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  1. Why would we want her FULL name?
  2. You lucky devil, I love my hubby cleaning up my mess.
  3. Joys, I guess that is what it is, but most of the ones we saw do seem to be in discomfort. However, I know that when I'm with Bryan I do have my mouth open and gasp and groan as he pounds away, so I guess I'm experiencing intense pleasure just like the other internet girls. Pete says that when we allow him to stay with us he likes hearing me gasping and looking at my face as Bryan thrusts up inside me. L.
  4. Pete and I have been looking at the internet today, and it strikes me as odd that nearly all the women having sex appear to be in pain, or at least not enjoying it very much. I asked Pete if I look like that and he told me that I do, but only when I am with Bryan, not when I'm with him. Is it because he's a submissive type? I certainly enjoy sex with Bryan, and I had no idea I looked like I was not enjoying it, but apparently I do. Very odd. L
  5. Absolutely, an ability to get on well (which requires good communication) is far more important than size for me.
  6. Us ladies like the foreplay too - in fact I insist on it
  7. Louise


    language, colour, religion, nationality - should be no barrier to enjoying good sex. Welcome KPNobody.
  8. Yes Well put there HungBull, My lover Bryan definitely fits the definition of someone providing my husband and me with both our physical and psychological needs. He really does make us stronger together, we are more open together, we talk more, we have a much better relationship. I have discovered things that he likes, and he has found new ways to pleasure me. It's a win-win-win situation for the three of us.
  9. Agreed Bellaazz, I liked the safety at first of him being there, but now I do love it when we exclude my husband knowing he cannot see us, so I can tell him afterwards just how good sex is with someone else as he licks me. We also use the 'are you watching' line when we are all in the same room - he likes being taunted and humiliated.
  10. I agree with Sampson - I do not use a condom with my lover, I prefer for my husband to dip his cock in my pussy when I have been filled by my lover.
  11. She is a greedy, but obviously very happy lady - go enjoy it girl
  12. Hi there everyone,I'm back from my holidays. It strikes me as odd that in Spain and France, you can go topless, and even completely naked on certain beaches, but in Italy there seems to be nowhere to uncover and soak up the sun. Someone asked me what I get from the relationship. Well I find that my husband talks freely to me now, I have found out for instance that he likes to see breasts that move about and bounce, and prefers a wide ass with a clearly defined wide crutch especially in jeans and when following someone in the street or up escalators. Isn't it amazing, I always thought a narrow rear end was more desirable (who hasn't heard "does my ass look big in this"), but now I know he likes my ass as it is, and I have been purchasing softer bras that allow my breasts to bounce and move about a bit for him to see, but he did like my strappy dresses when I went bra-less even better. Of course I get the extra attention from my lover, as much sex as I can handle from both of them, and a happy husband who is super attentive.
  13. Louise

    Chat Me

    Well let's start with .... Where are you? There is a place to put it in your profile y'know L
  14. I can see why this is such a turn-on to you cuckolds, not knowing who is going to have your lady, but I like to be in control of who I am going to share my body with.