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13 hours ago, secondjag said:

She's ready Peter.  Take her over the hump.

Ok, gonna split this in two.

I'm trying Jag, I'm really trying, I think she's ready too and I bet those 3 much younger black guys - all in their 30s - think she's ready too. As much as I have been reassuring her that I'd be okay with it happening and that there's no way I'd dump for doing it, she's still reticent and insisting she wouldn't do anything. Her having sex with one of these men used to be "the elephant in the room", something I was wary of suggesting outright and skirted around, but I have become much more explicit now about being sure they all want to fuck her and that I don't blame them for wanting to fuck my pretty white girlfriend. I think it's mainly her loyalty to me holding her back and possibly the fear that if these guy's cocks are as big as we've suggested they might be, it's her poor little tight white pussy that will be "split in two"!


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On 3/16/2023 at 8:19 AM, secondjag said:

very common for women of her age to start wondering about what they may have missed.  as they privately rub their pussys the fantasies become more and more powerful and the curiosities become almost overwhelming.  they've heard many times the "Mandingo" myth and the possibility of such size excites them to no end.  This, and it begins to dawn on them that you only live once (lol, sorry 007).  What a great pic of Becky,  love those tits and her big eyes.

and her tick, sensitive  nipples (look carefully) lol

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