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  1. We were finally able to get him up to our place. Some bad weather cancelled his flight once so it took awhile for him to fly up. Anyway, they made out a lot in front of me but he couldn’t get hard with me in the room. My girl suggested they be alone for a little while to get things going. So I left the room and when I went back about 15 minutes later, he was sitting on the couch with a hard dick and she was sitting on the floor in front of him wiping his cum off her tits. She just sucked him off which I would’ve loved to have seen. Austin lost his hard on when I was back in the room so I left again. I came back when I heard them fucking but stayed out of sight. He took forever to cum but finally did so I joined them again. Not even 20 minutes later, my gf said they want to fuck again so they’re going to the bedroom. She asked if I needed anything out of there which was weird. Obviously it meant I wasn’t invited. I listened to them fuck in the other room while I hung out in the living room and didn’t see my gf until morning. She said she meant to come out to get me but passed out and didn’t wake back up. We took Austin back to the airport and that was that. They’ve been texting each other and are talking about us going down there next. I feel like it’s pointless for me to go but she says she wants me there. Pretty disappointing I wasn’t more involved but she definitely enjoyed herself.
  2. Here's the latest! Austin is coming up and will cuckold me! So nervous and excited!
  3. She's sent him a few more sexy texts which has been a lot of fun. We're talking about getting him to visit so we can do what we should've done on vacation!
  4. My girlfriend and I have been considering the lifestyle but haven't pulled the trigger yet. We recently went to a resort in Mexico on vacation and met a guy that we both wish we had started with. We hung out a lot and exchanged numbers. We never talked about anything sexual until the first round of the playoffs last week. My girl is a Rams fan and he's a Falcons fan so they were talking a lot of trash leading up to the game. My girl asked if she can make a naked pic swap bet with him which I was very ok with. She lost and did a striptease for him via text. I thought she'd just send him a nudie and call it good but it was really hot the way she did it. She showed me and we had the best sex of our lives after another guy had seen her naked. I can't wait to progress things and only hope I enjoy her getting physical with another guy the way I did the texts. Here they are: