a friend and you did ask nicely. I'm not malicious about the subject (mostly) and I think have a unique perspective, You can ask if you get curious. used to be very religious, not now. I agree I( think that it's not really appropriate on these type of board no matter one's views. It' just don't fit right. \ I don't like to inflict my views on some things on people unless they're mean but in keeping with that (and not really having anything at all to do with it but I'm claiming it's a seguay (sic?) to....) ... I have yet to have time to look for an opening to rib Jag about English cars of a certain make I happen to know he's fond of, LOL He already knows it's coming. He's a good guy so I'm gonna get away with it too....
  6. ....and I'm ALMOST that warped! But I'd get a kick out of being there to see you do it. Thing is here it could be hit or miss, might not turn out as expected. Wifey and I took a drive out around Cedar Creek lake, I think Sunday... seems like they're just buried in BBQ and Tex-Mex places but you wouldn't believe how many churches.... churches across the street from churches, churches across the street from liquor stores, churches next door to churches. As I pointed out to her, these must be some pretty kinky people out here, cause it looks like a lot of guilty consciences need soothing Sunday morning, LOL
  7. Damn, I was right.... and doubly impressed! Maybe even a little skeered. If I ever decide to rob banks I'm conscripting you both so keep a couple of bags packed (Probably won't call that in but you'll need them for weekend trips anyway, LOL) To the topic, I've actually given this a lot of thought. I agree for the most part but only to a point where there's emotional/physical safety.... would you reeeeeaallly be having as much fun if you could stand up and tell it all in church? But you knew that already.....
  8. Hey there,

    Wanted to touch base to let you know I wasn't ignoring you when you replied to my comment , I think a couple of days ago. 

    I was going to ask you a couple of things but since I don't have enough "cred" to do that backchannel it'll wait. I might have stumbled across some of those links incidental to a search, probably be able to find them again and if not I've got about 20000 years of reading to catch up on anyway.

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      Christopher, like myself, was an atheist. Unlike myself, he was a radical thinker who never let that get in his way.  Frequently attacked the far left and was certainly a brilliant guy.  There are loads of debates of his on youtube.

      Secondjag; I used to race Jaguars, sorry.  lol, have a real weakness (pronounced "sickness") for them.


    3. PartyReadyCpl


      You know I'm going to screw with you about Jaguars, right?

      Actually I'm an atheist too, once in a while I backslide into "agnostic" but usually it's just to look up and cuss. It can be a little tough to overcome your upbringing even when you've been claiming atheism since the '80s, serious doubts before that. Think I'm in a bit of trouble if I'm wrong about some stuff but the way I read it looks like I've got a pretty good argument (several actually) the first being "manufacturing defect".

      But if I go to Hell anyway, I'm tilling everything up and planting popcorn...

    4. secondjag


      Hmm, screw with me about my life long love affair with the greatest marque in automotive history?  And I say this as a man who has owned, and loved, a Ferrari

      I strongly encourage you to view much of Hitchens and perhaps Dawkins stuff on Youtube.  You'll find yourself more "comfortable" in your own skin.  On a scale of 1 to 10, no one should ever identify themselves as a 10 atheist.  A reasonable man concedes that which he can not know.  As you are well aware, it is hardly a popular declaration, in fact, many I know would rather I be a Satanist because, I guess, at a minimum, I believe in something.  Like yourself, I wrestled a long time before coming to where I am along with a considerable amount of backsliding. I'm fond, when I'm asked for advice regarding whether or not to take a chance on some life thing, responding with, "when you are dead a million years, you are just beginning to be dead." You get one chance, enjoy it.

      Besides, hell won't take me; too evil

  9. Yeah, I was afraid you might get distracted by some of the titles. Just because some use the term "Mind Control" is no cause for alarm. You're promising to use your power for Good so I trust you. Now, it's not the case in most of these but sometimes that means "control of your own mind" ) I neglected to include "self hypnosis" and "self improvement" partly because we're getting ready to go out and because I'm making huge posts all the time and I'm trying not to look like an ass. BTW, I fully understand about the duality of your husband, IMO he represents what everyone calls an "alpha" which at first blush doesn't seem to fit unless you look a little closer and realize it takes a lot of self-confidence to assume that role even in play. You are incredibly good at talking dirty and also at writing it down so descriptively. What's special about it more than that is you still sound incredibly feminine at the same time you're piloting the dialog. I'm truly impressed because there are porn actresses that attempt that and can't pull it off. What you're doing in this instance is a sort of archetype called a "hypnodomme". You really went beyond that because you jumped directly from reading Pavlov along with the other conditioning stuff and connecting it with what you were doing. Wow... I would have missed it if you hadn't pointed that out. Do you realize that extending that just a little bit forward you're not far from being able to do the same thing without touching him at all? BTW, almost the exact same technique can be used to train one's self or one's wife to achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation. I'd forgotten about that but I remembered reading about it over 25 years ago. I didn't consider it then but understand the mechanism now because you provided the background and science. Another potential pitfall here might be my use of the term "~~domme" but the way you're doing it is very non-threatening and dominance isn't a firmly defined thing, it's a spectrum, or a scale. Have you heard the term "gentle dom or caring dom"? The other end of the spectrum from the outwardly cruel or uncaring archetype. I do a similar thing with a slow, smoldering light spanking but hadn't thought about conditioning for a physical response at all. (thanks!) It can be more like I'm a benevolent inquisitor asking some really dirty, personal questions but they respond differently than they would if I was using hard slaps rather than the occasional light tap. This can leave room for an implied possibility of a harder smack but I'm giving guidance rather than doling out punishment. More playfulness, less violence... smoldering without bursting into flame. Anyone can be mean and sure, that can be fun. But it's different. So... see what you did? You were in control without coming off as "bossy" ans although you were taking and saying the things you knew would illicit a response, you also used non-verbal communication to get feedback from him so you could vary pace and pressure to make the timing "just so". Impressive on so many levels.... respect!
  10. Awesome! When you fine tune your script you're going to be dangerous. I've run across a lot of books on these subjects recently, For some reason I can't find the bookmarks that address what you're reading directly but if you look around some I;m confident you'll find those. However what you're doing borders on mind control, guided imagery, NLP , hypnosis, and such. don't be put off by any "pseudo science" labels. You're a smart lady so you should be able to find the relevant links that relate to the "real science" you're reading. You'll also find connections to the seduction, flirting and dating categories, and the CIA and NSA archives that are here as well. At first blush if might appear unrelated however if you take the time to dabble a bit some of it is nearly word for word as most or many of the authors do reference back to prior science such as the Pavlov work you mentioned. Again, you're intelligent enough to sort out the actual garbage to ignore or discard as you will. This is all free for download, much of it donated by the original authors or copyrights have expired, depending on... There's a healthy dose of Femdom stuff there also, just because you look like you might be a natural. (BTW gentlemen bystanders need to understand the significance of what's going on here. I suggest that now is the time to either accept, support or if you are intimidated perhaps to "gird your loins.") This is powerful stuff so I expect a cut if you use it to take over the planet or anything, but if you break your husband I disclaim all responsibility. You don't always have to spend so much when you're sitting in the middle of a library to rival those in ancient Alexandria., LOL hypnotherapy&and[]=mediatype%3A"texts"
  11. I can assure you that you're laboring under a misconception, my friend. We've always been careful about using BC, but it was the pill, not a condom. We've always played bareback except for one instance we met with a guy from NJ who felt like he needed one. Wifey had Essure put in I think a couple of years after our second was born and we decided that was all, so now she has springs in her snatch... what's not to like? I admit to only marginally understanding the attraction of the pregnancy thing. I think maybe I sort of get it as it's just another way of making everything a little "dirtier" which I understand completely. No judgement to anyone into it but to us a child is a big commitment and they're expensive if you provide even a fraction of the minimums they need to thrive. Now I do understand someone raising a kid if it's accidental or if the hubby is sterile especially. But I truly don't judge on things we're not into or don't quite understand, If we did that we'd probably be freaked into a stupor, LOL Besides, we're into some pretty kinky stuff ourselves. But whether you know that you know this (yet) or not at some point you'll realize that on the spectrum of kinky or outrageous things people into this stuff say or actually do the "your wife should only go bareback~~" thing isn't even in the top 20. Hardly a standard for a litmus test. (and see there, you;re already beginning to process the fact that you knew this all along, don't fight it. It's like swimming, relax and let it happen, you'll get there) Note also (because if you don't bring it up someone else will) Note also that I didn't say not to be careful because that would be... imprudent. There's other things at play here that put the responsibility of a child in proper perspective. I would be remiss if I failed to point out that condoms and or test results at best are only marginally adequate. I remember several large recalls of condoms for manufacturing defects and even if made perfectly to specs improper storage and shelf-life still render them useless in probably a higher percentage of the time than we realize, and I bet less than 1% of people even are aware that those two things are an issue. Two other factors at least a few have considered is using the wrong lube with a condom WILL destroy it's structural integrity in just a few minutes, and that's if it survives the giant horsecock that gets us off so much. Lets assume for a moment that the test results the fellow showed you are genuine and that the lab hasn't made any mistakes in maintaining their equipment and their paperwork and tracking procedures are in order so the results we're looking at actually match Mr Horsecock. You've probably heard it at least a few times "a negative test result does NOT guarantee the absence of disease" . The technical reasons for that include the incubation period between possible exposure and when something has reached the minimum load that will cause it to show up on a test and any possible exposure that may have occurred since the test specimen was collected would NOT show up on that test because the guy's way on down the road by the time he picked up that cute waitress at the Waffle house. If she'd had an orgy with a troop of circus midgets and some well greased dachshunds it could be understandable if she forgot to mention it 'cause he had a really fat bag of meth that fell in the floorboard when she was slurping some off the head of his giant dick. Now he's got dirt in his crank on top of everything else and everyone knows that sucks so lets just back up on that and say it never happened. One thing about those test results... how do you know they're real? I'm on PC now and even though I don't have a printer hooked up on my network at this moment It's sitting on the table and I can have it configured and installed in 10 minute tops, and in less than 30 minutes more I can show you a form showing he's clean as Mother Teresa and to make sure you know it's authentic it will bear the signatures of Donald Trump, the last 3 Popes and Elvis Presley. This thread is a bit old and here as usual I've rambled on too long. But if you've came back and read even part of this by now you should realize that the measure you seem to be advocating are far from being as reliable as you thought you were led to believe and all things considered there may only be 300 people in the whole US that are properly using their test results because almost everyone tends to forget stuff like the incubation period. Far from what you thought it was,... should you throw out all that stuff and do nothing? Hell no, I'm not saying to ignore the situation and not take precautions. There the tools we have and they'll have to do along with other ones I've seen mentioned on every sex related board that the test/condom advocates tend to dismiss. I'm saying use the tools that you have, use them properly, be aware of their limitations, and don't ignore that there are other ways of screening and risk reduction that people might be trying to tell you about that while also imperfect probably are at least as useful as the measures the media has been harping about, or were before other news came along.
  12. I think Napoleon Bonaparte had an officer junior to him (as was everyone, I guess) that was in his command staff who was at least aware, and possibly taking some active role in his wife consorting with Bonaparte. It was supposedly somewhat of an open secret. I got the impression that the officer approved and that it wasn't an adversarial situation at all. I don't remember where I found the reference, and it's possible I'm full of it. In that since you couldn't call it "cuckolding" but rather borderline polyamory. IMO the term "cuckolding" is too casually tossed around at times and used not in accordance with it's definition. I do think often it is indeed appropriate depending on how closely the situation follows the traditional definition. However it seems often people say "cuckolding" when what they are describing is more like "wifesharing" or "hotwifing". But it's one of those things like "an historic" (incorrect) vs "a historic". (Damn, I hope I don't monkeyfuck the internet!) where people missed a critical part of the definition or rule but are absolutely insistent on abusing the language. But..... it's all good, we know what you mean, LOL. The main reason I've pointed this out is to give those something to think about if they should be in danger of premature something or other.