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  1. What's going to happen now ?

  2. Why do men hit on Married Women

    From my experience they are easy. Most are having some kind problem with their marriage or just plain tired of fucking their husband. Can you blame them ? Most guys are tired of fucking their wife...
  3. 46 yo UK wife

    Does she do anal ?
  4. So what do you think of my wife?

    She's ok , nothing special that I can see. I might think differently if I fucked her.....which I would
  5. So what do you think of my wife?

    Do want to watch me fuck ? If I did I would want you to watch
  6. So what do you think of my wife?

    I'd like to work my throbbing cock inside her
  7. IMG_1306.JPG

    I'd luv to fuck your wife
  8. Wife's large natural tits and big nipples

    mmmm those titties look good...so does that smooth pussy....I'll fuck her if you want. you can watch even
  9. Macherry Living Room

    Shes fucking hot...luv to fuck her....you can watch if you want.
  10. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Fuck yes I have and she likes watching me do it
  11. Hot or Not?? What you think??

    Yeah she is quite hot
  12. How many start with cheating?

    No we would never do each other that way.
  13. Am I big enough for her in the pants

    I'd say your about average. Everyone can't have a monster cock. If in doubt get her a substittue just for fun....just to see
  14. My mom cheats on my dad

    Have you had any thought of fucking her yourself ?