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Sissy To Cuckold 1


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So, I went to the kitchen and made her a cappuchino and as soon I served her I asked her to allow me to go and change out of my sissy clothes. She said no, and she ordered me to bring her my laptop to see where I was up to. 

I brought the computer, and unfortunatelly for me I had open tabs, as usual of all pages that  Eva has, fff, twitter, xhamster, meet me, fetlife, experience project, tumblr, blogger and skype. She started going through all my profiles and checking my messages. I was sitting across her watching her, waiting for her comments. While checking my profiles, someone was calling me on skype. It was african boy...the guy that I was talking while my wife came over and caught me in my sissy clothes.. She let it ring and when he haunged up he told me...Listen sissy, where is he from? I said he is from Nigeria and lives in our city. He asked me if I have ever meet him and I said yes, one time. She told me then  ok, you call him back and you invite him in our house, tonight and tell him that you have him a big surprise...  I was surpised myself...I said what is the surprise....and she just said ME!  I said, what are you talking about? and she said..we will both enjoy a big black cock together...

Call him back and tell him to be here in one hour.. I was shocked buy obeyed, so I called him back and told him to be in my house in one hour, I gave him the adress and I hunged up. Then my wife said, good girl..lets go to the bed room and get ready for our lover... 

She opened the drawrer and she took out her black stockings and the red corset with garter belt, got undressed and put it on with a matching g string. I asked her, are you sure you want to do that? and she said off course, I always wanted to fuck a black cock..so now I will do that infront off you without feeling guilty because you deserve it ... and I deserve a big cock to make me feel slut and whore...

To be honest, I was confused..I did not know what to say or what I was feeling..on one hand I was happy that she found the Eva that I was hiding so many years, but on the other hand her rapid reaction were making me skeptical..Many times I had fantacised of being with her in bed with one or 2 black men...but know that the time has come I was quit  pushing back. She went to the restroom and called me to follow her. I went there and she said to stand there so that she can do her makeup exactly as mine.  She said that I was looking slutty with the smoked make up that I had on that is why she wanted to copy me to have the same look. As soon as she finished, she put on her perfume, escape, my favorite too and she sprayed some on me as well.

We went to the living room and she ordered me to open a bootle of wine. I went to the kitchen, found a bootle of fine red wine, a chianti, one of our favorite, and went back with 3 glasses. I presented her the label, like waitresses do and opened it up and poured a sip for her to try. She gave her the glass and she tried it first and after she approved it I pour some more in hers and mine. She looked so sexy while drinking her wine that I started enjoying the moment..

To be continued ...

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