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Wife Getting Closer


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So Saturday morning I had just woke up wife and she told me she was having a dream that she was in bed with me and another man but she didnt know who the other guy was, and she was having sex with both of us at the same time. I told her it must be what her subconscious wants. I have had her begging for a second in the past, but only when drunk. Then in Reno a few weeks back ,again when drunk she told me she would like a guy sucking het titts as she blew him while we fucked. A bit later as I was taking her ass she told me she would live a guy fucking her at the same time then feel us both cum in her. But the dream was a new one so I think she is getting closer.


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Cuckold Tests

Yes, she doesnt think guys look at her. I have had to point them out as they were starring at her 42ddds. I always tell her how much I love her. We started with her saying deffinatly never going to happen. Now its dreams and yelling out she wants a second cock now, as she cumms. So getting closer. Taking it slow with her.


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That may work I actually tried to set something up when we went to Reno last year. Two guys, one of them was even staying in the hotel they were to meet with us and just flirt with her as she got drunk both of them were no shows. I had got about 15 replies so picked top 2

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I was in the same situation, I'd been trying to get my wife Jeanette to cuckold me for years. Although we are now both rather mature she is still very attractive, the problem was trying to get her to appreciate how sexy other men find her and then persuading her to do something about it as she is very shy and reserved.

My first step was to take her to a beach in Spain where was able to go topless and as nearly all the other women on the beach were topless as well that wasn't too difficult. I found it very exciting watching men looking at her naked breasts, especially when she moved around because this made her tits wobble which was even sexier.  

I told her to watch as the men walked passed us and see if they looked at her or in the opposite direction, the point was soon made!

All of this was great but it wasn't  enough for me, I wanted her to show more than just her tits.

So a few days later I took her to a different beach but failed to mention that this one was a nudist beach, it was only as we walked onto to the sand and she saw a few naked men that I admitted that I had brought her there on purpose. She said she couldn't see any other women nearby and she was certainly not going to get completely naked.

'Well I am.' I said and I removed my shorts and lay down beside her. We lay there for about twenty minutes before she asked me to rub the sun tan oil onto her back and shoulders. This was the chance I was waiting for. After I had rubbed the oil into her back as she lay on her front I casually slipped her panties down over her bottom and gently applied some sun oil to the cheeks of her bum. Then, when I had finished, instead of pulling her knickers back up I eased them down over her legs and pulled them off.

To my great surprise she did not object but just lay there in the sun, naked.

My cock was beginning to swell as I wondered if she would ever roll over and show the guys what she was all about.

If I was surprised that she let me take her knickers down on a public beach, I was completely shocked when she turned over onto her back and lay there with her lovely tits out and her black hairy fanny for all to see!

I kept nudging her to make her move about a bit and thus make her tits wobble and her cause her nipples to shake. It was fantastic, men seemed to appear from nowhere and stop near to where she was lying. Some tried to pretend that they were on their way to another part of the beach, but others just stopped and looked at her.

'What do you think they are looking at?' I asked, 'the view of the beach, or the view between your legs?'

she was forced to accept that these men were there just to look at her tits and her fanny and then go home and shag their own wives or have a good wank about my wife.

So the ice was broken with my Jeanette. Soon after our return to England I took her to another nudist beach, but this time I told her in advance, she knew what to expect, almost!

The anticipation of driving down to the coast and imagining what was going to happen was fantastic and when we arrived at the beach we found a quiet place at the foot of the sand dunes and settled down. Again I had the thrill of pulling Jeanette's knickers down and slipping them over her ankles and taking them right off in public.

She settled to lie down on her back and just like before naked men seemed to appear from nowhere. Two men came really close and stood almost within touching distance of her. They made no pretence as to why they were there. One man started to wank as he watched Jeanette displaying herself. I looked at her to see what she would do, I expected her to sit up and cover up, but she didn't. Instead she allowed her knees to fall apart and her delicious fanny to them. Now both men wanked in front of her and I watched as one mans' spunk spurted out onto her feet! 

The other man looked at me and I knew he wanted to know if I would let him touch her. I nodded to him and he quickly knelt down between Jeanette's knees and planted his face into her fanny.

He licked her fanny and felt and sucked at her tits. Jeanette's nipples looked as though they had been stretched right out. It was too much for me to resist. I knelt beside her and started to suck her tits and feel her up.

Suddenly Jeanette stiffened and I looked down between her legs. The man's cock was touching her fanny lips and he was rubbing it up and down between her hairs. She looked up at me and smiled then arched her back and I knew she had allowed her fanny to open up.

With her legs wide apart and with a complete stranger lying on top of her, my wife Jeanette was fucked.

It was the most beautiful and delicious thing that I have ever seen.

He eased his rigid cock up into my wife's fanny and nestled it deep into her cunt. He pushed it right up hard and held it there, and I could tell that he was squirting his spunk into her and that she was squirting her juice all over his cock. He started to pump his cock faster and harder into Jeanette while feeling and sucking her tits.Jeanette was in a world of her own.

She had opened her legs as wide as she possibly could and I could clearly see his cock easing out and thrusting back into her cunt.

My cock was harder than it had ever been before and I was wanking in time with their fucking. It was beautiful.

Two other naked men had now arrived and were watching her being fucked,they both joined me in wanking over what we were watching.

I recognised the sigs that she was about to cum. Jeanette's eyes opened and she smiled at me, but then her thrill took her over and her eyes closed again. Her body shuddered and her mouth fell open as she squealed and moaned in her ecstasy.

 They both came together. It was fantastic. They finished with a kiss and the man stood up, juice dripped from his now limp cock and he walked away leaving me with a different woman from the one that I had arrived on the beach with.

She looked even sexier to me now and I could not wait to get her back home so that we could both relive the afternoon. I wanted her to tell me  every detail of what she felt when a stranger lay on top of her and pushed his stiff cock between the lips of her fanny and right up inside her cunt.

Would she ever do it again? I tell you later.



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Your wife's sexy dreams and her willingness to discuss them with you is an indicator that she may be ready to try something new. Before you try to find a match for her, you should try taking her out to clubs where there might be young, attractive guys that she might like to consider. Giving the woman the choice is far more likely to lead to successful mating. You might need to prod her a little by asking her if she "could choose, which guy might she like?" If this method brings no results then you may want to try running an ad and narrowing the field for her choosing.

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Excellent post - definataly allow her to continue to explore it in her mind, encourage her thorougly....


And you can email me directly if you would like to discuss other seductive techniques which may apply..


And very sexy pictures - all of them...

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I agree. I had decided next time we go reno, when she has a few drinks, im going to ask her to point out the guys she finds sexy. Maybe invite them to have a drink with us when she goes to the restroom

We had made an agreement with wife that she'd point out the guys she finds sexy. Nothing till now :( , but we were not out together much since then

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Have you consider having her dress very sexy and take her to a sports bar or pool hall? Point out guys that are checking her out. Tell her they are thinking how hot she is and wish that their wife was brave enough to dress so sexy. Women love to one up other women. Just remember to stay with her the first few times out, you don't want some jerk scaring her to returning to her conservative ways. After a few times, she will get to know some of the regulars and they know her. Just remember to take things slow. Go when it is crowded and limited seating. Pick out a table where a guy is seated alone. Ask him if it would be OK  for the two of you to sat at his table. Buy everyone a round of drinks, start small talk, make sure your wife takes part in the conversation. If she is not talking, ask her what she thinks about the topic. Keep her talking by asking her questions about her opinion. Do this about a half a dozen times, so she comfortable talking to strangers. if she is getting into these special outings, have her go to them bra-less. This will get her use to other men paying attention to her. Don't forget to keep telling her how beautiful and hot she looks. Also, after each outing remember to fuck her. At some point, one of the men will take a shine to her and be there talking to both of you at almost every outing. During your love making ask her if she finds David or what ever his name is attractive. If she does, start role playing that you are now David fucking her. Get her to in the heat of the moment to tell David how much she loves fucking him.

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That is a great idea.   Last weekend when we went out she had a tank top on that was cut low.  She aculy pointed out someone she saw watching her the other night,  unfortunatly she didnt think he was atractive.  I pointed out a few others that were looking but she only found one mildly attractive.     We had only had one drink at the bar then we came home, had a few more drinks and she was super horny.   She actuly asked for the y shaped vibe as she wanted both holes filled at same time.  It was a lot of fun

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Mine is gone for 2 days at the ocean.     She is at the pool now , and has her anklet as she loves it (she has no idea what it means).  Her suit shows quite a bit, fun to think about but a doubt anything will happen as she is with family

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