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could this be right?

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Saw this and thought I'd share.   I have no idea if the stats quoted are accurate.  What do you think?

The next time you go to a charity function, and look at all the married couples 
together, think about this, and see if you can figure out who’s who:
16% of the women are fucking other men, and their husbands know about it, 
and approve. A third of those women have a regular bull. Half of their husbands 
are cum-eating cuckolds… they regularly lick out and clean up their wives afterwards.
20% of the women are secretly cheating on their husbands. Half of them are 
fucking black guys.
17% of the women are FemDom. 99% of their husbands eat pussy and ass 
every day; half of them are regularly getting the strap-on; several of those 
men have sucked a cock for her.
5% of the men got the strap-on the night before.
9% of the men there have their penis locked up in chastity right now.
Several men have a butt plug up their ass right now.
32% of the women out-earn their husbands.
6% of the women are pregnant. A few of them are pregnant by a 
man other than her husband.
6% of the men are gay. Most of them have never tasted pussy.
62% of the women there have never been with a black guy.
8% of them are black-only.
A few of the women there lost their virginity to a man who raped her.
65% of the men there have a masturbation problem.
20% of the men have a really small dick, four inches or smaller fully erect.
15% of the men have nice, big, thick bull cocks. Several of them got a 
blowjob in the car before the party.
8% of the men are mostly impotent..
Several men there used to steal their sister’s panties and sniff them.
4% of the women haven’t been fucked in over a year.
10% of the women there were diddled as a little girl by daddy..
14% of the women there are submissive, and have a Dom.
7% of the women have one or both of her nipples pierced.
Several of the men have a Prince Albert piercing on their dick.
16% of the men have a secret mistress.
There’s at least one man there who was forced by a bully to suck 
cock after school.
7% of the women have marks on their ass from the spanking/whipping 
they recent got. 2% of the men do.



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