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Enjoyable Afternoon


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After a couple of days working hard on our boat (which is currently hauled for some repairs) and going back to a friends boat to sleep we have finally finished.

We had not shagged in 4 days which is unusual for us. So we decided to have a sexy afternoon.

I started by massaging her.... But as per norm SH soon was thrusting back against my cock trying to get me to enter her. As far as I know she has never managed to have a massage that hasn't turned into full on sex (anyone fancy giving her a massage?)

So I turned her over and held her hands away from her clit...when she is horny she just wants to cum and I wanted to prolong it. I was getting pretty close and slowed right down. She sense this and whispered "do you want to be my clean up boy". This always turns me on but I know if I cum fully I go off the idea of licking her fucked pussy.

She knew I was close so played with my nipples (another huge turn on) and said I want you to lick me clean.

Although I did not fully cum my cock started ejaculating into her. I could feel my sperm pulsate with each throb. I pulled half way out so it would be right at her entrance.

I then went down on her and licked our juices. Some cum had seeped down the crack of her ass.... I scooped as much as I could with my tongue and kept lapping. As she was getting close to cumming I stopped and scooped more from the towel she was laying on and rubbed it over her slit and clit. Then I went back to lapping at her.

I then went back inside her and fucked a very sloppy wet pussy. I actually came inside her....not as intense as if I had not ejaculated first. But then without hesitation I went down and licked her pussy again.

I think I am beginning to get the hang of the clean up stuff.

Do you think she sounds ready to let me clean her after another guy has ejaculatd in her.


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Cuckold Tests

Has she ever fucked another guy? Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I'm new here. I would think that if she does the two actions separately ( allowing you to lick her after/having sex with other men ) that to do both together would be natural.

Right after cumming in my wife a few months ago, she tried to get up to take the usual trip to the bathroom. I shoved her back down and went down on her, she said "are you sure?" and I just started in. I told her that I liked licking her pussy after it had just been fucked and she seemed fine with it and came several more times.

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