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  1. NO, SORRY! bimarried001 kids should never be a judgement free zone.. specially when it comes to a adult site and adult topics. The fact you are into incest. Hey to each there own. HOWEVER Keep it adult tho not with kids. You and topics like yours will be the reason me and my Adult hairy pussy women will remove ourselves from this site. Should be for adults and adult ONLY CONTENT.... not interested in what you bring to this site. And really you shouldn't be allowed...
  2. Secondjag to each there own... and in case your wondering I didn't grow up in the 70s more like the 80s and sexual in the 90s and on... so I had my fair share of shaving but there is nothing wrong with knowing what we like...I say what fun is a scratch and sniff sticker if there isn't anything to scratch... the sticker kinda loses its appeal and sent at that point...lmao! Anyways I like pussy to taste and smell like pussy not! Plus I just think a bald pussy goes with the young cheerleader fantasy. not much of a fan of that fantasy.. but again to each there own..🤗
  3. Shaving pussy bald! Worst idea ever. Never liked it never will. I would take a full natural bush over bald any day. But even some is better then none... she always keeps some...😍