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  1. It seems very hard to find a movie that shows cuckolding in a positive light for the couple. Why can’t there be a movie about a cuckold marriage that is positive for the husband and wife, where the husband is happy for his wife and she is happy for her husband and they live incredibly happy? There can still be the angst, the humiliation and all without the ridiculous over the top beatings and nonsense. A situation where the couple are totally happy.
  2. From all that I've read (serious material included), why is it so important for a cuckold to eat his own cum when he's allowed to cum? Is it just to show his submissiveness to his wife? Is it the ultimate sign of submissiveness to his wife? Are there any scientific facts and information on this topic.
  3. This sounds incredible and the fact that there is an actual cookbook and bar mixology book is very funny. That being said I would not want to consume anything with that secret ingredient in a public restaurant or bar. I think it would be best used in the privacy of your own home where you know the source.
  4. That really is exactly what I would imagine would be the best. That image in your mind? WOW. Im not there yet. Still waiting.
  5. Only with the guidance of my wife. That is what makes it so HOT! She needs to take over.
  6. She is beautiful. You are one lucky cuckold.
  7. Britishcuckguy her lips are amazing. They are crying out to be sucked.
  8. Awesome! Incredibly HOT. Would love for this to happen with my wife directing me each step of the way. So fortunate.
  9. All these pics of wives sending photo's to their husbands is amazing. I hope everyone realizes how strong and special your marriage is. As for Trixsy I love the picture you sent back because it shows your dress and sexy garters and stockings. It shows a great sissy cuckold, wife relationship. Best of luck and be happy.
  10. Would love to have my wife send me a picture lie this to me but then Id hope she would get home quickly so that may help her clean up. Awesome photo's.
  11. They are the hottest cuckold couple on the net. and they are real.
  12. I would say small is a good description. It would look better shaved and caged.