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Backpacker Pick-Up

pb rider

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Newton is a college town, not a tourist trap, but because one of the proto-Beats lived here for a while it gets a steady stream of folk who come to pay homage to the shack this guy lived in before the royalties hit and he moved to San Francisco. They stay at a hostel, go to the little shrine that’s been set up, eat a burrito, then get out of town.

But I like all that shit too, and there’s some cafés and secondhand bookstores set up around that scene, so I often run into these self-styled travelers and like them. They’re open minded, adventurous, and tend to run young, late teens and 20s to my 30-something, and that’s all cool, especially as me and my wife, Jenn, have an open relationship and are always on the lookout for people we can party with.

We both have our fuck buddies, and that list is slowly growing, but if Jenn wants a new dick or two each month, and I want strange pussy, then its best to aim for folk who are just passing through. Way easier than screwing with the local crew, who tend to stick around and gossip, or get jealous.

So when spring break and summer hit the town it’s what Jenn calls “a target rich environment”, meaning lots of tourists we can fuck, forget, and work out our little kinks on.



I was going down on Jenn, two fingers in her cunt and tickling what I believe to be the g-spot, while she was telling me about this girl she’d met at a hostel / bookstore / café the other day – Asian, tits, and a cute face, who she wanted us to pick-up and fuck, when I reminded her that school was out, and there’d be plenty of out-of-towners looking for adventure.

In short, it was backpacker season.

She closed her eyes and moaned, told me that she wanted to get a laid a lot this year, and I worked slow and deliberate, which meant I could soon feel an orgasm building as I worked my fingers inside and kept my tongue running over her clit and the rest of her shaved cunt, the other hand massaging the mons. I knew how to get Jenn off, and it worked every time.

As I felt her orgasm build I slipped one finger, then two, into her ass and looked up to watch her eyes pop and brighten.

I finger fucked her until she came and then through it, and as she moved her hips I held my fingers deep in her pussy and ass as she held a pillow over her face to muffle her screams.

When it was over I moved up while she was still on her back and smiling.

We kissed, then she reached for my cock.

“You want me to go and pick up a young backpacker who’s got nothing to lose, but wants a milf to drain his balls?”

No, what I wanted was to pick up this Asian chick with big tits and bring her home, but I could see how to play this to my advantage, so I nodded and pointed to my dick.

“OK, now show me how you’ll give him a blow job.”

Jenn shuffled down, licked her lips, and then rubbed them over the end of my cock. Her eyes were open wide, all pretend coy, as she stroked the shaft and flicked her tongue over the tip. Then she opened her mouth and took in as much in as she could, and I put my hands down and held her head steady as I bucked my hips up and down, fucking her face to the edge of completion and imagining my dick was in an Asian girl’s ass.

When she could feel me getting close she pulled her mouth off and I looked down to see what the fuck.

“Oh, shit, don’t stop, I’m gonna –“

“Gonna cum? Well do it in my mouth – young cum is good for me.”

She wrapped her lips back around the head of my cock and used her tongue while pumping the shaft fast and playing with my balls. I kept my eyes on her and she kept looking at me as I came, and I saw her cheeks hollow out as she swallowed it all.

When I was done shaking she took her mouth from my dick, ran her tongue over her lips, and looked up at me, her point made.

“You see, hon? That’s how I’ll suck this guy’s cock.”



A few days later it was Sunday, so we went to that café together to check out the books and see if the Asian girl was working there.

At least, that’s what Jenn said on the drive over.

“We’ll try for Suzy. If she’s not working, let’s just see who’s there. No point in limiting our options.”

Now by the end of this you’ll probably think that maybe this Suzy character wasn’t even real, that Jenn was just putting that out there to set up what actually happened. But you’d be wrong, or at least somewhat wrong, and I’ll get to that in another story, which is probably going to be called LESBIAN-OWNED WIFE, but that’s a long, involved tale that needs a lot more thought than this one, which is just a simple threesome, and we’re getting there, I promise.

So we got to the place and the hot Asian wasn’t there, but that was OK. I looked at the books and Jenn checked out the other customers.

A few minutes in and she nudged me.

“Hey. Over by the coffee pots.”

I looked. A table of two guys and two girls.

“What – an orgy?”

“Well, it’s been a long time.”

“No. I don’t want an apartment full of strangers, messing up the bathroom and smoking all the weed. We get hotel for that. One guy or one girl.”

“You easy?”

“I wanted to see that Asian girl.”

“Well, I asked at the counter. She doesn’t work Sunday’s. Goes to church.”

“And you really think she wants a threesome?”

“Honey – those church kids are crazy, anything but straight sex is fine.”

I got a coffee and sat down with a book, a nice buzz rising from the cannabis cookie I’d split with Jenn before leaving.

She felt it too, and went to off to look through the magazine racks, humming to herself.

Time passed very easily, and I almost forgot we weren’t just here to hang out and have fun.

 “Got it,” Jenn said, sitting down and speaking quietly. “A guy just came in. Backpack, dirty shoes, well-built, kind of lost. I stuck around near the counter. He’s going to check into the hostel for one night, leave in the morning. Just wants to leave his bag inside and then come back here, get a beer, then go out and explore. He was really cute. I think I want to fuck him.”

“What’s the plan?”

“I’ll wait until he gets back, then make my move.”

“You think it’ll work?”

“Honey, I’m going to suggest we go home, I suck his cock, then you two both fuck me. Should be easy.”

“Then let me try it.”


“Yeah. It’s always you who brings them home. I need to get some practice, especially with all these tourists in town.”

I think part of me was hoping I’d fuck up and fail, while the other was yeah, let’s find a guy who’ll fuck Jenn a little too hard and maybe change her mind about this whole going out and picking up strange men thing, get her into picking up more girls.

Like I said, I was a little high. I wasn’t really thinking straight.



The guy came back, got a beer from the counter, and sat down.

I waited a little and then walked by his table.

This was the first time I was going to invite another man to come home and bang my wife.

I had no idea what to say that didn’t seem creepy as fuck.

“Hey, you traveling?”

It was a start.


He was writing in a paper notebook.

“Want to be writer?”

He looked up, kind of hurt.

Sensitive lumberjack type.

 “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to pry. I had a thing for that too, but never made much effort. I admire people who follow their passions, do things like that. Me, I got distracted with a job, paying the rent, not embarrassing myself in public –”

“That’s OK,” the guy said, “must get a lot of would-be writers in this café.”

“Yeah, some weekends there seem to be more writers here than readers. I guess that’s why there’s no money in it.”

What the fuck was I talking about?

“I don’t know,” the guy said, “I’m not really – the money isn’t important, it’s the writing, right? I want to do good work, say things, but in a way that’s easy to read.”

“A spoonful of sugar, eh?”

 “Something like that, but so far it’s all really derivative. I’m just out of school. I don’t really have anything to say except things I’ve read in books and seen in movies. That’s why I’m on this trip, I guess, to find something to write about.”

“Any adventures so far?”

“Not really. I mean, my folks live in LA, so it’s been a pretty short trip. Stopped here to get some inspiration, then I’m going to meet a friend in San Francisco, keep going north, maybe get a job in Alaska.”

 “Maybe my wife and I can help.”

“With a job?”

“No, having your first adventure on the road.”

“What do you mean?”

I sat down at his table.

Thank fuck I was getting somewhere.

“What’s your name?”

“Caleb, Cal.”

“Cool. I’m Steve, and if you look behind me you’ll see a woman, 30-something, dressed nice, slim. Good looking woman, right?”

The guy looked over my shoulder.

“That’s your wife?”

“Yeah. Jenn. You like the way she looks?”

“Yeah, I do. What’s this about?”

 “Well – . My wife and I love each other very much, but we’re what they call swingers. You know what that is?”

“Sure, it means you fu – I mean, you see other people, right?”

“Yes and no. See other people would be polyamorous, but we just like to fuck.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, with a low wave of his hand, “that’s sounds great, but I’m not gay.”

“That’s OK, that’s cool with me. Look, it’s pretty simple. I fuck other women, and my wife fucks other guys, and we both like to watch.”

“Just watch?”

“Well, I like to join in, but only with her. I won’t touch you, I promise.”

“So you want me to fuck your wife?”

“Yeah, that’s it, and hard.”

“And she’s cool with this?”

“She asked me to come over and talk to you. The deal is, you come back to our place, get high, we both fuck Jenn, then you go on your way, an adventure under your belt. Sound good?”


“Cool. Want to come and say hi to my wife before she sucks your cock?”



Cal put his pen and notebook in a pocket and picked up his beer, followed me over to where Jenn was sitting.

“Jenn, this is Cal. Cal, this is Jenn”

“Well hello, kid,” Jenn said, putting out a hand, then holding Cal’s as he sat down, stroking his fingers, touching his forearm. “Did my husband tell you all about it?”

“Yeah, I mean –“

Jenn smiled.

I knew she loved the sense of control her sexuality gave her, loved using it to overwhelm others.

“It’s OK. We don’t have to talk about anything. Just finish your beer and we’ll go.”

She turned to me.

“Why don’t you pay up, hon, and –, sorry, what’s your name?”

“Cal, Caleb.”

“Cal and I’ll be waiting in the car.”

I paid, and when I got to the car Jenn and Cal were already in the backseat, making out.

“OK,” I said, buzzed, but not too high. “I’ll drive.”

I got in the driver’s seat and hit the ignition, looked in the mirror.

Jenn had her tongue down the guy’s throat and a hand in his pants.

I stage coughed.

“Why don’t you two get a room?”

Jenn pulled away, leaving Cal gasping for air.

“Why don’t you keep your eyes on the road and get us home, or I’ll take his dick out right now. This guy’s made of muscle.”


I loved it when she played the bitch.



I parked in the basement, and we took the elevator to the top floor and went into the apartment. Jenn kept holding Cal’s hand the whole time while I was standing there like an idiot, saying nothing.

When we got inside I went to the stash box and pulled out a joint, lit it, hit it, and passed it to Cal.

“This is good shit,” he said, taking a second deep hit and then passing it to Jenn.

“Yeah,” she said, inhaling and holding it in as she spoke. “It’s something they call triple-x fly. Local strain. Good for fucking.”

The joint went round a few times and then it was done.

Jenn pointed to the bathroom.

“Take a shower, then I’ll suck your cock.”

 “OK,” said Cal, and went off to do that.

I was sitting on the couch.

I never knew what the fuck to do until it started, but Jenn did.

“I’ll just got and freshen up too, hon,” she said, “then we’ll see what that guy can do. Should be a lot of fun.”



I stayed in the living room and rolled some more joints, put some music on, then I went in the bedroom to get undressed and saw Jenn checking herself out in the mirror.

She was wearing black stockings and red heels. Red lipstick and smoky black eye make-up.

Standard, knock ‘em dead kit.

 “I don’t think girls dress like that on the road,” I said. “You’re going to blow this kid’s mind.”

“I hope so,” Jenn said, checking out her nails. “I’ve been feeling a little 30-something crisis. I wonder about what happens if I bring a girl home and you like her more than me.”

“Come on,” I said, “that’s ridiculous. Who fucks you more than I do?”

Then it hit me.

I really didn’t know.



We were still in the bedroom and I was telling Jenn how much I loved her, how much she turned me on, how lucky I was, and so on, when Cal came out the bathroom with a towel around his waist and sat on the couch in the living room.

“Fuck,” said Jenn, “is that like, 5% body fat or something?”

I should say here that the apartment has one weird feature that we’d quickly turned to our advantage, a one-way mirror set in the bedroom door that let anyone inside watch what was happening in the living room, something we’d made use of in many adventures.

Now we were both looking at Cal as he waited to fuck Jenn.

He had good body, and a bunch of ironically bad tattoos over one shoulder and down to the elbow.

 “It’s OK,” Jenn said, lighting a joint, straightening her stockings and getting ready to go out. “I just want to feel desired.”

What I wanted was to go out and have Cal and me fuck some sense into my wife.

Jenn went out first, and Cal’s mouth fell open when he saw her.

I decided to take the lead and show them who was boss.

“Hey Cal, you want to cum in her face?”


“I mean, you can cum in my wife’s face, if you want. She likes that. Says young cum is good for the skin.”

Jenn seemed shocked that I’d just come out and said it, but then got a hold of herself and nodded.

“It’s true, Cal. I like it when guys cum in my face. The more the better, in fact. One man isn’t enough for a woman like me.”

What the fuck were we playing at?

“Yeah, Cal,” I said, “just have fun. I mean, treat Jenn with respect, but, ah, not too much. My wife here is kind of a slut and likes being thrown about a bit, used. Don’t worry. You won’t break her.”

Jenn looked at me, shook her head and smiled, then went over to Cal, and put her arms around him. They kissed, while she reached down and started rubbing her cunt.

Then she stepped back to get a full view of his body.

“OK, kid, let’s see what you’ve got under this towel.”



Cal took off the towel and dropped it on the floor.

It was good sized cock, already hard, a little longer than mine but thinner, and the kind I knew my wife could get right down her throat, so she could stick out her tongue and lick the balls.

Jenn moved in and put one hand on his cock, ran the other over his chest and abs, ready to play the slut wife.

“Look how big his muscles are, hon, and what a nice, hard dick. Want to see me suck it?”

Yeah,” I said. “Do it.”

Jenn directed Cal to sit down on the couch and kneeled in front of him.

“It’s OK,” she said, holding his balls in one hand and stroking his shaft with the other, “just look at me, and don’t worry if my husband comes over starts fucking me, just take that as a sign that I’m naughty wife who needs all the dick she can get.”

I lit a joint and sat and watched, taking in the scene.

I loved the way Jenn’s looked when she was bent over like that, her head bobbing up and down, to see and hear her mouth on another man’s cock.

After a minute or two I went over and began stroking her ass, enjoying the firm roundness of it, once again delighted that I’d married such a woman, who let me fuck around and who was now running her tongue over this young guy’s balls, getting ready to drain them right here in front on me.

Jenn turned her head to give me a better view as she ran her tongue up and down Cal’s cock, making him shiver.

“Oh hi, hon,” she said, “you still here?”


OK – that’s the first 3,000 words, the full story, just under 7,000 words, can be found on Amazon, or search for “PB Rider” and find the blog for more free stories and news.


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