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Warning danger proceed with caution. Seeking in Connecticut


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I’m the man your mother told you to stay away from for your own protection. Because of the changes that would come over you, the things that you would do for a me, the obedients and loyalty that you would show me. She wanted to protect you from what she had become.

Because she called me every time you left home. I had become her addiction the reason she got up from the dinner table when I called, I’m the reason she changed the way she dressed, did her hair and make up. She started wearing short skirt and dress with tighter tops to please me. I’m the reason she no longer wears a bra or panties. The once prim and proper mother you once knew, has become a nasty slut.
She has done things for me that she had never done before and she loved every minute of it. I showed her a world she never know about before she met me. True sexual freedom because there was no fear of judgment. Once I removed that fear of being judged, the real woman was finally released, the deep dark fantasies she had she could now do because I have her the freedom to do whatever she wanted to do sexually because along with that freedom I also proved safety and protection from anyone who didn’t like the new her. Get in-touch. [email protected]


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