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  1. Thank you bonerdoc. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. My perspective is this. The more my female partner is turned on, the more I am turned on. I become turned on by a woman forcing me to do things I wouldn't do on my own as long as she's aroused by the actions she makes me perform. It wouldn't be exciting for me if she were blaze' about it. I would never seek out a man for sex. I'm not gay or bi. I love the idea of being forced to perform humiliating or degrading acts for the viewing pleasure of women. The idea of sucking cock is degrading for me but if my partner is aroused by watching me suck cock, especially if I'm somehow forced into it, I'l
  3. We met a great couple a year or so ago when they moved in just down the street from us. They seemed like nice people and Sam (Samantha) and I agreed, they weren't at all bad to look at. Dave and Jackie both have blonde hair and blue eyes, average heights and they appear fit. In my opinion, Jackie's not as pretty as Nicole Kidman, but she has a similar look. She has a long, slim body and long legs. She's very nice to look at. Sam really liked the way Dave looked as well. She thought he had a superb ass. We've had them over to our place a few times for dinner and/or drin
  4. It was five months since Samantha and I had our foursome with Laurel and Rick. That was the first time any of us ever had sex with multiple participants and we all agreed, it was fucking crazy. Rick and I had gone out to shoot some pool a few times since then and each time, we talked about that night. I told Rick I wasn't the least bit interested in men, but humiliating myself with another man for the pleasure of women was different and an extreme turn-on. Rick said he pretty much felt the same way but he didn't want my cock in his mouth. Over these past five months, R
  5. Samantha (Sam) and I have a wonderful sex life. We've been living together for nearly six years and we've never strayed outside of our relationship - neither on our own, nor as a couple. We treat each other with respect and we love learning about each other including sharing our wildest sexual fantasies. We each enjoy sub and dom positions and freely trade roles, though I tend to like the sub role more than being the top. Fortunately for me, Sam enjoys getting herself off as the Dom and I love watching. When it comes to sex, she is the most visually driven woman I've ever known. We tend to enj
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