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The First Time


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I first knew I was a bit if of a pervert (although I didn't know what cuckolding was) when my first wife left me for another guy. I was terribly hurt, terribly humiliated... and horny as hell. I often masturbated myself to sleep at the thought of her pussy being destroyed by his cock.

Fast-forward a few years, and I'm in a wonderful loving relationship with a gorgeous lady, but there is a slight problem with sex: it turned out we are both sub, and things were a bit stale in the bedroom. It was my idea to suggest she went back to the guy I stole her from, just for physical satisfaction. He is married (so a relatively safe bet), hung and very dominant. She was clearly aroused by the idea, but it took a LOT of wine to convince her I wasn't just testing her.

She met him a couple of times, pretending to him it was all behind my back, when one day she let slip that I knew. He loved the whole idea! So the next time he came over to our house. I was home before the wife, so I met him for the first time, and sat in the garden sharing a beer with him, trying not to sound like an over eager puppy. I confess I was almost trembling with the (somehow very enjoyable) humiliation of making idle talk with the guy who was there purely to fuck my woman.

Humiliation was to get worse when the missus got home, and announced she was going to "get changed". She came back downstairs looking like a million dollars, high heels, short dress, makeup, the works. She never dressed like that for me. He just casually suggested I go and get dinner ready. While I was in the kitchen I suddenly heard a noise from the dining room. When I investigated, I saw her bent over the table with her dress lifted up, and he was whipping her ass with his belt. He just carried on as is I wasn't there! He must have realised the potential of the situation, because he ordered me to hold her wrists to stop her squirming. Dear reader, two subs in heaven; I was ashamed by seeing my woman being used and abused so cheaply, and she was ashamed by having me hold her down.

He casually slipped his belt back into his jeans and told her to "stay still". Then he just pointed to her red buttocks, and instructed me to "kiss them better".

That night I slept in the spare room. Well, didn't actually sleep much... She came into my bed shortly after midnight and sat on my face to empty his load. Before going back to him, she just grinned and whispered "there will be more of that in the morning". True to her word, there was. She visited me again in the early hours, but to my surprise instead of her cunt she pointed to her arse and said firmly "kiss me there". I did, and suddenly I realised I could taste cum! I was licking out her lover's sperm from her anus and loving it. I now know he always insists on anal sex and she never refuses. By contrast, I was never allowed there.

The real start of my life as a cuck.

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