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  1. kokhard

    my crush for caps and fakes

    Other than sucking cock I luv little girls.
  2. kokhard

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    Give up on her doing it for awhile...try again later. at least you have put the idea in her head.
  3. kokhard

    1st time cuckold

    I thought you would have included a photo or two to help us out too
  4. kokhard

    Check up our Secure Telegram channel

    same here...link not work
  5. kokhard

    my wife, Good outfit to get fucked?

    Yes I think she would draw lot's of attention if she was to go out in this outfit
  6. kokhard


    Milf material for sure
  7. kokhard

    Wife has her first lover

    Thats good she finally found someone...you should be happy
  8. kokhard

    Sloppy's Body Shots

    My wife and I would both luv it
  9. Luv your videos....if theres anything that get me hard quick its the sight of a well filled pussy....all the cum is so good


    1. secondjag


      LOL, ok Kok, nice to be appreciated and so glad u dig it

    2. kokhard


      Oh fuck I do ...be assured of that

  10. kokhard

    This Is So Fucking Hot You Must Check It Out

    Hope he fills her with his hot cum so i can lick it out...I luv doing that
  11. kokhard


    Looks good...I'll breed her if you want
  12. kokhard

    My shared wife

    I'm so ready to fuck her
  13. kokhard

    👨💻What if you see your wife in this Position?

    Think she would let me fuck her with you there watching
  14. kokhard

    is it wrong, wanting to be Blackmailed

    Whats the problem with showing her to who ever
  15. kokhard

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Well here she is..