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  1. S/L, You're back and forth is very cute and entertaining for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing and having fun. To touch on Steve's original post, in my take it with a grain of salt...your experience is very typical. It may not make sense to outsiders, but while the relationship between the wife and I develops, the couples almost always become more intimate. They kiss more, touch more, flirt more than they ever did before we got involved. Their sexual satisfaction with each other grows, even while she is having sex with me more and more. From the husband's perspective, I think a lot of the new found excitement comes from seeing their wives embrace their sexuality. It is amazing for them to see her self-confidence grow as she learns about her own desires and ability to pursue them. The wives usually spend more time dressing to appeal to their lovers, which is also very exciting. I was out having beers with one of my cucks one night and he said before our relationship, his wife was the type who would rarely even say what position she wanted, let alone initiate the encounter. Within a couple of weeks of being with me, she had zero qualms about telling he and I that she wanted a session with me. Before our dates she would tell her husband everything that she wanted to do with me. During our sessions, she became very vocal too. He said all of that made her seem so much sexier to him. He loved her new found confidence. He loved watching her get ready for our dates and he couldn't keep his hands off of her. He loved watching her lose herself while having sex with me. He loved when I left and they would snuggle up in bed. He said she had never been more beautiful or sexy. Finally, I wouldn't worry about your new feelings fading any time soon. You guys have just started this journey, so there is so much more to explore and adventures to be had. It should only continue to get better. Eric
  2. You hit the nail on the head. When I am with a couple, I realize that I am an "invited guest." I can, should, and do express my opinions on things, but the final say is theirs. My job as the bull is to help them explore the lifestyle and their desires, but that is done through encouragement, not ultimatums.
  3. I think your first two sentences says it all. You two got into this because you wanted to watch her. If this guy isn't supportive of that, then he isn't the right guy for you. Full stop. With a little bit of effort you guys can find someone who is both able take care of her sexual needs and enjoys having you watch. Plenty of us are aroused by having the cuckolds watch us.
  4. Good luck. Have fun. Be safe.
  5. athlete951


    Thank you very much. I would be curious to hear your perspective, but I think the difference between bulls and guys who just like the idea of having sex with a wife is that understanding of a couple's dynamic and the roles of those involved. That includes that they care about the husbands involvement and development. What a lot of guys don't get is that if they invest a little effort in the cucks, the cucks will often become the biggest cheerleaders of the relationship between the bull and the wife. With a couple like SandL, who are new to the lifestyle and the husband hasn't watched yet, I would take it slow. I would encourage the wife to do exactly like L is doing and share every intimate detail of our one-on-one encounters. I would then start to breach the communication barrier between her husband and I. That could be as simple as telling her to tell him thank you for the evening we had together or telling him that I really enjoyed her outfit tonight and encourage him to help her wear more things like that for me. Eventually I would want to start communicating with him directly via phone call, text, and/or email. I would want us to be comfortable talking to one another, not just lifestyle stuff, but just general conversation. The goal is that by the time he and I meet in person, I want to skip the awkward first conversation and simply pick our conversation up where we left off last. I want him to be at ease with me. While getting to know him, I would let him know that he is welcomed to watch her and I, whenever she and he decide they are ready for that step (wife always gets the veto). I would tell him that I am very comfortable with that and that I think he would really enjoy it. Furthermore, by watching, he is showing her how supportive he is, so it isn't just a positive for the husband, but also good for the wife. In the end, he never has to watch, but I want him to want to watch. Last, but not least, I think most wives in the lifestyle really appreciate when I invest time and effort in building a relationship with their husbands. They want their husbands to be happy too and it definitely helps when they know their husbands really like their bulls. When it isn't just themselves who are eagerly anticipating their bulls coming over, but their husbands as well. When done right, I've had cucks that developed something akin to crushes, for lack of a better word and if it makes sense. I would be interested in hearing your and SandL's (both husband's and wife's) perspective on that. Eric
  6. athlete951


    L, Excellent post and great question. Like just about everything else in the lifestyle, each step should be taken after careful consideration, both personally and together as a couple. I've been involved with couples for over ten years, typically in the form of long-term, steady relationships. With most of them, the husbands watched from the beginning, but I did have a couple where the husbands only joined to watch later. I have been really lucky and never had any really negative experiences. I think that stems from my experience with other couples, which has helped me understand the husband's role and help them enjoy the event. Each is going to be a bit different, but I want to make sure that they feel welcomed and not like an awkward third wheel. I've learned to read their body language and pay attention to how they react throughout the session. Although my primary focus is always on the wife's pleasure, I realize the more the husbands enjoy the experience, the more they will be supportive of the relationship. With that said, some level of jealousy is often to be expected. The husbands are sharing something very precious to them and that alone is usually enough to cause some jealousy, but even more so considering that I am providing something special for their wives (or I wouldn't be there in the first place). I'm just mindful of that, especially at first, and always emphasize that this isn't me versus the husband. Instead it us working together to make sure she is pleasured in a way she deserves. We have different roles in that and there is a power dynamic, but it is a team sport. That's a long way of saying that things should go well with your husband watching. Just make sure that your lover understand ands appreciates your husband's role, while your husband appreciates your lover for what he is providing you. As long as there is mutual respect between everyone and you take things at a comfortable pace, it should be an incredible experience. I still remember sitting in the kitchen with the first boyfriend (future husband) who watched me with his then girlfriend (future wife) and him looking me in the eyes and saying that watching us had been the most erotic experience of his life. No wonder I've been involved with couples since E