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  1. Thank you for the follow, Sir!

  2. If you are asking me I have never been to Sri Lanka but I hope you find a couple to cuckold there.
  3. Gay guy here in Chicago who would love serve as your cuck husband/bf or sissy. I would love to get a Bull ready and will gladly watch from a distance, wait in another room, participate as my tongue and hands are needed and in the end perform clean-up duties.
  4. Reading this story -- well first I wish you a speedy recovery but I just had to say it made me very jealous of Steve. Conditioning or Not it's HOT!
  5. Yes, I suspect and hope for all their sakes that it is true.
  6. I am very submissive and often like my boundaries to be pushed so it is something I want to try. Until I "came" across cuckold porn and literature I never even thought of it as an option.
  7. I can sort of relate to your feelings as I don't consider myself a sissy either (although I will wear and do whatever I'm told to). I have never been with a woman but would consider role-playing as someones cuck and eating cum from her pussy.
  8. I would love your help!!!
  9. Thanks cumlayus I feel a little less alone here.