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    The Lifestyle - Part II After seeing some responses to Part I, particularly one that suggested it was obvious she did want some BBC to really satisfy her we seemed to get to another level in the lifestyle. The night after I posted Part I on aanother site like this, we had sex. Like normal she pushed my head down to get her pussy wet, then she said I was just a teaser for a big cock. She then said get up here and fuck me like a bitch, to which of course I replied. Fuck meike a bitch has become code for straddle her like a woman riding a cock, with her legs closed and pumping her with my little cock sensually like a bitch in heat. She said cum in my pussy to get it warm and ready for that big cock. I blurted out of the blue, like that big black cock of your new co-worker and she said yes, now get it ready bitch. I replied, yes Goddess and she said maybe I will let you lick it afterward. She said now fuck it like a bitch and ride that pussy. Yes Goddess! I actually really love the position both because it puts extra squeeze on my little cock which feels amazing and it makes me feel...well you know, right? An added bonus to this position is when I cum, I can pull back a bit and let the cum shoot hard on her clit, which sometimes gets her off...but not like a real man of course. I said, oh you can't wait for your studs big black cock, you love his big cock, huh? To which she replied immediately mmm hmmmm. So, anyway, I immediately came hard..3-4 ropes inside and a couple on her clit upon hearing that. She said now get down and lick it, pushing my bald head down. Of course I did, cum and her pussy juice is so damn good. We cleaned off and went to sleep, beat from a long day. Well at 2 am, she wakes me up playing with my little cock. It is already hard when I come to, her hand striking it and her warm tongue expertly licking my nipple, which I absolutely love because it seems to electrically connect with my balls while simultaneously making me feel like a little femme bitch. That is what she initiated with, "hurry, my stud is waiting, don't make his stud black cock wait long" she whispered in my hyperaroused ear. Damn if that got me 1000 x harder instantly and she reached over and grabbed a bullet, placing it vibrating gently onto ger clit. I looked over pretending to look at her bull, who of course wasn't really there, saying "damn your stud has a really nice big cock". She corrected me sharply and said "nice big BLACK cock". "Now come get me ready again bitch...", yes goddess was my response. I guess it is in her personality to be dominant too because she is a charge nurse at work and directs the nurses and often the doctors, but right now I think she is about to fantasize that the new tech at work, the tall black tech is going to dominate her pussy. She turns over, puts her ass up higher than I have ever seen and puts that bullet on high pressing it into her clit and writhes back and forth on it, letting out a moan. She says, "that's it baby, now fuck me." I go to get up for laying next to her to take her doggy style and "she says not you bitch it is my black studs turn." She then pulls "Mr. Dependable" a large suction cup dildo and balls from under the pillow and puts it in my hand instructing me to "help him get it in, he doesn't mind if you touch it bitch." Yes I slid it in, damn she was wet as fuck. I slid it in, "oh yeah fuck me stud", I slid it out and back in all the way and left it to the hilt pushing hard. "Damn, I love that cock baby...finally a real man's cock." I said, "that big black cock", as if I was him! Hell yeah, I need a good cock, a real man's cock, not that little bitch's dick"...precum flowing now as I stroke my little dick with her moaning. I pumped my dick and started to pound her hard and fast with Mr. Dependable. She started stroking back pushing hard, something she never does when I fuck her, which goes for moaning as well. That was enough to make her cum, she collapsed back onto her back, started licking my nipple and rubbing below my balls, while I stroked. She said cum now and I went right over my face and hit the headboard too. After that she kissed me and said, clean this up and let's go back to sleep. Great, sexy session again. Racquel is really getting into these sessions. She made me fuck like a real man and then lick here cream pie, then told me to take a pic to post herr. She also, let me take a pic of her ass, just pulled her panties off her sexy ass cheek put her sleep mask on and said, this is how I want a stud to take me. Glad, this is starting to get into this...perhaps next she will tell me to really find her a bull or two.
  15. publius

    The Lifestyle - Part I

    I had fantasized about this lifestyle for some time. With a previous ex (thank goodness) I broke my cherry from fantasy into experimentation. She enjoyed telling me I have a small cock, though roughly 5", I like to pretend it is more like 3.5 - 4.5 (somehow completes the cuck fantasy for me). We even explored her being sub, having a master and even had a pretty hot experience with her master, where I got to to watch and stroke as she got what was a very thick ginger cock complete with a thick load. Perhaps I will tell that story some day when I have more time. Anyway, now I am with my fiancé, she is a sexy, thick girl, me 45, her 40...a nurse, who also has a side job selling toys and accessories via parties. The latter part is cool because she has all kinds of things that heat things up. Well, this helped introduce her to the idea of cuckolding and serving as a Goddess. It started when I would say, "yeah you like that big cock don't you", while often referring to my dick as little or say things like "you can't call it a cock, can you if it is that little" ...though to be honest I love that word COCK. I have liked watching and admiring strong cocks, cumshots, etc...for decades, though a nice, ample set of tits or a juicy pussy, ass...hell the entire female figure turns me on. Still, I would tell her to correct me if I called my little dick a cock because that word was reserved for studs who make women moan. Her side job even allowed me to point out how the big toys make her moan, while my little dick did not I would say, "look how it even hits your clit Goddess like my little cock can't, which really makes you moan in a most erotic way." This had been progressing nicely for months and then she really started liking to talk about how better big cocks can take her and telling me of her past promiscuities following her divorce after almost two decades of marriage. I mean, can you blame Racquel...she really is a BBW Goddess. Dark hair usually pulled back, huge tits and a perfect pussy. Having one lover for so long she really did (I have since discovered) deserve to get all the cock she deserved in the months prior to us meeting on a popular dating site. She would often turn me on and flirt/hint at her desire by exuberantly saying BIG BLACK COCK ALWAYS WINS while playing Cards Against Humanity, though she claims she doesn't want BBC (probably scared), she admits she loves a big Puerto Rican Cock...says they all have big ones. So to cut (Part I) short, here is: Her looking for cock, a bull on a casual kinky encounters site. A pic of what she is dealing with (my little dick), though it does gets hard easy and is a hard/far multi-shooter that she owns (it is clearly not enough right guys and girls???). Now that she knows and likes where this Goddess/cuck thing is going, she says she wants to see some bull cock (of course, I do too). ...To Be Continued