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  1. WoW..... and i would  sooo LOVE to have a   wife EXACTLY like  DeeDee...

  2. when WE decided to try a cuckold relationship the first time my wife invited to our home a huge black bull.  I agreed to follow the rules of the cuck and obey my wife who plays the role of a hot whore. When the bull took off his panties not only my wife's jaw dropped. Black bull s superior cock size was about 11 inch long and she hugged his cock with both hands and started suck it .I almost burned with shame when she started laughing and said that my 4 inches  BABY WHITE DICK DON't COMPARE with BBC. Then wife said that I had the smallest penis she had ever seen on a man in real life and started laughing and humiliating me that my dick is three times smaller than his lover almost to the end of sex and when bull was cum in her pussy she ordered to lick the cream pie to the last drop. While she was licking cum off his huge black cock I had to clean her freshly fucked pussy. Now they were laughing at both of me and I was red with shame trying to clean up her pussy faster.  When I finished I was waiting for a new surprise-a passionate kiss with my wife who had a mouth full of cum of her black lover. She was telling me to clean her, but I refused and then she grabbed my face and started wiping the bull's cum on me. I was shocked.  She said it was the best sex of her life, and now she's gonna have sex with me once a week, and and with her new lover whenever she wants. My reward will only be to clean all her lover's cum off her body or face. 
    time passed and we came to an opinion its a honor for a cuck hubby to clean bulls creampie from wife's filled pussy...
    Sometimes humiliating me, she says that white man's TRUE burden: to eat a black man's cum from a white pussy.  

    1. Eagercuck


      She sounds hot to me !  In my opinion no woman is hotter than a woman with a romantic obsession with big black dicks, if she loves you the humiliation should be taken as a playful gesture, you know, having a little fun breaking your balls!  Seriously...yeah you should feel honored she's giving you that sweet hot pussy to clean up  ,at least you still have the freedom with out chastity!  Hey if you can't cut the mustard you gotta lick the jar  , so you better sharpen up your oral skills so much so that your the sweetest dessert to be had by her after she's had the main course, orally clean her, sooth her,pamper her,  take pride in your part as her cucky ,it's all in the approach and how you want to be recieved, personally I love a woman who enjoys being in control sexually. 

    2. Pavlon


      totally agry


  3. In another thread, Ottawa Bull made the statement, "I'm also very dominant with the HW, but I believe that is prefered by the couple. I think because it makes the relationship more phyical (about multiple orgasms) rather than an emotional bond. In the end this is what the HW and cuck want in my experience. It may be different for other bulls/couples out there. Probably a good topic to discuss on its own sometime." Well, sometime is now! I can not speak for every Hotwife/cuckold couple out there, but I can speak from my experience and the experiences of those closest to me. We, m
  4. We had people over yesterday for a super bowl party. There was me and my husband, our live-in, four of our live-in's friends, my husband's and the three men she lives with, my husband's ex-wife, my , my 's husband (my husband's son) and a friend of theirs, my mother-in-law and the two men she lives with, Amy, (a woman my husband used to work with) and my husband's old boss and her husband, my best friend and her . That's fourteen men and nine of us women. Throughout the game everyone kept disappearing here and there. That's not out of the ordinary when we have get-togethers like yesterday. Y
  5. The significance of the ring was the wide whole in the middle. The Allen wrench is small. Get it now?
  6. Let me rephrase the question then . . . Have you ever wished that you had a Big Boy Cock, and not the little boy penis you have?
  7. Have you ever been with a woman, or women, and felt that their pussy was too big for you?
  8. I like that my husband shares me because it makes me feel like I am more than just my husband's wife. When other men want to have sex with me, it tells me that I am still sexy and desirable. And because my husband feels most loved when I have sex with other men, each time I have sex with another man or other men, I am given an opportunity to show my husband how much I really do love him. Because I feel that when men fuck me that they are making love to me, I enjoy that they are making love to me. I also like knowing that I can please as many men as I have. And because many of the men who fuck
  9. When my husband, then my boyfriend, told me he wanted to share me, I was relieved. My husband is only 3.75 inches fully erect. I knew he wouldn't be enough for me. And since that day neither he, nor I, have had to worry about him satisfying me.
  10. My girlfriend and I are thinking of trying some cuckold/hotwife flings. (25 years both. I'm the only one she's been with). But we've got some issues (both of us) and we'd like to get some opinions from people who practice the lifestyle. 1. Is there any way back once we've done it? Can we do it only a few times or will it become a lifestyle? Will she lose control and become flirty with guys (like not having the power to stop flirting)? Each couple is different, but most find that the women want it to continue more than the men. Once you open the flood gates, there's no closing them. And once
  11. It is a very real thing. My husband was a cuckold long before I met him, with his ex-wife. Before I met my current husband I had never heard the term "cuckold," but I learned quickly from my current husband within days of us meeting. It started for us when I saw my husband naked the first time. I realized then that my to be husband had the smallest penis I had ever seen on a man. Then he told me that he enjoyed watching. I knew then that I loved him. My husband went onto Craigslist on our second date and set up a gang bang for me. Since then we have had an open relationship and I have had
  12. "Why oh why is it me that has to drive this. Can't she see she is having her cake and eating it! Seeing her pleasured brings me a more intense pleasure than pleasuring her myself." I know that when I have sex with other men the sex is always better than it is with my husband. My lovers always have bigger cocks, and they last longer, and they make me feel better. How can a woman not love sex with another, if the other is a better lover, more of a man? Keep in mind that it takes more than just a big cock to attract a woman. Women are attracted to men who make them feel like a wo
  13. Are there other men out there who feel the same way?
  14. I have always wished that my husband was more like the other men I have sex with. I enjoy sex with most any man who wants me, especially if he has a good personality and a good sized cock. When I met my husband he was wearing a long, broomstick skirt and a tank top. He was very effeminate, not unlike he is today, eight years later. My husband will not ask me for sex, and he has never cared if I had breasts or not. Other men want sex with me, and they love my girls. I like that about other men. They make me feel desirable, wanted, sexy. My husband has never made me feel that way. It has been o
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