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  1. Gasyjack

    New cuck

    Ooooo she is a little slut.
  2. Gasyjack

    New cuck

    How do you fuck her 3"? She needs big one. How do you open topic with her? My wife doesn't know either. I will try to go to nude Beach. So how many guys fuck her before you
  3. Gasyjack

    New cuck

    Is she virgin when you met? Is she know what you want? 3"? Are you sure? It is so small
  4. Gasyjack

    New cuck

    Why do you wannabe cuck? Do you fuck her good? How long is your cock? Is she virgin when you met? Is she tight?
  5. Gasyjack

    New cuck

    Are you married? How long have you been together?
  6. Gasyjack

    New shy husband

    I am not cuck yet İ am working on it. I wanna be But sometime I confused too
  7. Gasyjack

    New shy husband

    Hi I am almost same situation. İf you want we can talk on or here
  8. Gasyjack

    My Sexy little hottie

    She is so hot Beautiful
  9. Gasyjack

    Let me see ur wife pics

    So hot wife my friend. You are lucky to have a this wife. Yes you should share her with other men. Don't keep her yourself.😁
  10. Gasyjack

    From bull to cuckold

    Could you more specific
  11. Gasyjack

    From bull to cuckold

    Is there any man who was a bull earlier but then he is a cuckold now? Is it possible?
  12. Gasyjack

    Nude beach

    Is it good starting to go to nude beach for wife? Wife has no idea about my cuckold desire. Maybe I go with her to nude Beach and she can check it guys cock? What do you think?
  13. Gasyjack

    Bigcock cuckold

    Yeah I agree with togoAz
  14. Gasyjack

    Bigcock cuckold

    OMG 12.5" How do you fuck your wife with it?
  15. Gasyjack

    Bigcock cuckold

    I am not cuck (yet 😀) I am just wondering all cuck have a small or avarage cuck. So is there any cuck who has a big cuck over avarage. Maybe. More 7"