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Husband in the picture


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Guest Guest

Great photos, I have just had the pleasure of watching a friend fuck my wife and then have my wife remove his condom and then place it on my cock before tossing me off while wearing it.

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Guest UK_EX

How fantastic, to be present, seeing your wife making love with someone else, and being photographed so that everyone else can see how submissive you are.


Just wish my wife would do this, I'd love to be able to see him penetrating her with his hard naked cock.  To be photographed beside her as I enjoy seeing her lover fill her with his seed, and hear her grunting as she takes it all deep inside her body and comes to orgasm with him.





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Great pics! My wife had her first strange cock three cock three years ago. An old university friend and room-mate of mine had that pleasure! My wife & I were on a combined vacation/convention trip at the time. I hadn't seen my friend since shortly after graduation, some 9 years previous. In university he was known as Mr. Black George Clooney, and was quiet the ladies man. One of my earliest fantasies was to see a well endowed black guy do it to a white girl. Little did I ever think that the white girl I'd be watching would be my wife. Watching my friend get between my wife legs, hold that massive big black cock of his in his right hand and bring it to her swollen wanton wet horny pussy is a sight I never dreamed I would ever see! It was simply awesome to watch that black monster penetrate her! He went in "bareback" and fucked her the entire night. He deposited numerous loads of his hot cum in her and at 16 orgasms for her, I stopped counting. They made out every night for the next five nights that we were there. I took numerous pictures and vids of that blessed event, but as my wife and I agreed (in order to get her to let me take the pics & vids) these were to be for our own personal use only. I'm working on her to let me post at least a few of them. When I'm successful, I'll post them here.

p.s. My wife, on the third night of fun, measured my friend at almost, 13 inches X 8 1/2 inches. I had never seen, or even heard of a cock that size. We shared our dorm for three years, yes I saw him naked before ... going to the shower etc., I knew he was big, but never saw him with an erection, nor did I think he was that big. It took almost an hour before my wife could accommodate his entire manhood!

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