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  1. That was some promo for PB Rider, who writes mostly hot wife / slut girlfriend stories (blog and Amazon) - posted with permission
  2. The guys moved away from my girlfriend, and I walked over with a joint in one hand, that big black rubber cock in the other. I gave Hannah the joint, and she ran her tongue over her lips to clean off the jizz then started smoking it. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up and over her head, exposing her well-fucked pussy and ass. I put the tip of my dick against her butthole and it slid it in with no trouble. She looked down and smiled, stroked her pussy. “You’re going to need something bigger than that.” My face burned, because even though my cock was a good size her ass was now so fucked, so naturally gaping, that she was right. My girlfriend’s ass had been wrecked and she had the cum of two guys on her face. I waved the dildo at her and she opened her mouth, so I gently pushed the end inside and she got it wet. I pulled it out and slid it into her pussy, making her ass tighter against my cock. She reached down and gripped the dildo, started working it in and out of her cunt. “Come on,” she said, holding the joint up for me to take a puff or two from, then taking it back, “show me what you got.” *** I looked down and watched my dick going in and out of Hannah’s ass as she worked that black dildo in and out of her cunt, really stretching herself out and going into low moans. She looked at me, then around the room. Dean, Rick, Anton and Matt were all there, drinking, smoking and stroking their cocks. She finished the joint, crushed the butt between her fingers, and flicked it away. She reached up to her face and felt the cum on it, smiled and then gasped, closed her eyes as I poked her ass in time to the dildo she fucked herself with. I wanted to make her cum, like the other guys did, and I wanted to stand out from the crowd. I pulled my dick from her ass and told her to make herself gape. “Come on you fucking slut,” I said, “show how much you love me.” Hannah reached down, spread her ass cheeks and her butt hole opened wide. “I love you this much,” she said. The dildo in her cunt was now just stuck there, so I pulled it out and rested the head, alongside that of my cock, against the edge of her dilated ass. My girlfriend looked up at me, high as fuck and cum-faced. She nodded, and I moved my hips forward, forcing in the end of the cock along with the dildo. Hannah gasped, face twisted with pleasure and pain, as she got double anal. “Fuck,” said Anton, coming closer for a better a view, “she’s done it, she’s finally done it.” “Yeah,” said Rick, “she’s finally a total whore.” *** It was a tight squeeze as first, and we needed more lube, but pretty soon almost the whole length of my cock and the whole length of the dildo were nice and deep in my girlfriend’s ass, and I was moving them around to stretch her a little more before getting ready to fuck her really hard. Yeah, I was going slow, taking things relatively easy, when Hannah put her hand down and onto the rubber cock. I let go of it, which made it easier for me to fuck, and at the same time she started pumping it in and out of her ass with a little more speed, a little more force, than I was planning to. “You like this,” she said, “don’t you? The feel of another dick in my ass” I nodded, and she looked at the guys. “I’m going to try and cum again,” she said, “think you can give me a bukkake?” There was a round of “yeah” and “fuck yeah”, and I felt my dick twitch in Hannah’s ass. The guys moved in closer, and Matt hopped up on the couch, stroking his dick. “Do her good,” he said, “I want to cum in her face when she’s screaming.” “Yeah,” said Rick, getting up on the other side of my girlfriend with his long dick hard and pumping. “Let’s give her something to remember.” Hannah looked up at the cocks on either side of her and licked her lips, starting working the dildo harder in her ass, so I moved things up a level too, not just in and out but round and round, putting a hand down on her mound and clit to bring things higher. She moaned and groaned and then we both stepped up the double anal assault. Matt and Anton were pumping their dicks and playing with her tits, then Matt moved in closer and stroked off to the end, holding Hannah’s head steady as shot after shot hit her already messy face. I almost came at the sight of that, but held on through the shakes and saw Anton add a second load without trembling, just focused on tearing up my girlfriend’s ass as she absolutely pounded herself with that black dildo. She looked desperate, aching for an orgasm but almost insensitive after all the fucking she’d had. Meanwhile the guys who’d just emptied their balls on Hannah’s face got off the couch and the other two took their place, and pretty soon they were on the edge too. My girlfriend stuck out her tongue and fucked her ass harder than ever, the dildo going in and out much faster than my cock as two more loads were added to her jizz-covered face, drops and strings of cum falling down onto her tits. She looked at me, a full on bukkake fuck bitch with two cocks in her ass and panic in her eyes. “I can’t cum,” she sobbed, “I can’t cum.” I had an idea, a nasty one. “OK guys,” I said, finally taking control of the situation, “I’m going to pull out and cum on her face, but what you need to do, if you can, is all four of you put your fingers in her ass and cunt and finger fuck the shit out of this bitch.” *** I pulled my dick out of Hannah’s ass and she did the same with the dildo, let it fall to the floor, then spread herself wide She was gaping, like she’d never done before, a huge, pulsing hole beneath her trembling cunt. I took off my condom, got up on the couch and waved it in her jizz-covered face, then turned to the guys. “Come on,” I said, “she’s waiting.” They moved in, two on the floor, two on the couch, and reached for her ass, with all four managing to get some fingers inside – two, three or four. They worked them around, in and out, stretching my girlfriend even more than double anal. She let out a deep, long groan, and then started moaning as four guys played with her ass. She looked up at me, eyes wide open, a smile playing on her strained lips, and started shaking, the intensity growing as the eight hands of the guys explored her body, stretched her holes, and pushed her close the edge of the most shattering, shuddering orgasm of the whole evening. I was there too, jerking my dick as she opened her mouth. I pushed the head inside and fucked her face like that as she sucked hard, the waves of feeling starting to roll out and destroy any sense of self beyond cock, cunt and ass. Hannah came hard and screaming, my dick out of her mouth and me stroking off to the end, adding my own thick loads of white semen to the mess of sweat, slobber and jizz on her face and tits. I looked down and saw Anton and Rick with four fingers each in her ass, furiously working them around, while Dean and Matt were doing the same in her cunt. My girlfriend would never be the same again, and we married three months later. THE END
  3. A nasty, cock-hungry whore, that’s who, as I already knew from our previous adventures, but this – this revelation that she’d already fucked a bunch of my frenemies and was now engaged in a gangbang that I was pushed to the side of? This was a never degree of whorishness that touched all my buttons in just the right way. The sight of two cocks trying to push their way into her ass at the same time was surreal, and short-lived, as Matt and Anton laughed then gave up getting more of their dicks in. So Matt pulled out and let Anton take over with the anal, which he did, and with far less tenderness, patience or care. No, what Anton did was quickly work up depth and speed so the full length of his long, hard rod was going into my girlfriend’s once tight backdoor, and even in her relaxed and primed state this was something else, enough that she stopped blowing Rick and Dean and started moaning. “Oh god,” she said, “that feels good, so good.” “She’s going cum,” Dean said, then he looked down at her and rubbed his dick against her face. “You’re going to cum with a cock in your ass.” Hannah nodded, her jaw clenched tight as Anton went wild in her butt, all the way in and all the way out, his balls slapping against her pussy each time he bottomed out inside her. “I want to cum in her face,” Matt said, jerking off and moving into position as Dean and Rick stepped back. “Oh yes,” hissed Hannah, “do it, cum on me, please…” Matt stroked himself off and my girlfriend forced her mouth open, groaning and sobbing as Anton fucked her wide and took her up close the edge of another full body orgasm, this one radiating out from the depths of her ass. Matt pushed his dick into her mouth and Hannah reached out and grabbed his balls with one hand, rubbed his pole with the other, and worked her tongue over the head. “Oh shit!” Matt gasped as my girlfriend went stiff and then shook, the muscles in her arms and legs vibrating as an orgasm exploded all through her. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and stroked his way to the end, unloading his balls all over her face, which was twisted in a mix of pain and pleasure as Anton held her buttcheeks apart and gave her the rough, angry inch. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” said Dean, and gave a long, low whistle. “I think she’s worse than before.” “Damn right,” said Rick, nudging me in the ribs, “you’ve got a real slut on your hands now.” And they both laughed as Anton continued to tear up her ass. *** So yeah, the orgasm took some time to settle down, because Anton, who’d already cum in her mouth once, just kept fucking Hannah right the way through it. Meanwhile Matt was pasting her face at the other end, emptying balls all over her face then sticking the stick trembling end of his rod back in her mouth. I watched as her cheeks hollowed out and she sucked it dry, the cum running down her face and dripping onto the floor. Then Anton pulled out, slapped her on the ass, took off his condom and went over to get a beer. “Who’s next?” he said, and before I could say a word Dean and Rick where both over there. They helped Hannah up off the chair and pushed over to the table, where I was standing with a beer. “Come on,” Rick said, “clean yourself up and we’ll give you a proper fuck.” Hannah smiled, then looked at me, her make-up now a mess with all the sweat, drool and cum she had on her face. “Oh hi,” she said, and laughed, making a string of cum hanging from her chin break, “I kind of forgot you were here.” I smiled, weakly, and handed her a box of baby wipes. She cleaned herself up, dropped the wipes on the floor, took my beer and drank it. “Got any more weed?” “Yeah,” I said, and took a joint from the stash box, lit it, hit it and gave it to her. She sucked it down hard, the whole thing almost gone in less than a minute in between sips of beer. “OK,” she said, handing me the last puff, grabbing my balls, squeezing them lightly then kissing me on the lips, “time to get a real DP.” *** Dean was a strong guy, he worked out. He sat on the couch with his dick in the air and Hannah walked over, reached down and guided his cock into her pussy as she sat down. Then she put her arms around him and he stood up, while Rick moved in behind and aimed his cock at my girlfriend’s well-fucked asshole, like the whole thing had been choreographed. Indeed, when I first saw it I thought it was a porn reflex, something that was part of the language, but then Matt nodded as he lit another joint. “That’s it,” he said, “just like old times.” Once again I felt my stomach sink. There was my girlfriend, sandwiched between two standing guys, her pussy and asshole impaled on their stiff cocks as they bounced her up and down. Hannah was staring into Dean’s eyes very intensely, full of feeling, and then they started kissing, with open mouths and probing tongues. Meanwhile Rick, who was enthusiastically sodomizing her, also held onto her tits and squeezed them. Anton clapped his hands. “Great job,” he said, “outstanding!” I smiled, weakly, then walked out of the living room, went to our bedroom and got a large black rubber dildo, the one we called the punisher. I knew how I wanted this to end. *** I came back into the living room to the sound of another orgasm tearing through Hannah, all the guys cheering her on as Dean pumped her cunt and Rick did her ass. Then, as if they’d practiced, the two guys lifted my girlfriend off their cocks, dumped her on the couch, took off their condoms and started stroking in her face. Hannah looked up, shocked at the sudden change in position, her two holes still gaping from the assault. Then she reached out, grabbed both poles and pulled them closer, sticking out her tongue and working it between them Dean gasped and started cumming, thick loads of white jizz landing on my girlfriend’s face and covering her features. That set Rick off, and he added to the mess, then stuck the end of his dick in her spunk covered mouth and poked the cheek out. “Nasty,” he hissed, “nasty, nasty girl.” Dean moved closer and pushed his dick up against Hannah’s face. She stretched her lips a little wider and got the heads of both his and Rick’s still throbbing cocks in her mouth, her tongue poking out beneath them and so much cum on her face. Matt turned to me, smiling. “She’s all yours now.” And everyone laughed. ***
  4. I put some lube in the end of a condom then unrolled it down my dick, wiped what was left on my fingers along my pole. Hannah was bent over the arm of the couch, ass facing out, towards me. “OK,” I said, as the guys gathered round, smoking, drinking, jerking off. “I’ll open her up then you go to town.” I reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart, rested the head of my dick against her little butthole. “Someone ought to get up front,” I said, applying a little pressure, “give her a little something to suck.” “It ain’t little,” Rick said, with a chuckle, “but I’ll do it.” Hannah look up at him as he got in position, smiling brightly. “Nice,” she said, kissing the end of his rod, “I’ve missed this.” Rick laughed and winked at me. “She’s fun, isn’t she?” I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Matt. “You did know they dated, right?” “Well,” said Dean, “I wouldn’t say he dated her.” “Yeah,” said Anton, “I wouldn’t say any of us dated her.” They all laughed, Hannah too. She looked back at me, eyes bright. “It’s OK, babe, it was just sex, nothing serious.” I felt my face burn with shame, held on to my girlfriend’s hips and pushed my dick all the way into her ass. *** “Oooooow!” she screamed, “too much, too fast.” “Sorry,” I said, pulling out, “I’ll go slower.” “No way,” she said, shaking her head and still holding on to Rick’s dick. “If you can’t do it right you can watch someone who can.” She turned to Matt. “Come on, show him how to fuck me in the ass.” “What?” I said, in shock as Matt pulled me back and took my place behind Hannah’s ass. “You heard her,” he said. “Yeah,” said Rick, a shit-eating grin on his face and his balls in my girlfriend’s mouth. “Have a beer, sit down, relax, enjoy the show.” “Just like old times, eh?” Dean said, moving up to stand next to Rick so my girlfriend had two cocks in front of her face. Hannah reached out to both and stroked them, kissed each in turn. “Yeah,” she whispered, “just like old times.” And then Matt started fucking her ass. *** I stood just to the side so I could get a good look at the action. Matt went slow, slower than I did, and put on a good show. He had a condom on and used plenty of lube on Hannah’s asshole, teased her with the tip of his dick and jabbed the head in out just a little, softening her up. “That’s it,” she moaned, circling her hips and enjoyed the touch of his cock on her back hole. Then she turned her attention back to the two cocks in front of her, stroking both kissing, licking, sucking each in turn while Matt continued to make slow love to her anus. He spent a long time just teasing my girlfriend by putting the tip of his dick in, then pulling it out, using it to trace the rim of her butthole, and then going in a little deeper, moving it around to stretch the walls of the ass. So before long the whole head was in, and then an inch or so of the pole, enough for this to be a real ass fucking. Still, the foreplay wasn’t over, and he moved his dick around very carefully, working with my girlfriend’s circling hips to stretch that little sphincter a little wider with each turn, getting her more relaxed and into it. That’s why when he finally pulled out Hannah’s asshole took a few seconds to slowly close. Then he put the head back in again, moved it around, pulled out and used his hands to spread her ass. “Look at that,” he said to all of us, a proud look on this face. Rick and Dean didn’t move – Hannah was busy trying to get both of their cocks in her mouth – but Anton came over and stood next to me, admired Matt’s work. “Nice job,” he said, and then turned to me. “What do you think? You ever make her gape?” “Well, yeah,” I said, “of course.” But not like this. This was next level stuff. As Hannah’s little ass relaxed and opened up Matt put his dick back in, moved it around, stretched her, pulled out, and held her butt cheeks apart again. Each time he’d go in a little deeper, move around a little more, and make her gape a little further. And he did this again and again and again, until my girlfriend’s asshole was open wide enough to stick the fat end of a beer bottle in, if we’d wanted to, but instead Matt just tapped Anton on the shoulder and nodded. Anton stepped closer, and both guys aimed their cocks at Hannah’s gaping ass, then pushed forward and in together, so both heads and inch or two of the poles were inside her. Double anal, and she didn’t even take her mouth off the two dicks that were in her. Who the fuck was my girlfriend? ***
  5. Jump cut to the evening in question, with the guys due to arrive at 8pm. They all did, shaking my hand and then going into the living room to get high and drink, chat with Hannah who was wearing a tight summer dress with nothing underneath it, her nipples showing and the outline of her pussy and ass. When we’d all had a drink or two I switched the TV from music videos to Japanese soft porn – busty women in the shower, that kind of thing. Then Hannah clapped her hands and got everyone’s attention. “OK,” she said, “I think it’s time to begin the main event.” I tapped my phone and the TV changed to the start of a European gangbang, a clothed woman being groped and kissed by half a dozen men. Hannah reached down, held the hem of her dress, pulled it up over her head and dropped it on the floor. Naked but for a pair of red heels. The guys looked at her, mouths open and shifting in their seats. “Shall we…?” said Dean. “I mean…” said Chris. “Yeah,” I said, trying to maintain some control of the situation. “Get undressed.” *** It was a strange sight, all five of us guys sitting there naked, drinking, getting high and watching porn, while Hannah moved around on her hands and knees sucking dick, the room full of the sounds of fucking coming quietly from the TV and louder ones of sucking in real life. After my girlfriend had all five dicks in her mouth once or twice the guys took it in turns to get behind her and fuck like that, so Hannah was see-sawing between a cock in her cunt, one in her mouth, and – whenever possible – another one or two in her hands. All the while the guys were keeping up a running commentary on her whorishness. Encouraging her to take the cocks deeper in her mouth, give out titfucks and lick their balls. Hannah did it all, reaching back to touch herself until Dean saw an opportunity and got on his knees behind my girlfriend and slipped his dick inside her. “Nice,” he said, nodding, and slapping her ass. Then he turned to me. “Really nice girlfriend you got here, man, thanks.” The guys laughed, then said thanks for inviting them over, and as Hannah moved around from dick to dick to dick they took turns to go behind and fuck her while I watched. With the third or fourth rotation she wanted a break – her mouth dry and jaw a little sore, so she got off the floor, and drank a beer, smoked a joint. Then she sat in an armchair and two or three guys at a time would go over and touch her body, kiss her, fuck her in the mouth. She looked at me, kind of drowsy, high, holding a beer and still stroking Rick’s balls while he jerked off just inches from her face. “Pretty good, right?” “Yeah,” I said, dick in hand and hard as nails “Tell you what,” she said, to all of us, “you guys make me cum with your hands and mouths, and then you can start fucking me for real.” Matt got down on his knees between my girlfriend’s legs and started eating her out. Dean got on her left side and began kissing her arm while groping one of her tits, while Rick got on her right and did the same. Hannah started moaning, reached down and put a hand on Matt’s head as he tongue fucked her, then looked at the two guys kissing her body. Anton was still standing next to me, we were sharing a joint, but then he strolled over, hopped on the couch. He took the beer from Hannah, downed it one, dropped it on the floor, waved his dick in her face. She grabbed it and looked up at him, smiling, then opened her mouth and started sucking him off. Picture the scene and scratch where it itches. My girlfriend, now wife, sitting on the couch with a guy going down on her, two guys sucking her tits, and a dick in her mouth. She started moaning and Anton held her head and started fucking her mouth, making her cheek poke out and trying to get deeper inside. Hannah still had one hand on Matt’s head, and she used that to pull him closer, his tongue deeper, and she reached out and put the other on Anton’s ass. Her moans became groans and Matt lifted his head up, wiped his lips, and started finger fucking her. Rick and Dean, both still playing with her tits, reached down and started playing with her cunt, too. So Hannah had the fingers of three men in or on her pussy and dick in her mouth, all of them working together, along with the hands on her tits, to build her up, get her higher and break her. It was like that, almost quietly, that my girlfriend came for the first time that evening, the sobs of her orgasm muted by the cock in her mouth, which she forced even deeper as her body shook. Anton gave out a yell, like Hannah was biting his dick, but then he held onto her head and his hips jerked and it became clear, from gagging sounds and the jizz that leaked out and over my girlfriend’s lips, that he was cumming in her mouth. Indeed, as Anton emptied his heavy hanging balls he kept yelling, calling her a cum-sucking slut and a whore, making the other guys laugh and finger fuck her harder. Hannah opened her eyes wide as she seemed to choke on that long dick down her throat and cum even harder, body going rigid and trembling, Anton’s semen hanging from her chin and falling on her tits. “Jesus,” said Rick, looking at up Hannah’s throat work as she swallowed as much spunk as she could, “this bitch is unreal.” *** When he was done cumming Anton pulled his dick out of my girlfriend’s mouth and rubbed it over her face like a savage, and Hannah opened her lips and put her tongue out, trying to get it back inside. Then she reached down to her tits, scooped up the jizz that had fallen there, wiped the rest off her chin, and licked her fingers clean. “That was a good start,” she said, getting her breath back, pushing herself up and off the couch. As she stood up the guys kept groping her, all the way over to the table with the beers. She cracked open a can and took a long gulp, washing the cum out of her mouth, then grabbed some of the baby wipes and cleaned up her face and tits. I lit a joint, took a few hits and handed it to her as the guys took turns on the bong, while on the TV a blonde with a fake tan and fake tits was getting airtight. “You OK?” my girlfriend said, some cum still in her hair. I nodded. “How about you?” She smiled, put her hand down and held my cock, already leaking precum. “Want to make me gape?” I clapped my hands and got all the guys’ attention, pointed to the boxes of baby wipes that were on the table, the hand towels, pile of condoms, tubes of lube. “We’ve got these, use them and do whatever you want.” “That’s right,” said Hannah, handing me the joint, “keep things wet, keep things clean, and ride it like you stole it.” ***
  6. Some promo for PB Rider, who writes mostly hot wife / slut girlfriend stories (blog and Amazon) - posted with permission Hannah’s Gaping Gang By PB Rider I was doing Hannah from behind, and she was reaching back and rubbing herself, getting close to the edge. This always set me off too, and since we loved cumming together I gripped her ass cheeks and pumped a little harder, then a lot. I felt her pussy grip me and fucked on through that, with the familiar twitches running from the tip of my dick to my balls and back again. “I going to cum soon,” I panted, “that OK?” “Sure,” she gasped, smacking her clit and taking herself a little higher, then a lot, before the fall, “just one thing.” “What?” “Do it in the wrong hole. *** My girlfriend, now wife, had been an “ethical slut” since college, although I only found out about that sometime after we’d started dating. She’d given up on that side of herself soon after graduating, so she thought, finding it incompatible with settling down with one guy to pay all the bills – me – while she sat around and got high, built castles in the air. Indeed, I was about to dump her for general sloth when this whole kink came out. She had sex with two guys in front of me who we found online – BBC, is the term of art, in a story I told before in Hannah Works for the BBC. Then two guys she knew back in the day came to stay, and again she let her freak flag fly, an adventure that I eventually typed up and called Airtight Girlfriend. And if you read those then you’ll know that I was into it. It turned me on to see my girlfriend getting fucked and join in with the fun. Hannah liked it, too, and exploring our sexuality in this way made everything better – chilled me out and made her more active, alive. Indeed, after a few months of this lifestyle we were in love like never before, optimistic about the future and even talking about marriage. There was just one thing Hannah wanted to try, to make sure I was cool with the life she had planned. She wanted a gangbang with at least four other guys. “So five dicks, including mine?” “Yes,” she said, “that should be enough, don’t you think? I mean, I want you all to have fun, and I’ve only got so many hands and holes. Plus, well… I mean ten guys, twenty, that can’t be good for a girl. Can it?” *** There was one catch, even for a guy like me who liked to play stag to Hannah’s vixen. “I know who I want in the gang,” she said, “Anton, Dean, Rick and Matt.” Fuck. Four guys I knew, we both knew, none of whom I really liked. I was a quiet, bookish type, and they were outdoorsy and loud, playing up to what’s now termed “toxic masculinity”. Which I guess, knowing my then girlfriend, now wife, is why she chose them. Anyway, the deal was pretty easy to arrange, at least on Hannah’s side. She sent out the invitations and waited for them to come back, excited like a kid before Christmas, while I just swallowed my misgivings and rode on through the kink. After all, this is what I wanted, right? An open relationship, of sorts, with myself being free to fuck around too, if I managed to find another woman who was into it. Before I could think too much, that same evening, in fact, Hannah had replies from all four guys. “Yes, yes, yes and fuck yes,” she said. “We’d better get some drinks in, and some weed, and condoms, lube, baby wipes, kitchen towel, hand towels…” She was beaming. ***
  7. Indeed. Got another couple of stories here
  8. EIGHT When it was all over, all of it for that time, Topanga opened her mouth with a smile, strings of my jizz and her spit breaking between her lips and popping on her tongue, the music going with the lights, and vice versa, the drugs levelling off now at a nice plateau, good enough for another two or three hours of lazy fooling around, interspersed with more anxious fuck sessions going to some darker places, “I love you,” she said, taking the cap off a bottle of water, “you know that?” And then we fucked again. THE END Posted by the author - see my blog for more stories
  9. SEVEN My high as fuck and maybe unfaithful girlfriend moaned and groaned as I worked my long, fat cock with a head like a fist in and out the first four or five inches of her ass. I moved round and round, going slowly and making sure Topanga was getting warmed up for the main act, when I’d be going balls deep and calling her names. And that didn’t seem too far away now, to be honest, as I felt myself getting close to the edge, and much too early, but my girl’s ass had that effect, along with all the drugs. Still, I always got the job done before I came, and the second and third times were much longer. For her part, Topanga liked to get off the same way whenever we played this game – that Magic Wand vibrator held against her clit while I took her over the waterfall with my dick in her ass and then fucked her hard, really hard, all the way through her orgasm, calling her a whore, slapping her tits, spitting in her face and pulling her hair just enough to feel total disgrace, enough to make her totally surrender. “I did it with Andy,” she said, and as the words sunk in I had to pull out and hold my dick not to cum while my girlfriend’s ass gaped and she begged me to fuck her again. Andy was the guy I hated most in our group, a good-looking douche bro who pushed all my buttons and knew it, a real bully who had a new girl every other week and an endless supply of good times. And my girlfriend just said she’d sucked his cock and fucked him unprotected. I spat in her ass then put my dick back inside, and thus lubricated pushed it all the way in, right down to the balls, with only the angry inch left in reserve. Topanga squealed, put a hand on my chest and looked up at me, snarled that she’d cheat again if I didn’t make her cum soon, said I wasn’t making much of an impression, that I really wasn’t much of a man. “I really crossed the line,” she gasped, as I began to sodomize her with a growing anger, her breaths getting shorter, words more like sobs. “I mean, humiliated you. And I loved it. Andy’s much better.” Pain Suffering Pleasure It was difficult to explain why I liked this so much, why Topanga got off on it too, but both of us were practically tripping, slightly drunk, and possessed by an all-consuming lust for sensation. I leaned back and turned on a little globe I had on the coffee table that shone out disco lights in time to the ambient noise, so they bounced around to the music but also our fucking. “You want to hear what I did?” Topanga said, as I grabbed her by ankles and pushed her legs in the air, getting a little deeper in her butt and her once tight hole that much closer to busted. “Tell me everything.” “It was nasty. Andy doesn’t like you. Thinks you’re a jerk. Can’t say that surprised me. You’re different, aren’t you?” “Damn right,” I said, going deep and working the head around, stirring things up with the shaft, trying to make her forget this other guy. And Topanga liked it, that’s the point. Liked fighting against the feelings until they overwhelmed her and she was swept away. Liked being a bitch until she was broken to a slut. “I mean, he’s tall, good looking, confident, funny, got a great job, loves fucking me.” I pulled out and slapped my dick against Topanga’s cunt until the precum jitters passed, pulled off the condom and then slipped inside her pussy for a few strokes, enjoying the vibrations from the Magic Wand, then pulled out and swung my cock in her face while she was still telling me how awesome this Andy was and how he’d made her cum so hard she blacked out for a moment with his cock in her mouth. That gave me an idea, and sure enough my loving girlfriend shut right up when my dick was in front of her. She just parted her lips nice and wide, and I rubbed it on her tongue a few times, reminding her that this had just been up her butt. She grabbed me by the shaft and jerked me off as she started to orgasm right on that, the idea that she’d gone ass-to-mouth with a guy she’d just called a loser. That’s right, Topanga was sucking my dirty dick as she came, cheeks hollow, then she pulled me out of her mouth and caught her breath as the orgasms kept shaking her body, that vibrator making her tremble 64 times a second. I grabbed my dick and stroked it, pushed my balls into her open mouth and said some terrible things. I felt her lips close around my sack as that rant set her off again and she made herself gag sloppy on my nuts. Then she pushed me away, rubbed the spit from her lips over her tits and told me it was time to cum in her face, that she needed me to man up treat her like a bitch. I reached over to a side table, ran two fingers through a pile of triple-x then sucked them clean and saw white melt to gold melt to fuuuuuuuuck. As my vision cleared and I could feel my balls fit to burst I reached back, got another healthy dose of triple-xxx, and then pushed my fingers into Topanga’s just-fucked ass until they went down to the knuckles. Her face popped like an electric shock, and she turned that vibrator up and gave a strangled scream as every muscle in her body grew tight and strained for release. This was the grand tsunami, the orgasm that almost dislocated her hip and broke my fingers off in her butt. But I held on for dear life as I furiously stroked my dick to the full release and drug-fueled facial my dear Topanga was now begging for, desperate to feel and taste my jizz and take things to another level with my fingers probing the depths of her ass and the Magic Wand tapping her clit like a hummingbird’s wings. Butt-fucked, sweat-soaked, mouth-violated and now getting spattered with cum, my girlfriend screwed up her eyes as I came on her face and finally let go of that vibrator and let it jump all over the floor, bouncing around like a freak. Topanga couldn’t cum any harder now if she’d wanted to, and all that life was to her was orgasming and taking my jizz in her face, feeling its warmth being rubbed into her skin, and surrendering to my dick in her mouth. Yeah, we had a lot of fun in the time we lost to the world in those days, doing all those porno things you think about but never do, blaming it on the drugs and music.
  10. SIX “I cheated on you,” she said, “and it wasn’t the first time. Not even close.” The head of my dick went into my whore of a girlfriend’s tight ass, and she gasped. “Tell me about it,” I said, as I pulled out again, teasing her before the deep anal fucking she was due, the drugs churning in my system, as I took shot of vodka and felt it kick in my toes, handed her the bottle and saw her take two wide glugs that must have made her throat burn. She put the bottle down and shook her head as the alcohol flooded her brain and made her anus tighten and then dilate. Then she straightened out, found that blunt, took a hit, and passed it to me as the tip of my dick still toyed with her backdoor, the whole length alive to the thrills of this transgression. “It’s true,” she said, as I inhaled and got even higher. “I really did it this time. No joke, for real.” I put the head of my dick back in Topanga’s brown butt and kept pushing until it was almost all the way in, keeping a little in reserve, watching her sphincter stretch out and then looking up at her painal grimace, taking things just a touch further than needed. “Tell me all about it,” I said, “and be honest, or I’ll –” She giggled. “You’ll what? Hate fuck me in the ass?” I took another big hit from the blunt, held it in, then kissed Topanga while she inhaled. Oh yeah, I thought, as a huge wave of weed calm broke over me, you’re about to get wasted.
  11. FIVE I plugged in the Hitachi Magic Wand, a beast of a “massager” that you’ll know from Japanese porn or a satisfied user. It’s maybe the best vibrator on the market, able to bring off the dead and raise thrills from a stone. Male or female, it’ll make your sex life better. Case in point: Topanga Lee, my own sex toy and focus of this story, loved it when she had this wand working on her clit and I was fucking her mouth, pussy or ass. She loved the idea of two or more guys at once, even though she’d never done it, so she said, and only fantasized about it every time we made out. Just like I did, to be honest, and seeing her face-, cunt- and butt-fucked by hordes of men, anonymous and known, turning her into a whore and me into a cuck. Or maybe the two of us and one of her friends, a big-boned party girl or petite Asian, I really didn’t care, as long as it was something spectacular. I handed the vibrator to Topanga, put a condom on that I covered in lube, and did another line of XXX-Fly. As the drug hit I felt in sync with the buzz of the machine, and I looked down as my girl was already holding the fat head against her clit and lips, the force of it making her tits shake. Her free hand was back to toying with the rim of her anus, teasing the ring, and I reached out and rubbed some lube there too, and both our fingers slipped inside her butt, getting things ready for a full-on phallic invasion with nasty role-playing intent. “Put it inside,” my girl said, as I pulled my finger out and put my dick up against her asshole instead, “and I’ll tell you how naughty I’ve been.”
  12. THREE Topanga smiled as I hit her with my dick, then grabbed the pole, took control, and rubbed her pretty face against it. “Hmmmm,” she moaned, “I love the smell of dick. It’s my cocaine.” I watched as she enjoyed it like that, and knew it was true. My girl was a hose monster, size queen and roleplaying slut, and she’d loved the dick a long time, the feel and the taste and the smell, quite apart from any guy attached to it. So when Topanga looked at porn it was gangbangs and blow bangs – the more cocks, the better. And that’s how she learned what she liked, by going online and watching porn for hours on end, until she came up with stories like the one told now, as she blew me and prepared to get her cheating ass fucked. FOUR “I was naughty,” she said, licking my dick from the balls to the tip. “Like I said, I blew a guy the other day. Met him in a bar. He was cute. Lived nearby. Went back to his place and got high. He washed his cock in the sink, and I sucked him off sitting on the edge of the bathtub.” “What did you do with the cum?” Topanga smiled, put my dick in her mouth and let the drool work up, then pulled back so it has hanging from her lips and running down her chin. She blew a bubble and it popped. “I let him cum all over my face,” she said, then scooped up some of the drool on her tits and swallowed it. “Then I let him take a picture and send it to his buddies.” I shivered. I felt awful, and great. I got two bunches of Topanga’s hair, pigtail style, and held on as I directed my dick back into her mouth and then started fucking her face. She gagged, but that was cool, I knew her limits, and my own, and also knew the drug would let us cross them. I held my girl’s head firm as I thrust my hips until I got passed the gag and the whole length of my pole was in her mouth, the head an inch or two down her throat, my balls resting on her chin. Because sometimes Topanga liked to be dominated, so all she could think of was dick and her strange addiction to it, her need to submit to the basest desires in order to get off, her need to be objectified. It was something that I understood and nurtured, as she worked on my own desires to be humiliated and mocked. I reached for my phone and took a picture of Topanga with my dick down her throat. “I’ll post this later,” I said, and she groaned. I pulled her head up and my spit-soaked dick popped out of her mouth and tapped her on the nose. She got her breath back then started slurping up the mess and making plenty of noise, light-headed, high as fuck, anxious to be used. “I need more,” she said, drooling like a mad dog and squeezing her nipples. “More what?” She wiped her lips, reached for the still smoldering blunt and took a long, deep hit. She held it in, eyes closed, until the smoke popped out of her ears. Then she put her head down and did another line of XXX-Fly. “Now give me the vibrator,” Topanga said, getting on her back and spreading her legs wide, stroking her cunt and fingering her butthole, “then fuck me in the ass.”
  13. Posted by the author - see my blog for more stories ONE Topanga had done me wrong, she knew it. Worst of all, I did too. She said she’d cheated on me, with a handsome dick of a guy who moved in the same circles as us, and everyone would soon know about it. I was hurt, and I was angry, but what could I do? People cheat all the time. Hell, I’d cheated not long before on a weekend out of town, when I’d ended up in a strip club and found out you could get 20 minutes of head for $100 in the backroom, and I got her down to $50 for 10. I’d come home and told Topanga about it while she was giving me a blow job. It had really turned her on. Now she’d cheated, so she said, and begged me to forgive her. I told her I’d consider it, under the usual condition: an evening of unhinged sex and drugs. TWO Topanga came to my place early, when I was still in the shower shaving my balls, but she let herself in, fixed herself a cocktail and fired up the bong, and when I came out of the bathroom she was already chopping lines of XXX-fly on a digital copy of the iChing. “That stuff fucks me up,” I said, “you sure it’s clean?” “Yeah,” she said, “I did some the other day with this guy. It’s good to go, look,” she did a line, put her head back and swallowed the drip. “You can stick some up my ass, if you want.” She winked, and a little too cavalierly, I thought. Because with some triple-x inside we were going to go fucking mental, and I was glad I’d bought a couple of towels into the room, along with a big vibrator, some vodka, and a few bottles of chilled water. Oh, I’m going to wreck-em your rectum, honey, I sing-songed to myself as I leaned down and did a line of the notorious sex-drug that Topanga had brought into my home and offered in exchange for cock. I came up eyes alive, like in a vampire movie, and the sing-song had transitioned to a fearful boogie, something I had deep in the blood. We were in a quiet room but the music blasted in my head, and then when I got my vision back there was Topanga, connecting her phone to my speakers, and going straight into a DJ Trippy2am set that we liked getting off to. “Hey,” she said, turning down the lights, moving to the music, lighting a blunt. “I’m ready.” “Good,” I said, “then best you suck my dick while I get high and then you can tell me all about your dirty adventure.” I sat on the couch and undid my bathrobe, opened my legs and waved my half-erect dick at my increasingly fucked-up girlfriend. She handed me the blunt and I inhaled like it was life, wanting to get wherever she was fast. The triple-x was roiling now, and my dick felt ready to start a religion. Now I should probably say more the object here, the focus of so much attention, so you can paint a picture in your head, but I want to keep things brief. So all I’ll say is that Topanga was brown all over, born with a permanent tan, and her ass was absolutely spectacular. The Platonic Ideal. The Ass that Won Google, or Came Close. Yep, my girl had the mouth and ass that could that drain the balls of any guy she wanted, and sex and drugs were kind of what she lived for, that and her career as a weaponized meme producer. “Get this nice and big,” I said, bopping her on the face with my long dong and treating her like the cheating bitch she was, “and I’ll stick it in your ass.”
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