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I Think I Am A Cuck Now


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Little introduction, I am 31 my wife is 29. We have been together for 10 years, married for 7. She is a beautiful brunette with an athletic body. She was always timid about sex, although she had been with around 20 or so other men before her and I ever got together. Fast forward to a few years ago, I would notice her checking out our neighbor (he was ripped, 6 pack abs, big back) and he'd always walk around outside without a shirt on, I was jealous but somewhat turned on that she was watching him, and she would make comments to me about how "hot" he was.



So we started a little role play with sex toys and I would pretend to be someone else, blah blah blah. Then one day she really started to open up to me about her sexual past, telling me about jerking off other guys in highschool, telling me about their cock size. About guys fucking her doggystyle, even telling me about a threesome (mff). I was very turned on. I then made the plunge and brought up the whole "hotwiving/cuckold" thing. She was shocked at first, but then the sex got super intense. We have a mutual friend, hes an Italian guy.. and I guess you could say the stereotypical Italian...wears gold, drives an 75k car. But very cool and laid back hes about 50 years old, not married. She told me she had wanted him for a long time. So for about a year we role played about him fucking her and being her bull.



She had decided that she would rather it be him not knowing that I knew, almost like she would be having an affair. She started calling him about different things while I was at work, and the talk turned sexual. She said he came over to our house while I was at work and they made out, then she pulled her short shorts aside exposing her spread pussy to him, he then got down and licked her for a minute, then he stood up and pulled his cock through his zipper, she said and I quote "it was HUGE, I am not kidding as big around as a coke can, and long too". So she sucked him for a bit and he left. He called her after and said "we will need to meet and fuck a few times a month"



Last night when we were fucking she told me "i need to feel his thick cock inside of me....this will be the last time we do it for awhile, I want to save it for him....I love you very much, but I lust for him"



So am I a cuck?, or is this more of a hotwife situation?

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Cuckold Tests

I do need to add that since this first encounter with her bull she has been extremely happy and almost gitty. And she's been very close to me, and still making comments about his huge cock. She told me that his cock is "beautiful", and that she knows it will stretch her out.

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