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It all started with my 2nd wife now ex. She saw how hard my lil dick would get when I was allowed to fuck her, when I would lick up my own cum-pie. And she would always tell me about all the other guys that had cocks the size of a beer bottle . 

Even though it hurt ,my lil dick would get rock hard & pre-cumm droolin, & of course she would take notice. She was a hair dresser & had Mondays off soo Sun nite was her (out with the girls nite). & of course I bought it . She wouldnt cum home until 4:eek:o am. Then go to the bath room & wash & change to cumm to bed . This went on for a while I started getting some friends tellin me how she acting at the clubs. 

So I started going thru the hamper & found her panties all full of cummmmm & not mine. So I brought this up to her & to my amazement she just told me that she was fuckin other guys & their cocks were huge. & She wasnt shy about tellin me how she would flirt & literally grab their cocks after a few close dances so she knew they were hung. 

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