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  1. As far as females wanting to sleep with other men I suspect it has some thing to do with genetic diversity. Especially wanting to sleep with black men. The more diverse the genes the stronger the offspring. The genetic trait which makes us attracted to women or men with different accents and different traits is what made our genes strong. Nothing can be more obviously diverse than someone with a different skin colour. I certainly don’t deny the attraction to alpha males but I think genetic diversity plays a part. Another interesting fact is that from my perspective, i
  2. What a great essay. Touches all the bases from my perspective well done
  3. Hello Clearwing how are you today, thanks fo r saying hello! Do have a good day, hope I will hear from you again!

  4. I don’t often post but I have thought long and hard about this very same thing. Cuckold versus stag I suppose it is just terminology and we all like what we like. But when I look at that picture of the cum filled pussy and see how much it turns me on and know how much it turns you on I think that might be one of the deciding factors. You are a cuckhold And So am I I love female lead relationships and I love licking my wife’s pussy and I think you do too And for a little advice... I know that eating your come after you orgasm difficult. But it
  5. I’m a huge fan,especially wide and thick
  6. Oh my fucking God Would I ever love to have my tongue up inside that
  7. My previous mistress used to deny me orgasms for extended periods I found the longer I go without orgasm more attracted to panties and women’s clothing I become. At that point she would have me go on craigslist and buy used panties off women and have me sniff them she masturbated me to the edge never allowing me to cum. Then sexually frustrated and horny she would have me wear the panties underneath my clothing for the rest of the smell of a strange woman ever present
  8. That’s a nice first step panties feel good and g strings especially will help prep you to feelings things pushing against your ass. i hope you are wearing them under your clothes constantly the next step will be to start shaving your body hair. maybe find a comfortable dress to wear around the home when you are alone rh sky is the limit
  9. Hi everyone We are new here. My wife and I stumbled upon an event that is taking place this summer in Florida . Needless to say were very intrigued and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the event or had any feedback. I’ve included a link to their website And a small video that was reported To be made at the event last year. Web site link https://www.splashmocha.com/ Video link https://www.blacktowhite.net/media/splash-mocha.127375/
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