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S and L Update

Guest SandL

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Guest SandL

Hi everyone! We haven’t written in quite a while. I guess we kind of took a break from that after our last post but if you want a background on us you can read our other posts. We have a few S and L posts and one entitled “Watching”. “Watching” was more of a question and it is directly related to this one :). Anywho, for starters...Steve is my husband. I’m Leslie. (Not our real names) My guy’s name is Robert. As I said, more background on us can be found on the earlier S and L ‘s but just for the sake of clarity...I have been involved in a purely sexual relationship with Robert, off and on, for the past few years but our latest “rekindling” has been going on for the last several months. It’s been amazing...truly. Amazing really doesn’t capture the kind of sex I have with Robert...not even close! Oh...a little background on Robert: He’s a tall, little bit older, sexy black man with a very big, black cock :) and he knows exactly how to use it :) 

My husband has been perfectly fine with my seeing Robert...this time around. He wasn’t the first time (those details are in the earlier installments and many follow up replies in the comments section)...but me getting back with Robert for sex was Steve’s idea....this time. But because he wasn’t really pushing for explicit details, I’ve been pretty hesitant about how to share or what to share with Steve about my extra fun. 

That changed when we joined this site. Writing and reading what I write has helped. Some of the posts by you all has helped. Private conversations with some of you has really helped! Not sure if you want me to mention who you are, but thank you so much for all your help and answering all our questions and being so encouraging to both of us!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! :) 

How did things change, you ask?? Well, for one Steve started asking more questions...and over time he started asking LOTS of questions :). That progressed to Steve seeing some of the pics I have of Robert and I. Seeing Robert’s cock in my little white hand was exciting for Steve...but I was careful not to show too much. Last week, and mostly this week, Steve got to see a few more. It was all progressing pretty quickly toward Steve watching us.

Now, to back up a bit...that was something we had never really decided about. We have talked quite a bit about it ever since we started researching this new lifestyle...but neither of us were really committed to actually doing it. I had wanted him to see...but because Steve wasn’t sure, I was pretty nervous about it. But over the last week, Steve has been more and more open to it. ‘Open to it” probably isn’t the best way to describe it :). Steve has been talking more and more about it ever since I showed him a picture of my kissing the head of Robert’s cock. That’s the most explicit pic I’ve shown him. I’ll have to admit that it really is a good pic :). My little face next to that big black cock...my fingers holding it but unable to completely circle around it...my lips just barely touching the head with an ever so subtle grin on my face...he loved it. Well, to say that our (Steve’s and mine) sex life has drastically improved is an understatement. Steve has been all over me and I have loved ever second of it! 

Well, that led to us talking about finally going through with meeting Robert...all three of us! We decided that we’re never ever going to progress into watching if Steve never meets him. So we decided that we would all go out for drinks.............................TONIGHT! That was decided much earlier, of course, but tonight is the night! Steve was against having him over for dinner. He was unsure how all of this was going to play out and given our many hot and sexy Q and A sessions about me and Robert...he thought that if we had Robert in our house the inevitable would happen. By inevitable I mean Robert fucking me :) Steve was still a little hesitant about that so we decided on drinks tonight at 7 uptown where no one will know us. I was perfectly fine with that...I was still pretty nervous about it as one special lady on here advised me that depending on how the first time goes, it could make or break the whole thing. So with that floating around in my head, I was perfectly fine with tonight not being anything other than Steve meeting Robert and nothing more. 

Then last night happened! 

We’ve been talking all week about this. Sometimes in the context of sex :) sometimes not. I wanted to make sure about all of this so I tried to have as many rational conversations about this without the influence of sex. I wanted to make it absolutely clear that Robert is great...the sex is out of this world...I love ever second of it...but that I love Steve more than any of it and no matter how great the sex is I can’t live without Steve. Strangely, my past taught me this...and it is crystal clear in my mind and heart. Nothing is worth losing Steve. I know that now beyond any shadow of a doubt. My “making this clear to Steve” has become borderline annoying to Steve. Lol He has reassured me time and time again that he’s fine and that he trusts “us” more than I obviously know. 

So anyway, last night. Steve informed me that he emailed Robert yesterday. WTH???? 😂 I couldn’t believe it. I’ll try to relive it for you: 

It was after dinner and we were sitting on our couch in our bedroom. 

S: “I emailed Robert today.” 

L: “What? Why? What did you say???”

S: “Don’t worry, Leslie. I just knew that tonight was going to be awkward enough anyway that I thought breaking the ice might be helpful.” 

L: “Okaayyyy. What did you say?!?” 

S: “I just told him that you and I are in a good place and we’ve figured some stuff out about us and we’re perfectly happy with what seems to be working for us.” 

L: “You said that???” 

S: “Yes. I told him that I didn’t want our past to completely ruin tonight or make it too uncomfortable.” 

L: “OMG. What did he say? Did he respond??” 

S: “Yes (laughing at me). He said he was really kind of scared all week about tonight and that this really helped to put him at ease. Has he not texted you about it?” 

L: “No. He hasn’t said anything.” 

S: “Ok. Well, I just knew how crazy you’ve been about it all and how nervous you’ve been. I just wanted to try and make it less so for you...and for me...but mostly for you. You seem to be more worried than I am.” 

L: “OMG Steve you are the best. You know that, right?” 

S: “Yes (laughing)” 

That’s when he leaned over to kiss me. I was sitting on my knees facing him and he leaned over and put his hand on my leg and kissed me. At that moment i was even more in love with Steve...if that’s possible. I rubbed his face and leaned in for another kiss. He pulled me onto his lap and I kissed him hard. We kissed for a very long time. His hands were up my shirt, rubbing my back...my hands were on either side of his face...our tongues were dancing and sliding all over each other. I scooted back a bit because I wanted to feel him. I can’t always tell if he’s hard by just sitting on him...I don’t mean this in a humiliating way at all...but Steve isn’t on the large side...so I wanted to touch him. I knew he would be but i wanted to feel him. So I scooted back and reached down (we had already changed into our normal evening wear...t-shirts and shorts (sexy huh? 😂)) He was rock hard! I had stopped kissing him and was stroking him through his shorts...just watching him and smiling into his eyes. 

L: “What are you thinking about Mister”

S: Huge Grin

L: “Tell me, please” 

S: Huge Grin...shaking his head no

I was squeezing his dick now

L: “Are you thinking about the pic or about tomorrow night??” 

S: shrugs 

Steve rolled me over so that I was leaning back on the couch. He slid down onto the floor between my legs and ripped my shorts and panties off. He dove in between my legs and licked my pussy until I had my first of 2 amazing orgasms. It was incredible...i held his head with both hands pulling him into me. I couldn’t speak...it really was one of our best! As soon as I recovered, I told him to stand up and I returned the favor :) To be honest, I don’t always LOVE giving Steve oral. I don’t know why. I love it with Robert...REALLY LOVE IT but I don’t always with Steve. But last night I loved it with Steve...the only thing is that I wish I could have loved it a little longer :). He came very quickly! But not in my mouth. We both laid back onto the couch and just sort of held each other. I started stroking him again while we talked....

L: “That was amazing, Steve. It really was.” 

S: laughed “Yes it was. You are so unbelievably hot!”

He was getting hard again...

L: “Steve....” 

S: “Yes...” 

L: “Tell me what you were thinking about? Was it the pic or tomorrow night?” 

S: “Both” 

He was rock solid by this point :) 

L: “Are you thinking about watching me do what you saw in the pic?” 

I was stroking him very slowly...he was still wet a little with my saliva...i was very slowly stroking and rubbing my hand over the head...looking up at him the whole time. 

S: “Yes”

L: “You want to?” 

S: “Yes. Do you?”

L: “Yes. I don’t know why but I do.” 

I sat up and straddled his dick and put him inside me 

S: “OMG you feel so good. You’re so wet.” 

I just watched him for a little bit...just rocking back and forth a little. I didn’t want him to cum too fast :) 

L: “You think you’ll be okay watching us? You won’t get mad?” 

S: “No. I want to watch you.”

L: “Why?” I leaned down and kissed him...and then just kept our noses together...our mouths just an inch apart. 

S: “I just think I’m ready. He’s really big isn’t he?” 

L: “Yes he is. Very big.” 

S: “You can fit all of him inside you?” 

L: “Yes. I can now. Not at first because he’s so long and thick...but now I can.”   

I was rocking a little faster...pressing down...sliding him in the right spot :) 

S: “Do you want to tomorrow night?” 

L: “Do you want me to?” 

S: “Yes. I really do.” 

I was getting really close. I have never orgasmed with Steve inside me before. It’s always been with his tongue or his fingers. So this was new! :) He started pushing up into me as best he could with short hard thrusts :) I leaned to his shoulder...my face in his neck...my lips kissing him and sucking on his neck...I leaned up to his ear...and whispered 

L: “I do too, Steve. I want you to watch Robert fuck me.” (Not sure I said this part but I was thinking it: “I want you to watch his big black cock slide in and out of me”) 

Steve became possessed...he was gripping my butt and pulling me back and forth over him while he pushed up and down...I pressed back a little so that he would hit the right spot...

S: “I want to watch you, Leslie...I really do!” 

What he said and how he felt and what I was thinking about sent me over the edge...

L: “OMG I’m cumming” 

it was by far the best orgasm I ever had with Steve...by far! It wasn’t the full body shaking orgasm that Robert gives me....but it was awesome! And that it was Steve just made it that much better!!! He quickly came inside me and we just stayed like that for several minutes...catching our breath and giggling and talking about how great that was. 

We both showered and got into bed...talked a little about the next day and went to sleep. 

Fast Forward to about an hour ago: Steve is at work and I’m sending him pics of different panties and letting him decide which ones I should wear :) He chose no panties. :) (Good choice Steve!) 

So wish us luck for tonight! I’m not promising anything...I’m going to let Steve decide and make the decision about whether or not Robert comes home with us (per some advice I’ve gotten from a very special new friend on here). But either way, we’ll keep you updated :) After all, you all have been a big part of getting us to where we are now! It’s the least we could do to show our thanks :) 







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Guest SandL
4 minutes ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

I think every think is right where it should and needs to be.  I wish I could be there to see this epic evening unfold. 

IF...IF the EPIC EVENT unfolds!!! Don’t jinx me!! 😂 

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6 minutes ago, SandL said:

IF...IF the EPIC EVENT unfolds!!! Don’t jinx me!! 😂 

You don’t get it, the meeting in its self is it, everything after is just a bonus, no matter what, once they meet and establish a sort of friendship, it is going to be nothing but get better in every way. Even if Robert doesn’t cum home with you to night,  it’s inevitable  Because it’s already been set in motion. 

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Guest SandL
1 minute ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

You don’t get it, the meeting in its self is it, everything after is just a bonus, no matter what, once they meet and establish a sort of friendship, it is going to be nothing but get better in every way. Even if Robert doesn’t cum home with you to night,  it’s inevitable  Because it’s already been set in motion. 

Oh ok. Then yes...the EPIC EVENT will unfold tonight :) and maybe the EPIC-er one too! 😂 

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23 minutes ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

You don’t get it, the meeting in its self is it, everything after is just a bonus, no matter what, once they meet and establish a sort of friendship, it is going to be nothing but get better in every way. Even if Robert doesn’t cum home with you to night,  it’s inevitable  Because it’s already been set in motion. 

Sage advice honey

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