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My More Realistic Vision Of Cuckoldry Part 2


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My more realistic vision of cuckoldry. Part two


This is just a fantasy and did not happen. Feedback very welcome email [email protected]


 After our dogging session we returned home. Thankfully we went straight to bed, smelling of cum and sweat as we were so tired. I was so thankful that Jenna was kind enough to unlock my cock from its cage. We talked about the evening and how hot it had got us. Jenna asked if I had been serious about us getting married, and I told her I was, I explained that I had been looking for an adventurous woman for years, and that I was glad I had found her.


 As she stroked my cock she questioned me about my fantasies and my likes and dislikes. We discussed what had passed between us, and how we wanted our lives together to progress. I also promised her that the next morning I would give her full access to my laptop, so she could explore more, my compulsion to be a cuckold.


 The next morning after a shower, I entered the kitchen to find Jenna eating her breakfast. I gave her a kiss and squeezed her bum “morning sexy”. She returned the greeting and asked for the laptop. As I got it she made me some toast, and as I ate I showed her all the hidden files I had, and gave her all of the passwords for the sites I looked at. I must say I was slightly nervous that I may disgust her. But she seemed ok with everything as she glanced through what was on the laptop.


 I was just about to go when there came a knock on the door and it was my boss. We made him a coffee and we sat at the kitchen table. He told me that the company was going through a tough time and that he needed to cut back on staff. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, after all we were about to get married! But he made me an offer of £35,000 redundancy.


 Jenna and I asked to be excused for a moment and we went into the lounge. I thought it was a good offer, and I knew I could set up in business myself for only a third of that amount. I discussed with Jenna that working for myself would make our lives more flexible and it would pay for the wedding too.


 Jenna agreed with me but whispered “I bet I can get him up to forty grand” giving me a naughty smile. “Why don’t you go and get some more coffee while I entertain our guest”. I thought for a second and agreed after all it is not like I would see my boss again. She told me to wait for a text when it was all clear.


 I went back into the kitchen while Jenna slipped into something sexy. I made an excuse of getting more coffee and told him that I would give my decision when I got back, just as Jenna returned.


 Jenna looked stunning, I noticed she had put on bright red lipstick, and was wearing a burgundy satin robe. At her ankles I spotted stockings which let me know she must have her red suspender belt on, so it followed that she would have the rest of the satin set on, panties and the bra. She had also put on a pair of heels with a three inch heel. I gave her a wink and left her to it.


 Jenna told me later that as soon as I closed the front door she had leant against the kitchen worktop in a seductive pose facing Ben my boss. She let the robe slip open at her thighs showing off her stockinged legs.

 “So Ben don’t you think you are being a little tight with your offer. I think another five grand could be negotiated don’t you”?


 Ben was captivated by my soon to be wife, and Jenna could see Ben trying to hide his hardening cock. Ben asked Jenna what she had in mind adding he thought something could be worked out. Jenna moved towards Ben and straddled his lap.

“What about you give us another five grand and you will get me for the evening, and I will throw in a free blow job right now” She breathed into his ear.


 As Ben considered the offer for a moment, and how he could get it through his accounts, Jenna ground her satin clad bottom into his groin. Ben grimaced as he tried to control himself and Jenna knew she had him where she wanted him.


 Jenna slid to the floor and began to unzip Ben’s fly “well do we have a deal Ben”? He nodded, and Jenna pulled out Ben’s decent sized hard cock. Looking him straight in his eyes she licked her lips, and then licked around my boss’s cockhead.


 She began to lick and suck up and down his cock as she slipped the robe off her shoulders. Soon Jenna got a good rhythm going and started to deep throat the rock hard cock. She told me that she wanted to get him off pretty quickly, so that when he did fuck her, that he would be eager to please more and do a better job.


 Jenna licked a finger, and gently began to probe around Ben’s anus, she knew this was one of my favourite things she did for me and I usually did not last much longer after this stimulation.  She told me that Ben’s cock got even harder and she could feel his balls tighten.


 Ben warned her that he was about to cum and Jenna clamped her lips on the base of his cock, his cockhead now deep down her throat. She made a vacuum in her mouth, and was rewarded with a stream of Ben’s hot cum shooting straight down her throat. Like a good slut she told me that she slowly slid her mouth back up Ben’s cock, as she maintained eye contact. And once his cock popped out of her mouth, she licked and cleaned every last bit of cum from his cock. Jenna arranged the time to pick up my cheque and make good her promise to meet for sex, before texting me the all clear.


 I was aroused and excited as I walked around the neighbourhood. I was thinking things through, after all I was now engaged to a woman who would openly cheat on me.


 I also mused on the fact, that Jenna was not the sort of woman that I would have looked at as wife material before. Yes, I admit I was a snob, and also hung up on the pornographic idea of a hot wife. Yes Jenna was common, and had been around the block a few times and drank to much, but I realised that no one had ever turned me on as much as she did.


 I had always known that for me, deep down for a true cuckold relationship to happen that real love had to be involved. After all for me the cuckold craves the pain of his wife being unfaithful and enjoying sex more with someone else. A cuckold must in some way feel humiliation and to get his enjoyment from that.


 I also realised that when I signed that marriage certificate, that I would be signing away my life. There would be no turning back if I couldn’t handle it in the long run. Jenna would be able to ruin me and take half of my new company and everything I owned.


 But as I thought of Jenna, I realised that I did truly love her. She made me happy, and was not judgemental of me and my kinks. And please do not get me wrong, I may give the impression that Jenna is a skank. Well at times she does look and act like a skank, but that is only because it is of her choosing. She enjoys the look of slightly sexy clothing and the looks that gets her. She also likes the sort of men that attracts. But with a touch of makeup and some different clothes Jenna could be judged beautiful I am sure, it is just that she is comfortable in the way she looks and acts. And I realised I wouldn’t have her any other way.


 Ben had gone when I got back, and Jenna was flicking through stuff on my laptop. She jumped up as I walked in, and we held each other and embraced. As I held her sexy satin clad body I could smell Ben’s cum on her breath. Our lips met and as our tongues mashed together the taste of his cum dominated my thoughts.


  I decided that I needed to treat my bride to be, and as I no longer had a job to go to I thought it would be a good idea to go shopping for the rings. We changed our clothes and drove to the city. It was nice holding hands, and walking the streets together. It felt good to be doing something normal and loving when the rest of our relationship was so messed up and kinky.


 Jenna looked happy and content window shopping, and I felt more calm and relaxed than I had in a long time. We stopped for a coffee in one of the many Starbucks. Just before we left I went to use the toilet. Jenna stopped me, and slipped me my cock cage “here hunni put this on for me, and bring me back the key”. I did as she asked and we continued our shopping spree buying her a few nice outfits on the way.


 Jenna had a strange smile on her face, which made me think she had something in mind. I would have to wait a while before finding out what it was though, as we found a nice jewellers and went in.


 We were served by a nice young girl, and we soon found the rings that Jenna liked. They were not cheap, but then Jenna had just earnt me five grand. Jenna then asked to see the ankle bracelets, and the blonde assistant Shelly, who only looked to be 20 opened the display case and put a tray on the counter.


 Jenna soon found one she liked the look of, and asked to try it on. Shelly agreed and brought it around to a seated area where she motioned Jenna to sit. Kneeling on the floor, Shelly opened the clasp and went to put it around Jenna’s right ankle. Jenna stopped her and asked her to put it on her left ankle. Shelly looked quizzically at first, but Jenna smiled at her and I think she understood the significance of the left ankle, as I saw her blush.


 Jenna thought it fitted quite well, and asked if she could have a small alteration made. Shelly said it would not be a problem, and asked what Jenna wanted doing. It was my turn to blush, as Jenna handed Shelly the key to my cock cage. A large grin appeared on Shelly’s, face so it was obvious she knew that having an ankle bracelet on the left ankle was a sign to others.


 “Yes Shelly I have it locked away” explained Jenna. I felt so humiliated, here was my wife to be, calmly telling this young girl that I was in chastity. Shelly smiled, and said that she thought it sounded cool. Shelly said that it would take a few days to have the key put on the chain of the anklet, and hoped it would not be to much of an inconvenience for me.


 Red faced I left the jewellers with Jenna. We decided we were hungry and soon found a nice restaurant for lunch. We had a nice meal, and a chat and thought through the upcoming wedding. We divided up who was in charge of what part of the day and how we wanted it.


 We headed home, and Jenna carried on looking at all my stuff on my laptop as I took a sleep. After tea, Jenna texted her friends, and arranged to meet them in the pub. Jenna went to shower and change, coming back down the stairs in a short leather skirt with a studded belt at the top and a black mesh top which clearly showed off her breasts.


 I showered too, and got ready to go out. Jenna was already on the wine when I entered the lounge and I took a glass, and a moment to admire my gorgeous wife to be. We finished our drinks and got ready to leave, Jenna slipped on her patent heeled shoes and a leather jacket and we made our way to the pub.


 Sarah and Charlotte were already there in their usual seats, and I went to the bar and ordered the drinks. Taking the drinks I joined the group of giggling girls. Sarah and Charlotte looked at the bottle of champagne I had bought and wondered what it was for. I let Jenna make the announcement and there was a lot of hugging and kissing between the three girls.


 Things settled down, and as we sipped the champagne, Jenna showed off her engagement ring. The girls practically ignored me as they chatted about the wedding. Sarah’s boyfriend Liam joined us and we ended up at the bar leaving the girls chatting. We were surprised when the girls came over and told us that they were going to carry on celebrating at the local nightclub.


 Liam and I watched them go, noticing how hot they looked, Sarah especially looked nice in a little black lacy see thru baby doll type dress, which underneath showed her lime green underwear. Charlotte too was quite a catch in a tight black lycra, little black dress which showed off her big boobs. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach knowing that if they wished, they could all easily pull in that nightclub.

 Liam got me quite drunk, but I managed to stagger home still checking my phone for any texts from Jenna. I was hoping for some reassurance that she was ok and despite my cuckold fantasies hoping that she wasn’t fucking anyone tonight.


 The alcohol had caught up with me, and I fell into bed and was soon sleeping off the alcohol. I was woken by the toilet flushing, and the thud of Charlotte’s platform boots on the landing. I lay there for a short while, gathering my thoughts, but I was curious to what might be happening downstairs. I pulled on a pair of boxers, and quietly edged my way to the lounge door.


 I stood there listening, I could hear the girls, and some male voices. I was shocked that Jenna may have brought guys to our home especially in front of her friends.


 I was starting to think that I had bitten off more than I could chew. And starting to have some doubts over my new lifestyle choices. But, I was still intrigued to what was happening in that lounge.


 I had a sudden flash of a plan. I knew, that when the lights were on in the lounge, you couldn’t see out onto the patio, so long as the security light did not come on. Silently I moved to where the fuse box was and switched off the security light.


 I slipped out through the kitchen door, and onto the patio, quietly I made my way to the edge of the patio doors. The first thing I saw was Sarah, drunkenly deep throating a guy who was sat in one the sofas. Charlotte, was licking and sucking on the hairy balls of a guy that was sat next to him.


 Jenna, I found, by moving to the edge of the other door was on all fours with a large built guy behind her. Her face was covered in sweat, and she looked to be in pain. The guy was really slamming into her, and through the glass I could just hear the slapping sound of skin on skin.


 I saw him pull out of Jenna and roll her on to her back. I could now see why she looked to be in pain. His cock was not only longer than mine, but much, much thicker. Pushing her leather skirt out of the way he plunged his cock straight to the hilt into Jenna’s cunt.


 Fair play to Jenna, she only grimaced for a second as her pussy was rudely invaded. Her head lay just a few feet away from me, and I watched her expressions change, from pain to what I can only describe as pure pleasure. Her breathing changed, and she was now panting hard in time to his thrusts.


 My emotions were all over the place. I was proud of her for taking such a big cock. But I was also being eaten up by jealousy and doubts of whether this was what I really wanted. Then I realised, it was just because I had not been involved in tonight’s action.


 I decided to go back to bed and straighten out my thoughts. I carefully locked the kitchen door behind me, and began to go past the lounge door, just as Sarah came out through it, cum smeared around her mouth. “Well what do we have here, creeping about”?


 She grabbed me by my cock, and looked puzzled as she felt the hardness of my steel cock cage.

 “What the fuck”? Sarah pulled down my boxers and laughed when she saw my cock imprisoned by the cage. Charlotte came running out to see what the commotion was all about, and soon joined her friend in laughing at my predicament.


 I have never felt so humiliated as I did at that point. But it was to get worse as Sarah, still grabbing me by my cock cage pulled me into the lounge. Jenna was still on all fours being fucked by the big guy, but was now sucking off one of the other guys at the same time.


 Jenna glanced up as she saw us entering the room, and I noticed her eyes flare in welcome and she tipped me a wink. Slipping her lips off the cock in her mouth she spoke to Sarah and Charlotte.

“Hey girls, why don’t you get him to give your twats a good clean out”.

 Charlotte clapped her hands together in excitement. “Me first”.


 The guys wanted to know who I was, and why I had my cock in a cage. Jenna told them I was her fiancé, and that I was a cuckold and if they did not know what that meant, to look it up in a book. Jenna then went back to being fucked and sucking on the cock she was sucking on my arrival.


 The men all started calling me names and being rude about me. Things like “what a faggot, Can’t have much going for him in the sack, not much of a man is he, no wonder she finds real men to fuck her”? I felt so humiliated and ashamed, and wished the floor would open up and eat me.


 My humiliation was not over, as Charlotte sat on the chair, and spread her legs and pussy lips apart. Sarah moved her hand off my cock cage and on to my balls. Squeezing hard she dragged me down between Charlotte’s legs.

 “Get to it you dirty pervert, and do a good job, I will, be next”.


 Forced between Charlotte’s legs, I could smell the leather of her platform boots. And the smell of the cum oozing from her pussy. I had liked the look of Sarah and Charlotte when I first met them, but never thought I would ever get to taste their snatches.


 As I moved my tongues towards the cum, glistening on Charlotte’s pussy hairs, I thought that this was only a fair bonus, if Jenna was going to bring random guys home without telling me first.


 As I licked the cum from Charlotte’s pussy hair, Sarah went over to the remaining guy, and started to suck life back into his spent cock. I moved my tongue deeper into Charlotte’s pussy and tasted the warm salty cum within.


 Charlotte’s pussy tasted divine and the fresh cum was plentiful. My cock tried to harden and straighten in its confines. From the corner of my eye I could see Jenna about to reach her orgasm. She pulled the cock from her mouth and told the guys to cum all over her face.


 Jenna lay on her back, masturbating close to me. The two men pushed their cocks close to her face, wanking furiously, calling her a slut and whore. Jenna was turned on by this “Yes I am a slut, a whore and a cumdump and I love it” she shouted.


 Charlotte started to frig her pussy making licking it difficult. I left her to it and moved between Jenna’s legs, licking the cum from around her pussy as she continued to masturbate.


 The guys wanking over Jenna’s face looked at me in disgust, but I did not care. This was all my cuckold dreams come true. Jenna started to cum, and so did the guys wanking. Rope upon rope of steaming cum landed on Jenna’s face and in her hair.


 Jenna opened her mouth and licked the remaining cum from the two cocks, swilling the cum on the end of her tongue. The two guys now they had cum zipped up their trousers and waited for their friend to finish fucking Sarah.


 Despite having such an audience, I moved up to kiss Jenna, licking the cum from her lips. Jenna gave me one of her contented looks and said “I love you”. I felt wonderful, although she had brought three men into our home to fuck, She was mine and mine only. At the end of the day we loved each other and I was the man that she would always be coming home to.


 We heard the three men leave as I scooped up the cum from Jenna’s face with my tongue. I transferred it bit by bit into Jenna’s mouth and we swilled it around her mouth as we kissed. Soon we were in a passionate snog, both loving the cum in her mouth.


 Jenna’s friends told us to get a room, laughing, and said they were off, leaving us to our kissing. I licked the sweat from Jenna’s breasts and when she was recovered enough took her by the hand to the shower. We kissed lovingly as I washed the sweat and cum from Jenna’s hot body and her hair. Soon we were in bed and slept an exhausted sleep. It had been one busy interesting day.

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      She looked ashamed at that point, and very uncertain.
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      “I said I always wore bigger, longer ones, but she insisted on me trying them on. I wore one and she said I looked hot and beautiful. I said I couldn’t go out in it, especially without my husband. I tried to call you and she asked me if I was so dependent that I needed to ask your permission for everything I do, trying to embarrass me.
      “She took my phone and pulled me out of the room, forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me eager applause, which raised my confidence and distracted me.”
      “Beth, I can’t believe you were that naive.”
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      “Sometimes you can act like such a stupid girl. Go on.”
      “We went to a party and we drank. After a while, we saw Fernando's ex. She was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I was his girlfriend and he hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I think it was the drinking which made me want to do it. He was very gentle after all…”
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      "It was just pretending."
      "Well, I won't get angry with you for what Kim said to you, but you better tell me."
      "It makes me nervous that If I wanted to know how she does it, she would show me, but won't tell me."
      That day I thought about Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucking. Somehow, the idea made me hot in bed, so I asked, "Are you interested in seeing Kim suck Gayle's cock?" She said no. I fucked her again and in between I asked her to go give it some thought.
      Saturday evening Beth got a phone call, and I could hear her say 'no' and cut the phone.
      I asked, "Was it Kim?"
      "Was it about watching them?"
      "Yes - and I said no."
      "You can watch if you want."
      "You want me to watch?"
      "What if they tried to do something with me?"
      "Go along with it, if you want."
      "Do you want me to be a slut?"
      "No, I don't want it, I just want you to be free. If you like something, do it, don't ask my permission, but later you must tell me what it was. You’ve already gone so far with Fernando that I’m re-thinking our relationship."
       She seemed truly hurt. Too bad, I thought. If there’s something in all this that gets me aroused, I won’t question it. I’ll let it play out.
      "Is that your fetish, me doing it with someone else?"
      "It’s not a fetish. I want you all to myself. But you’ve already crossed that line, in my opinion. At this point, I don’t give a shit. You initiated this situation. You want to do it, then do it. I have loved you since our college days. I know you are a beautiful woman. Since I write in the evening, I’m sure that makes me very boring, but I don't want you to sit around and be bored with me. Go enjoy yourself. I’d rather have some of you than none of you."
      "You are not boring."
      "You certainly are acting like I am. Go and see, then tell me everything when you come back." And I gave her a peck on the cheek, letting her go with very mixed feelings.
      Chapter 2 
      It was now eight in the evening. Beth had left home an hour ago. I was thinking about what might be happening when I got a call from Beth.
      "Can I suck a big black cock?"
      "I will not play games with you, Beth. It is your decision. Either this will be good for us or destroy us. I cannot decide that – only judge it when it happens. The ball is in your court. You no longer need my permission to go along with it."
      After I hung up, I thought to myself, what am I telling her? I was off-guard. When did Fernando arrive at Kimberly’s house? Will he fuck Beth? Oh shit, I thought.
      She came home an hour later and went to bed.
      In the morning, when I woke up, I saw she was reading the newspaper. She got up and prepared a coffee for me.
      While I was drinking it, I looked at her and she said, "Do you want me to tell you what happened yesterday?"
      "Yes. That was our agreement. Tell me everything."
      "Okay, when I got to her house, only Kim was there. She said, ‘I thought you said no.’
      "I did, but Robert and I discussed it and he gave me the go-ahead."
      "What else did he say?" She asked me.
      "Robert said if I wanted, I could suck it too, but if I did, I might have to face the consequences."
      "Gayle’s cock is my cock - and only mine. I won't give it to anyone, even you."
      "I don't want his cock either, I’m just was telling you what Robert said."
      "Okay. Then you can have Fernando's cock."
      "No, I don't want any cock but Robert’s!"
      "You said your husband will let you have a black cock and you don't want it? Are you crazy? Do you know how amazing it is? Haven’t you heard the proverb, 'Once you go black you never go back?’ "
      "That's not what he said. He agreed that I can watch you two and if you persuade me, I can go along with it if I like it and want the experience."
      "Either way, your husband wants you to fuck a black cock."
      "Yes! Let me ask you something. How long is Robert’s cock?”
      "5 inches and ... a half!"
      "Do you take it all?"
      "Listen to me. If you have sucked a black cock once in your life, you can suck your hubby's cock, at any time! In a different way than you ever did before. And he is going to love it and it will change your sex life forever."
      "I don't know … When he told me it was okay, he made it clear that it could damage or destroy our relationship."
      "I don't like to share Gayle, and I won’t. Fernando would like to get it on with you. He mentioned to us that he thought you were very beautiful, and he wants to date you again. I mean a real date, not pretending."
      "We both smiled at that comment, and suddenly she was calling someone. I asked if it were Fernando. She said, yes and I replied that I wanted to confirm the whole idea with you and she got angry like the first time I said I wanted to check with you. She said this was the last time she would let me get any confirmation from you in these situations."
      I got hot from that comment. Knowing my wife, Beth, could end up involved in something that I'm not even aware of. I knew the actual truth only when Beth told me later. She asked me if it was okay. I said, "Yes, I suppose. But I’d always hoped you could be fulfilled with only me."
      She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said, “You do satisfy me and make me feel loved. But I think it’s very nice of you to give me this level of freedom.” I asked her to continue her dialog.
      "After I called you, she heard what you said, 'You can go along with it."
      "That wasn’t exactly what I said. In addition, I didn't know it was Fernando's cock."
      "Either way, you knew then I was going to have a big black cock."
      She was right. I’d lost the high ground here. It was my own fault for being so wishy-washy. "Tell me more."
      "She called Fernando. I didn't hear what she said, but I could tell she was very happy. Afterward, she called Gayle and she became sad and told me that Gayle was going to be late, real late, today."
      "I asked her what we should do and when Fernando would come."
      "He will be here soon, within minutes."
      "I pointed out to her, ‘I said earlier that if you and Gayle suck and if it persuades me, I will do it to Fernando. Please call him and tell him, we can do it later, since Gayle isn’t here.’ "
      "Beth, I gave Fernando an offer on your behalf, so we can't take it back, especially now that he’s on his way."
      “’Okay,’ I said. ‘Kim, will you do Fernando today?’ "
      "I’m sorry Beth. I can't do anything like that! I can't cheat on Gayle!"
      "What about me?"
      "It's not like that, Beth. I already have a big black cock and I want you to have one for your pleasure. Your hubby is willing to let you do this. I said I would show you how I fuck a big black cock, so I will do it tomorrow. Honey, today you are on your own. You’re about to have an experience which will change you forever."
      "That’s when we heard Fernando's car. Kim said, ‘Don't make him sad, or disappointed, please.’ And she kissed me on the cheek."
      “Then Beth went to get some water and I realized was still horny. No, I was even hornier.”
      “Beth returned and continued where she’d left off, until Fernando was at the door.”
      "Fernando came in and gave me a very passionate kiss before I could do anything. After that he took out his cock and I could see it was six inches. He made me do a hand job and his manhood swelled up to become a nine-inch hard cock which is much thicker than yours. He put it in front of my mouth, but I couldn't even take it. He helped me make my mouth stretch. I almost took half of it and couldn't believe it. After a few minutes, he came. He made me drink all of it and it was heavy. Then he took my dress off and played with my titties.
      "He tried to put that huge cock into my pussy, but It was painful at first. Kim said regular practice makes it better and better. He came a lot again, this time he took it out of my pussy, put it in my mouth and made me swallow all of it. After that fucking, it was hard to walk."
      She then cried that she did this for me.
      I said, "It’s okay honey, I love you. You can have Fernando's big black cock anytime you want."
      After receiving my permission, over the next few weeks she visited Kim's home every day until Gayle got back. I was working on my new book, so I didn't have sex with her.
      The next week I noticed she was very desperate for sex and I knew Gayle was back so she couldn’t fuck Fernando in his house. Fernando asked her out so she started dating him, two or three times a week. 
      This is the first two chapters of 'Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses', A Novel I wrote, which has more than a hundred pages. It is available on Amazon and it is free for kindle unlimited. More chapters will be coming to cuckoldfart based on readers' reactions. Meanwhile, read it on Amazon.
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