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  1. I am not cuck yet İ am working on it. I wanna be But sometime I confused too
  2. Hi I am almost same situation. İf you want we can talk on or here
  3. She is so hot Beautiful
  4. So hot wife my friend. You are lucky to have a this wife. Yes you should share her with other men. Don't keep her yourself.😁
  5. Is there any man who was a bull earlier but then he is a cuckold now? Is it possible?
  6. Is it good starting to go to nude beach for wife? Wife has no idea about my cuckold desire. Maybe I go with her to nude Beach and she can check it guys cock? What do you think?
  7. OMG 12.5" How do you fuck your wife with it?
  8. I am not cuck (yet 😀) I am just wondering all cuck have a small or avarage cuck. So is there any cuck who has a big cuck over avarage. Maybe. More 7"
  9. Gasyjack


    Hi I am new this. I wanna just talk about cuckolding with people who are cuckold. I am very shy too about talking may be prived mesaj first may be openly here I am not sure Need help