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  1. kokhard


    I'd luv to bust a nut inside her cute little pussy
  2. kokhard


    Crab i'd like to fuck her if you wanted to watch that would be great too
  3. kokhard

    Wife goes native in Jamaica

    Mine wouldn't have a chance at getting preggo...i lick her out really good after shes been fucked
  4. kokhard

    Creampie Vids

    Oh fuck i luv it when a guy empties his load in my wife.....she always makes me eat it out
  5. kokhard

    Creampie Vids

    I luv licking and sucking man cum out of my wife
  6. kokhard


    Damn you look so hot n sexy
  7. kokhard


    I like your style
  8. kokhard

    Wife's massage

    What is a gusset ?
  9. kokhard

    IMG_5573 - Copy (2).JPG

    I think everyone would be happy if I helped her out
  10. kokhard


    Looks good to me...you share her ?
  11. kokhard

    Advice needed

    Won't work
  12. kokhard


    awesome cock...we would luv to have it
  13. kokhard

    Giving his dick a lil help inside her

    This is exactly what I like doing while my wife is getting strange cock
  14. kokhard

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Wow...fuck you look good in those panties....made my cock stiffen up
  15. kokhard

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    Give up on her doing it for awhile...try again later. at least you have put the idea in her head.