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  1. kokhard

    wank on me

    I'd like to...especially if your husband was available to watch...I wouldn't want him to think we were cheating on him or you were anyway
  2. I'm kinda liking her...you share I see.
  3. Fill her with hot cream...then lick it out
  4. kokhard


    mmmm...looks so good
  5. Wish that was me with my hard throbbing cock in you
  6. kokhard


    Awesome...you do this to me
  7. kokhard


    Crab i'd like to fuck her if you wanted to watch that would be great too
  8. Mine wouldn't have a chance at getting preggo...i lick her out really good after shes been fucked
  9. Oh fuck i luv it when a guy empties his load in my wife.....she always makes me eat it out
  10. I luv licking and sucking man cum out of my wife
  11. kokhard


    Damn you look so hot n sexy