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  1. Damn...yep...that curve on the last cock. Made Wifey's nipples and my little cock so hard.
  2. That second to last one is amazing, just shows you how thick Goddesses are the best. How could anyone who is not a big cock stud not share if she was your Goddess. Especially with a big cock stud. Whatever she wants.
  3. Is that really your cock...wow, bet the misses would love that. We aren't to far these days. 😉
  4. Keep em cummming. She make you fluff her studs yet? Or clean him up?
  5. Be part of it...whatever you wa t and turns you on Goddess.
  6. Who else thinks this is hot (goddesses, cucks, or bulls) https://m.xhamster.com/videos/do-you-want-to-be-my-cuckold-dirty-talk-b
  7. Serve that gorgeous cock Goddess
  8. You should let him fluff that gorgeous cock too
  9. She is hot...and look at that nice thick cock
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