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  1. try to sodomize her, but she retracts "slowly, slowly ..." e_0600_004.avi
  2. Another meeting between my wife and her bull. The bastard masturbates her with a bottle of massage oil while she sucks it ... e_500_02.avi
  3. here is another video that sent me her bull; I lost count of orgasms, he really takes her in every way ... e_0350_004.WMV
  4. After a week he sends me this video. "Do you know why she cums it so much?" he "because I put two fingers in her ass while I was riding ..." e_0300_005.avi
  5. another piece frome teir second meeting... e_200_013.avi
  6. After a week from their first meeting, here he sends me another video ... e_0200_012.avi
  7. here is the second video of my wife's bll, actually always a piece of their first meeting ... e_100_12.avi
  8. This is the first video he sent me. Bad quality, it's true, but to watch until the end. For me it was a real shock! e_100_011.mpg
  9. I met my wife at the university, we were 20 years old. We got together and started to have complete reports shortly thereafter. I was his first boy, before he had only had some unrequited crush. I was his first love, the first kiss and all the rest for her. At 27, we got married and had three children. Over time our relationship has been increasingly improved, and our sexual understanding has become truly fantastic. Cris like long preliminaries, kisses, caresses, being licked long and deeply. She likes to take it in her mouth and suck it, without haste. Then she likes to be taken, in all positions, but not in all ways. We never had anal intercourse, I'm sorry a little but I do not want to force it. It is so wonderful to see her while she enjoys, that for some months I have been growing the imagination to show her and share it with others, to show how beautiful she is and how good she is in bed. She was absolutely uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of my desire. So I kept dreaming of watching her secretly while she fucks with other men, observing her, doing different things than she does with me, if she likes more or less. Until one day I met a dad from my son's rugby team, also a former rugby player. He also visited a site for bull / cuck, he recognized my wife, and began to court her, taking advantage of my tips, while she was absolutely uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of our complicity. I was excited but calm, absolutely certain of my wife's loyalty, and I enjoyed the accounts of him who boasted progress that I judged non-existent. Then one evening, while my wife was supposed to be at a congress in Florence (we are both doctors), he began to send me emails, without text, only the object: "do you recognize it?". And the attachments you know. You can not imagine the mix of awe and excitement, an incredible and indescribable feeling! Now I know that they have seen each other several times for four months, with images and short films that he secretly shoots and, surely, enjoys sending them to me. And I enjoy it too, I'm honest. The problem is therefore that she does not know that I know, in the strict sense I am cuckold but not cuckold. For some time, while making love, I whisper in her ear that I would like two of us to take it, to fill it in every way, to make her feel full. At these words she gets very excited, and enjoys a superb way, but then everything ends up there. Knowing that she is courted, apparently without my knowledge, spying on her reactions, hearing what she tells me, and what she does not tell me, is a source of great excitement.
  10. i would like that someone fakes my wifw. Thank You!