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  1. Maury, sorry to hear about the bad experience. That really sucks. Emotions are tricky things and while most of us are focused on the physical aspects of the lifestyle, it can be hard for emotions to not get involved. My advice is generally for couples to look for men who have a desire to be with a couple (vice wanting the woman to himself) and who have successfully been with couples before. Guys who care about the husbands too and want them involved in the relationship. Additionally, all three participants need to be as open and honest with each other as possible. It is a bad sign when the men and wives start having lots of secrets. Finally, it is good to remember that emotions are not a zero sum game. Just because a wife begins to care for her lover doesn't mean she necessarily cares for her husband any less. She can easily appreciate both men for what they bring to her and the relationship. Just because she may be smitten with the lover doesn't mean she should care for her husband any less. Once again, sorry for the negative experience and best of luck.
  2. I'm with you. If I wanted to be alone with the woman, I would date single women. What I enjoy is not only the sex, but the thrill of having an audience. Someone who greatly appreciates the pleasure I am providing his wife. I never want the husbands to feel left out or like third wheels. The more they feel connected to my relationship with their wives and the excitement they get from watching, the more supportive they will be. Cucks will be the biggest cheerleaders for the relationship, if and when they feel a part of that relationship and appreciated for their roles.
  3. Congrats. Obviously exploring the lifestyle is a big step for any couple, but it sounds like things are going well so far. My recommendation for all couples is to continuously discuss it, so that each partner is able to express their feelings and understand the others. With that don't feel that as the cuck that you have any less right to express your feelings. If you feel ignored and forced to bottle up those feelings it will eventually cause issues with the relationship, regardless of how supportive you want to be. In that vein, I would recommend following Nicki's advice (which is usually phenomenal to begin with). Tell her that you would like to watch and ask her if they would be comfortable with it. There is a chance that she (or he) may say no at this point, but realize that this is new for them too, so if they say no, just give it some time and ask again. The humiliation aspect of your relationship is interesting. I caution outsiders and rookies that humiliation doesn't have to be a part of the cuckold lifestyle. With that said, many people, men and women, are aroused by well executed/delivered humiliation. It's a learning process. In the meantime, good luck and play safe.
  4. It is definitely good to hear that it was an improvement for you two. If you don't mind owe asking, how long into the marriage did you two start exploring it? Whose idea was it at first?
  5. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I only know the lifestyle from the bull perspective, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but my couples have had similar experiences. I think there are almost ups and downs with lifestyle couples, but as you pointed out, you can say the same thing about vanilla couples. In fact my couples have described the vanilla periods of their marriages as extremely stressful. Most struggled to be open and honest with one another. For the wives it usually revolved around them struggling to admit that they had sexual desires that their husbands were unable to fulfill. They thought that admitting their husbands had sexual shortcomings would hurt him too badly and end the marriage. They felt trapped and that their only options were to be unsatisfied or cheat. Meanwhile many of the husbands felt trapped into playing stereotypical male roles that they either didn't want or couldn't fulfill. Once a couple explores the lifestyle though those communication walls come down. They are both able to be so much more open and honest with each other. The wives gain confidence in expressing their wants and desires. The husbands learn that they can still be amazing husbands even if they are playing a supportive role in the bedroom. Finally, your point about the lifestyle making you a better person is a great one. It certainly teaches you not to judge others. Thanks for sharing
  6. You know you could also just choose not to read their threads, right? It's really not that difficult. If you look at their readership and follower numbers, you'll see that plenty of people must like their banter. They are also not hurting anyone, so I suggest you ignore their posts in the future and let them have their fun.
  7. I think RobJohnson hit the nail on the head. Some women (and men) enjoy being humiliated and if this is the case for you wife then sure, have fun. If the wife isn't into being humiliated then absolutely not. This lifestyle is ultimately about the wife's pleasure. I'm usually extremely cautious of couples where I suspect the husband isn't focused on his wife's pleasure and happiness. You can quickly tell which husbands are the selfish, self-involved types and I have no desire to be around those types. Also, if they use disrespectful language to describe their wives, that is pretty much an automatic red flag and the end of the discussion.
  8. athlete951

    Who knows?

    I do think that those of us in the lifestyle should play some role in "normalizing" the it. Part of that is doing my best with couples to help them understand that they are not alone in these desires. For the wives that is usually understanding that there are many wives like them who absolutely love their husbands, but are not sexually satisfied by them. For the husbands it is understanding that many men struggle to please their wives and that they can gain pleasure by helping their wives find the pleasure they need and deserve. It's about de-stigmatizing those issues. Another part is that when I tell others that I date couples, I am letting broader society know that normal, well adjusted people do things like this and enjoy it. That there is nothing wrong with the people in the lifestyle. Maybe that encourages them to explore, but maybe at a minimum it helps them be less judgmental about those of us who do this.
  9. athlete951

    Who knows?

    Mt872, great post. Definitely a good conversation starter. I always believe that safety is the number one concern in the lifestyle, but discretion is pretty close behind. As the "third wheel" I believe I have a strong responsibility for ensuring that my couple's lifestyle remains as much of a secret as they want it to be. That involves not telling people in my life details about them, sharing pictures, etc. If and when they choose to become more open, I will as well, but again it is always their prerogative. Things are different as a bull. There is less stigma attached to being in the lifestyle as a bull, so I have been relatively more free to be open about what I do. While I don't share details about my experiences and relationships (without my couple's permission), I have been open that this is something I do and enjoy. Most people are surprised at first, but are generally supportive that I am happy. It definitely sparks a little curiosity as well. One other aspect is that I am not ashamed about the lifestyle. I do not see what I do with couples as a bad thing. If anything I feel like I am doing something good for them and their relationship. I'm proud of that and if others can't see it that way, that is their problem, not mine.
  10. Congrats, Guys. Glad you're having fun. Steve, that was a big step for you and although it sounds like you were a bit nervous, I hope you enjoyed the experience. I've had my cucks describe cleaning as an almost overwhelming mix of sights, smells, tastes, and emotions, especially at first. I always try to make that first time as comfortable of an experience for them as possible. Before hand I try to help them understand that the vast majority of the time any reluctance on their part has more to do with the taboo than a lack of interest. I explain that who cares what is/is not taboo, we should instead focus on what feels right and enjoyable to us. That's what really matters. I think if you continue to explore this, you will find that you quickly get past any nervousness. I think the act will make you feel a deeper bond with L and her lover(s) than you have experienced yet. You'll also find that L will never appreciate your tongue more than she does at the end of a long session with a large man. Each lick will send waves through her.
  11. Hey L, Great thread. Understanding the physiological aspects of the lifestyle have always been part of the fascination for me. What motivates the couples as a collective and as individuals. Same goes for bulls. It may be my personal training background, but I've never seen or used the term "training" as a negative. When I "train" a couple, I'm not forcing them to do anything, which is the same physical fitness training, where I am not forcing a client to do anything. Instead I am using my experience to help provide options and guidance in a safe, comfortable environment. I then pay close attention to how they react and respond to the experimentation, both verbally and physically. I use that feedback to continue to help them experiment in areas where I find they have desires, while not pushing too far in areas where they don't. I give them the encouragement and opportunity to explore their desires, even if they weren't sure they had those desires to begin with. For example, with cucks I may bring up the idea of them learning to clean their wives. I discuss the idea with them and how my previous cucks explored that aspect. Sometimes this is with the wives, but sometimes it is in private if I think the cucks are more comfortable discussing it with me one on one. I may then show them some porn with cucks cleaning to help them visualize the experience. I will also finish inside of the wives and then have them spread their legs for their husbands when I am done. I'll encourage them to see how sexy and beautiful her pussy looks when it is swollen, wet, and my cum is dripping out of it. When I feel the time is right, I will encourage them to take that next step. In that case, I've "trained" the husband to do something, but it was never forced. I introduced an idea to him, helped him consider it, encouraged him, and then provided the right opportunity to experience it. Whether that is training, conditioning, seduction, or just fun, I am not sure...but the end result is definitely fun for sure. Eric
  12. Steve, Great post. Although not often discussed, this whole lifestyle comes down to trust. Obviously there is the trust that the husband gives to his wife to allow her to play. There is also the trust the wife has to her husband to know that he isn't going to get mad and hold this against her. There is the trust that the husband and wife both have to have for her lover. Finally, we outsiders also need to be able to trust our couples. The bedrock of trust is communication. It allows you to understand what everyone else is thinking, while being able to express yourself. You can't have trust without communication. I'm very happy to hear that you guys realize that. This lifestyle does a lot of great things for couples, but one of the major ones is what it teaches them about themselves and each other. The husbands and wives are both freed to break beyond marital stereotypes and discover what they really enjoy. The wives are able to pursue the sex that they want and the husbands are amazed to see this newfound confidence in their wives. The husband learn how much pleasure there is to be gained from playing a supportive role and they are freed from always having to be the one who takes the lead. The wives are equally excited to see their husbands learn about themselves and be able to take on this new role. Once again, great post. Eric
  13. L, I completely understand the challenge of trying to balance your raging hormones with prudence. I don't think there is really a single right answer, but my recommendation is for the three of you to some more...and then talk a little more after that. All of your feelings and interests are going to change and evolve as you explore things, so don't assume that they understand what you want and don't let them assume they know what you want. Keep open lines of honest communication in all directions and things should work out well. I hope Steve's March Madness bracket is in better shape than mine. I'm glad I could give you a little early morning inspiration. Eric
  14. No apologies necessary. I know you two have had your hands full (pun intended). I'm just glad you guys are having fun and enjoying yourselves. "So good for our marriage!"...that right there is the ultimate goal. It isn't just about the wife or the husband being happier and more satisfied, it is about them being happier together. That's when you know things are right. Speaking of which, my second couple surprised me with a spring break visit recently. Their kids went off to a camp, so they decided to have an "adult" vacation of their own. During dinner one night, they reiterated that those years we were together full-time were the most fun and exciting of their marriage. I always take that as the highest compliment and reminds me of the value that a bull should always strive to provide their couples. PS I third the motion that your new profile picture is great. You've got fantastic legs.
  15. S/L, You're back and forth is very cute and entertaining for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing and having fun. To touch on Steve's original post, in my take it with a grain of salt...your experience is very typical. It may not make sense to outsiders, but while the relationship between the wife and I develops, the couples almost always become more intimate. They kiss more, touch more, flirt more than they ever did before we got involved. Their sexual satisfaction with each other grows, even while she is having sex with me more and more. From the husband's perspective, I think a lot of the new found excitement comes from seeing their wives embrace their sexuality. It is amazing for them to see her self-confidence grow as she learns about her own desires and ability to pursue them. The wives usually spend more time dressing to appeal to their lovers, which is also very exciting. I was out having beers with one of my cucks one night and he said before our relationship, his wife was the type who would rarely even say what position she wanted, let alone initiate the encounter. Within a couple of weeks of being with me, she had zero qualms about telling he and I that she wanted a session with me. Before our dates she would tell her husband everything that she wanted to do with me. During our sessions, she became very vocal too. He said all of that made her seem so much sexier to him. He loved her new found confidence. He loved watching her get ready for our dates and he couldn't keep his hands off of her. He loved watching her lose herself while having sex with me. He loved when I left and they would snuggle up in bed. He said she had never been more beautiful or sexy. Finally, I wouldn't worry about your new feelings fading any time soon. You guys have just started this journey, so there is so much more to explore and adventures to be had. It should only continue to get better. Eric