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  1. Thank you bonerdoc. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. My perspective is this. The more my female partner is turned on, the more I am turned on. I become turned on by a woman forcing me to do things I wouldn't do on my own as long as she's aroused by the actions she makes me perform. It wouldn't be exciting for me if she were blaze' about it. I would never seek out a man for sex. I'm not gay or bi. I love the idea of being forced to perform humiliating or degrading acts for the viewing pleasure of women. The idea of sucking cock is degrading for me but if my partner is aroused by watching me suck cock, especially if I'm somehow forced into it, I'll suck cock for her and I'll get off by degrading myself in front of her.
  3. We met a great couple a year or so ago when they moved in just down the street from us. They seemed like nice people and Sam (Samantha) and I agreed, they weren't at all bad to look at. Dave and Jackie both have blonde hair and blue eyes, average heights and they appear fit. In my opinion, Jackie's not as pretty as Nicole Kidman, but she has a similar look. She has a long, slim body and long legs. She's very nice to look at. Sam really liked the way Dave looked as well. She thought he had a superb ass. We've had them over to our place a few times for dinner and/or drinks and they've reciprocated. They're pretty laid back people, each with a good sense of humor. We always have a lot of fun together. Lately when we've gotten together, it seemed our relationship had become more flirtatious - mostly on their part, but Sam and I each enjoyed the attention so we went along with it. That stirred some fantasies for Sam and me and aroused my curiosity as to whether or not they might swing. Sam and Jackie have actually become good friends and done some things on their own together - gone shopping, had lunch, stopped at a pub for drinks, etc. They've become very close. In light of this recent flirtatiousness, I wondered what the two of them talked about when Dave and I weren't around. About two weeks ago, Sam and I were having a date night and we played strip poker. She won all my clothes before she was naked but she said she wanted to continue playing. She said, since I was already naked, I could bet to give her the right to decide what fantasy we'd live out. I was good with that. And...she said it would also include living out a fantasy of hers (or mine if I won enough to get Sam naked before I lost), and the fantasy must occur within the next five days. Winner will choose the fantasy at the point of victory - anything goes. I figured that would be fun either way so I said, "okay." Sam only had her bra and panties left. I won her bra but as the odds dictated, I lost the game. I didn't care since all of her fantasies were fun for me too. Her fantasy for the night was, she would tie me to the bed and dominate me - use me as her sex toy. She said, "I just want to get off by toying with you. I'll be the dom. I might fuck you. I might make you jerk-off for me. I might make you eat me to orgasm. I don't give a fuck what you want. I'll do whatever I want and you don't have any say in the matter." I know how that works so I was certainly good with that, but when I asked her what her other fantasy was, she shyly responded saying she would like to see Dave and me wrestle each other for the right to make love to both her and Jackie at the same time. "Holy crap! Did you clear this with Jackie and Dave?," I asked while trying to catch my breath. She said it was Jackie's idea and Jackie was certain Dave would go along with it. Sam told me her conversations with Jackie had recently turned more sexual in nature and they had even discussed the possibility of the four of us getting together for sex - that Jackie and Dave had had the same kinds of fantasies about us we were having about them. Sam told Jackie I had wrestled in high school so Jackie was sure wrestling would serve as the perfect enticement to convince Dave to go along with it since he'd been a wrestler too. She also told me they thought it would be a great match to watch. The thought of having Jackie and Sam at the same time was crazy. I could hardly collect my thoughts. I was a pretty good wrestler in high school and I probably outweighed Dave by at least 20 lbs. I thought, I can do this, so I agreed. Sam said she'd confirm it with Jackie but there were some details they still had to work out. I knew Jackie and Dave had a membership at a gym but little did I know, the gym has a boxing ring in a room separate from the workout room. The ring could be reserved by members during off hours for private use. So...Sam and Jackie agreed on a day and time. Jackie would reserve the gym for the following Tuesday if it was available which was five days away. In fact, it was available, so everything was set. During those next five days, I gave this a lot of thought. I still worked out a little and tried to jog or walk every day, but Dave was six years younger and they belonged to a gym so he worked out on a regular basis. That was giving me pause. Still, I had my wrestling background, and the fact that I was taller and heavier than Dave gave me some confidence. Tuesday came. Our reservations were for 10 pm and we'd have the gym all to ourselves. We rode with Jackie and Dave to the gym. When we got out of the car, Dave unlocked the door to the gym, let us in and locked the door behind him. Sam brought a small tote bag. She reached into the bag and with a sweet, suggestive smile on her face, she pulled out a black jock strap and told me to go put it on. I said, "I'm not going to wrestle him in that. I have my gym shorts on." She smiled and pulled out a pink jock strap and said, "how 'bout this one?" "Very funny," I said, "but I'm not wearing a jock strap when I wrestle him." Her demeanor changed slightly when she said sweetly, but in no uncertain terms, "look honey, a bet is a bet and you lost. You'll wear what I tell you to wear. This is one of those details I told you we had to work out." What?" I asked in surprise. She said, "you remember...the details...the details I told you we still had to work out." I asked, "why didn't you tell me before tonight?" She said, "you didn't ask." Frustrated, I grabbed the black jock and headed for the men's locker room where I could change in private. My mind was racing. Why am I to wrestle another man wearing only a jock strap? I wasn't at all comfortable with this but I've never denied Sam of her fantasies when she won a sexual bet. This was way over the line...but I did as I was told. When I came out, Dave was also wearing a jock strap only his was blue. He wore it under his clothes on the way there. He removed his clothes while I was in the locker room changing. Sam and Jackie were each wearing tiny string bikinis they had worn under their clothes as well. They looked so incredible, it didn't bother me when it became obvious this was something they'd put a lot of thought into. I was beginning to visualize all kinds of sexual situations. Frankly, the idea of wrestling Dave while wearing only jock straps made me a bit nervous. I noticed Dave's six-pack abs. He was ripped. He wasn't especially bulked up, but you could see every muscle in his body. He was obviously in great shape and appeared considerably more fit than I. I also couldn't help but notice his sizeable bulge. Jackie climbed into the ring. Then Dave and I followed and met in the center while she explained some standard fighting rules. I thought the whole idea seemed a little ridiculous and I laughed. I looked at Dave, figuring he thought it was ridiculous as well. He was staring at me and he wasn't laughing. "No punching or kicking - strictly wrestling. No eye pokes and no hands to the face. No strikes to the groin, but all holds are otherwise legal." Those were the rules Jackie laid out. She said there could only be submissions due to extreme pain causing a tap out or injury, but the fight would otherwise be fought until there was a clear, dominant winner. I was becoming more nervous - especially when I heard Jackie reference eye pokes, strikes to the groin, etc. Then there was that serious stare in Dave's eyes. I was suddenly faced with the reality that despite wearing jock straps, this was going to be a serious wrestling match. Fear of losing began creeping into my thoughts but I overcame it by focusing on the prize. I can do this I thought, and I briefly fantasized about getting it on with these two beautiful women. Jackie told Dave and me to remain in opposite corners and then she left the ring. We were told to stay there until she said, "fight." Sam pulled herself up onto the apron just outside the ropes in my corner and whispered to me, "Jackie told me Dave's bisexual. Isn't that cool?" "Fight!" said Jackie, and Dave and I began circling the ring. We were sizing each other up and I thought, why would Sam tell me he's bi? What's that got to do with anything and why is that cool? Then I wondered, why are we wrestling in jock straps? Thinking about it was throwing off my concentration on the fight. I began wondering just how much Dave was enjoying the thought of wrestling me - especially with our bare asses hanging out. I became more uncomfortable with this scenario, though admittedly, the thought wrestling in front of Sam and Jackie while half naked was titillating. I was nervous. My legs were shaking. I had butterflies. I'd never done anything like this before but I knew I'd have to maintain focus on the fight. I made my best attempts to put everything out of my mind other than wrestling. I faked a take-down attempt. He was quick and stepped back to avoid it. Then he went for a take-down and got a hold of one of my legs. I quickly turned and was able to twist my leg free of his grasp. We continued to circle. I went in for another take-down and got a hold of his leg. I lifted with all I had but despite my height advantage, he kept his balance, hopping on one foot until we slammed into the ropes. I realized I wasn't going to take him down so I let go. We lunged at each other, back and forth until he shot in and grabbed both of my legs. I fell over backward with him landing on top of me. I tried rolling one way, then the other to escape but he was very strong. He grabbed my arm and tried to pull it behind my back. I got it free but he spun around quickly and put my head into a scissor hold with my face buried in his crotch. It was tight and caused me to have a hard time breathing. Then came the surprise. While he controlled me from the top, he reached back and began pulling at the pouch of my jock strap, feeling me up and exposing one of my balls. The girls cheered him on. I began imagining the humiliation and degradation he might put me through if he won. I'm not gay. I'm not even bisexual. I would never pursue a sexual encounter with another man. Dave is bi so the thought of losing this match to him was incomprehensible. At that point, I squirmed with all my might and I was able to turn and escape. I yelled, "What the fuck was that?" Before Dave could answer, Sam yelled, "that's just another one of those details I mentioned!" I felt a panic attack coming on. I wasn't sure of anything. I was no longer sure of the rules. If one guy is stripped naked, does the other guy win or does winning require a submission? Obviously, the girls wanted to see one or both of us naked. They wanted to watch us ripping at each other's jock straps. For the moment, I think the girls really didn't care who won. This was how I had to pay off my bet with Sam. I was aware that "anything goes" when I agreed to the bet so I had no choice but to continue fighting. I pulled my jock back to cover my balls and felt a strong determination to win. Again I lunged at Dave. He quickly stepped back and I missed. Then he did the same and I made him miss. I felt I was holding my own. Then, when he lunged at me and missed again, I jumped on top of him and he fell to the mat. I went to roll him over to get behind him but he grabbed the back waistband of my jock and pulled it down below my ass. In so doing, he was able to pull me off of him. The girls laughed and clapped as he got back up. I laughed and said, "you little fucker, if that's the game, I'm going to have you naked in no time." We went back and forth. We charged at each other at the same time, ending in a clinch against the ropes. I was able to turn him so his back was toward the center of the ring. I put my leg behind his leg, grabbed the back of his jock and tripped him to the mat. He fell onto his back with me landing on top of him. This time, I spun around and put him into a head scissors. I grabbed the front of his jock and the girls cheered. I pulled it down far enough to partially @@@@@@ his cock. Sam and Jackie were loving it and I was getting the impression they wanted me to win. They were cheering for me to strip him. I noticed Dave's cock was growing bigger. It was surprisingly thick. When Sam caught a glimpse of the size of his cock, she started cheering for him. I was glad to have gained the upper hand, but it was demoralizing when Sam was cheering for the other guy. She made it obvious she wanted to fuck that big cock. Still, I was not to be denied. I would reap the rewards of victory and fuck both women. I pulled his jock down farther, attempting to secure what I thought would be my victory. Dave's now fully erect cock popped out, but the waistband began to tear and I lost my grip. Then he laid a move on me I had never seen. To this day, I don't know what he did but he spun around somehow and was able to escape. One minute, I had him fully under my control and the next minute, he was gone. Fully exposing him didn't give me the victory. He stood up and pulled up his jock to cover up. I was getting winded but even with that in mind, I proved I could gain the upper hand on him. Dave's jock was hanging down on one side and he had to keep pulling it back up. We circled the ring again. I had never fought in a ring before so I wasn't aware of any tricks fighters might use. Dave was. He lunged at me hard and pushed me back toward the ropes. Feeling I was going to fall on my ass, I extended my arms behind me to brace my fall but my arms swung over the top rope. Dave quickly pulled the middle rope over the top of my arms and I was ensnared in the ropes. I tried to get free but I couldn't. He strutted back and forth in front of me saying, "I gotcha now." The girls clapped. He moved in, grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet out from under me so I was hanging defenselessly on the ropes. I tried to get back to my feet but he kept pulling my legs out from under me leaving me hanging, arms trapped and extended behind me. He looked at the girls as if to ask, what would you like me to do with him? Their chant was clear so he turned toward me and began pulling my jock strap down. He reached down the front of my jock and worked it down very slowly as he was feeling my cock. Then he grabbed my ass with the other hand. He reached between my legs and fondled my balls from behind. It was humiliating to be toyed with like that by another man - especially with the girls watching but my cock began to grow. I didn't want it to but I couldn't prevent it. This was the feared scenario that played out in my head just minutes earlier only now, it was occurring in real life. I felt his finger begin to probe my ass. I was frantically pulling at the ropes in multiple attempts to free my arms but to no avail. He stopped briefly to look around at the girls again. They were chanting for him to strip me. "Take it off! Strip him!" Jackie said, "show me his cock baby. I want to see him naked and helpless. He can't defend himself." The girls were enjoying my humiliating dilemma and wanted to see me naked. I can't deny, I was getting off on it and my cock was getting pretty hard. Dave began stroking my stiff cock still within the pouch with one hand and forcefully probing my ass with the other. While It was humiliating being toyed with by a man in front of the girls, it was also purely lustful and exciting. The girls were loving it. I was still squirming, trying to free myself from the ropes when Dave let go of me. He pulled my jock strap lower and my cock popped straight up in the air. Then he removed it completely. I heard Jackie say, "excited much?" I felt embarrassed but it was so arousing to see how much the girls were enjoying what was happening to me, I couldn't help having a raging hard-on. Dave walked around the ring holding my jock in the air claiming, "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend...and my wife...and all you can do is hang by your arms and watch." It probably sounded like whining when I told him it really wasn't fair because I'd never fought in a ring before and I wasn't aware how one guy could trap another guy in the ropes. I said, "I know I could have beaten you if you hadn't tied me up in these ropes." He argued, "you can't beat me." I said, " if there's a next time, I'll win." Dave paused for a moment and thought. Then he said, "I tell you what, I will free you and give you another chance. We'll wrestle again and the prize will be sort of a double or nothing kind of deal." He said, "if you win, you get the girls and I'll watch. If I win, I get the girls...and you." Oh man, I thought, I don't want to do this. What if he wins? I might end up being some sort of sex slave, but the thought of having both Jackie and Sam was still at the forefront in my judgment so I agreed. Besides, it was a no brainer really. I would be freed and I'd have another chance. Dave released my arms and I took a few seconds to shake them out after they'd been stuck in the ropes for awhile. Jackie got back into the ring, positioned us in opposite corners again, left the ring and yelled, "fight!" Again, we circled the ring, but now I was bare-assed naked with a raging hard-on - a hard-on that was brought about by the touch of another man while two beautiful women watched. It messed with my head a bit that man could get me so turned on. I wouldn't hold anything back. I charged him with all I had and took him down. He landed on his back again but he managed to turn over and raise himself onto his hands and knees. I shoved him back down to the mat on his belly. I had good control so I grabbed the back of his jock and pulled it down for all I was worth. My thumb slipped out of the waistband and caught the strap around his ass and tearing it away from the pouch. The pouch began flopping around giving peek-a-boo views of his massive member which had grown considerably in size. When I rolled him over onto his back, his cock popped out of his jock and the girls could now see, both of us were excited to be doing this in front of them. Wrestling naked with another man in front of Sam and Jackie had me even more turned on now that I was in control. I felt an urge to get even with him for trapping me in the ropes. I spun around and planted my cock in his face. He turned away at first but I grabbed his head and turned it back so my balls were tight against his mouth. Then to my surprise, he grabbed my cock and began sucking it. That was not at all what I expected. The girls cheered him on. My first reaction was to pull away but before I knew it, I was humping in and out of Dave's mouth. I felt like I couldn't help it. The way he sucked my cock felt magnificent. He knew exactly what to do to me and I became lost in the sensations while two beautiful watched. I forgot we were wrestling...but Dave didn't. Again, he pulled that slick spin move and escaped back to his feet. This time I was caught completely off guard as I had lustfully bathed in what Dave was doing to me. As I was getting back to my feet, he rammed me back toward the ropes again and the same thing happened as before. I instinctively threw my arms back to catch my fall but this time, my arms went over the middle rope instead of the top rope and he pulled the bottom rope over my arms. Once again he trapped me, only this time, I was sitting on the mat with my arms caught in the ropes and my @@@@@@@ cock was still hard as a rock. Sam and Jackie came into the ring so Dave could collect on his prize. Jackie kissed Dave and Sam strutted back and forth in front of me with that small tote. Then she pulled out the straps with the Velcro ends. She attached the Velcro ends to my ankles and tied the other ends to the bottom rope forcing me into a spread eagle position. "Feeling vulnerable?" she asked. I didn't reply. The straps were long enough so I wasn't doing the splits but my legs were spread to the max. Then she said, "I'm going to give you a show." She walked in front of Dave and dropped to her knees. She pulled what was left of his jock strap to the floor and began sucking his cock. All I could do was watch but the sight of Sam becoming so turned on while making love to Dave's massive cock kept me hard. Jackie had Dave spread his legs so she could fondle his balls with each hand - one from the front and one from the back. It was obvious Sam was enjoying her control over Dave's massive hard-on. Dave reached down and untied the stings around Sam's neck and her top dropped exposing her beautiful breasts. He bent over and untied the back strings and Sam's top fell to the mat. Dave began fondling her breasts. Sam stopped long enough to look up at Dave's expression. His eyes were glued to her as he held the back of her head. She smiled a little and went back at it. Jackie removed her top, revealing her superb breasts that are slightly larger than Sam's. After Sam had a good taste of Dave's cock, she stopped sucking and laid on her back in front of him with her legs spread wide apart. She wanted Dave to fuck her. She untied the sides of her bikini bottom and left it lie in place still covering her pussy. Dave moved in between her legs and began feeling Sam's pussy as he gradually pushed her bikini bottom to the mat. She was soaking wet. Dave lowered himself on top of her and slowly entered. By the look on her face, Sam felt some discomfort because of his size but he went slowly so as not to cause her much pain. Once they began humping in rhythm, Sam was making sounds that were a mixture of grunts, pants, and low screams. Jackie dropped to her knees and started sucking on Sam's tits and Sam's eyes shuttered from the sensations. Then Jackie reached down to stroke Sam's clit. Sam began gyrating wildly, humping hard against Dave's rhythm. As I watched, I longed to fuck someone or at least have someone touch me - fondle me. I wanted any kind of stimulation but I was helplessly restrained so I couldn't even touch myself. Nevertheless, I maintained a full erection watching what was taking place before my eyes. With all the stimulation from Jackie combined with the size of Dave's cock, Sam couldn't take much more. I doubt she'd ever seen a cock that thick let alone fucked one. She began moaning louder. The rate of her breathing increased and her back arched as she erupted into an amazing orgasm. Dave pumped on her hard as Jackie stroked her clit. Dave never missed a beat , increasing the rate of his humping to match the intensity of Sam's orgasm. I can't remember Sam ever cumming so quickly. She was delirious, eyes trained on Dave's face one second, and rolled back in her head the next. Her orgasm seemed like it would never end. She twitched as she humped. She'd open her mouth wide and eke out a scream, then grit her teeth while groaning as if she were holding back a scream, all while humping and twitching against Dave's rhythm. Finally, it was obvious Sam was done and she needed Dave to stop. Jackie pushed Dave back away from Sam and he rose up to his knees. As Sam laid on the mat still quaking, Jackie pushed him onto his back and mounted him. Once Sam collected herself, she rose to her knees and began fondling and sucking on Jackie's tits. When Dave started fondling Jackie's tits, Sam turned to stroking Jackie's clit with one hand and fondled Jackie's ass with the other. Jackie looked intently at me trapped in the ropes as she bounced up and down on Dave's thick cock. She was a magnificent sight as she began panting heavily and her tits bounced up and down with the rhythm of her humping. She seemed mesmerized by the sight of me restrained in the ropes with a stiff cock as I watched her. I looked down at my cock and saw pre-cum had dripped on the mat. I looked back up at Jackie and she was still staring at me. She was getting off on me watching her. Sam moved behind Jackie and straddled Dave. She reached around Jackie, fondling Jackie's tits with one hand while stroking Jackie's clit with the other. Before long, Jackie tensed up and started straining. She arched her back and had an incredible orgasm right before my eyes. What a sight she was when she was cumming. Sam wrapped one arm tightly around Jackie as she stroked her with the other hand. Dave kept pumping, thrusting his big cock in and out of his wife. Jackie looked at me again as she twitched and jerked. She had become sweaty and her eyes drooped with exhaustion. She looked magnificently sexy and my cock was still at full attention. When Jackie could take no more, she rolled off of Dave. Sam bent over and sucked Jackie's juices off of Dave's cock keeping him rock hard. After she'd gotten a good taste, she mounted him. She wanted the feel of that big cock inside her again. I couldn't believe Dave's stamina. He'd already satisfied two women and Sam was going back for seconds. This time, Dave's cock penetrated Sam easily as she lowered herself onto him. Dave began feeling Sam's tits as Sam stroked her own clit. Jackie moved over next to me and said, "you look like you could use some help. I like that you're restrained and have no control. I'll control you now." She began stroking my cock as we both watched our significant others go at it no more than three feet away from us. Jackie had a superb touch but every time I was getting ready to cum, she'd stop stroking and let go of my cock. She'd watch it tighten, then release as it throbbed uncontrollably. She looked me in the eye and with a sexy tone in her voice said, "Do you like watching her get fucked by my husband? I'm going to make you cum," but she wouldn't allow me to cum. She was tormenting me. Sam continued to ride Dave and he never showed any signs of slowing down. Sam began rubbing and squeezing her tits. Dave watched intently and humped harder and faster. He reached down to get his thumb on Sam's clit and began stroking her. Sam tensed up. She screamed and moaned while squeezing her tits and gritting her teeth as she humped hard on Dave's big cock. Her second orgasm seemed even more intense than the first. Sam finally collapsed on top of Dave as he continued to hump but her orgasm had passed the peak and she was twitching with aftershocks while Dave kept humping with enthusiasm. Finally, Sam had to pull off of Dave. She could take no more, but despite her exhaustion, she rose up to her knees and began sucking his cock again. Jackie continued tormenting me. She was driving me crazy. I got to watch Sam have two orgasms while fucking Jackie's husband. Lust had completely overtaken me but I was being denied. I started begging Jackie to make me cum but she would not. Suddenly, Sam stood up. She motioned for Dave to get up too and he did. Sam stroked him for a couple of minutes as they stood right in front of me. She looked at me and said, "look at the size of that cock," then she walked him over in front of me and said to Dave, "you need to finalize your prize. Give him a taste of me." I became very nervous when Dave moved in and put his massive cock in my face but Jackie continued stroking me, keeping me hard as a rock. Sam said, "open your mouth and pay up. He wants to collect the rest of his winnings." I turned to one side, then the other to avoid the inevitable. Sam said, "this is MY fantasy and you'll do as you're told. Now open your mouth." Reluctantly, I obeyed. Dave shoved his cock into my mouth and began humping. I could taste Sam's delicious juices making the ordeal easier than I had expected. Sam stood alongside him, reaching in from behind to fondle his balls. I applied pressure to the underside of his cock with my tongue. He was getting even more worked up from humping my mouth than he did fucking the girls. Jackie stroked my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. She said, "you love sucking cock for us don't you? I want you to think about what you're doing for us so we can watch you cum - cum while drenched in your own humiliation. I want you to feel the degradation. Give it all up for us." I could feel Dave's cock tightening. It wasn't releasing. It just kept tightening. He was breathing heavily and grunting. Jackie began stroking me with intensity while moving her other hand toward my ass. She fondled my balls, then my ass, then she inserted her finger about one knuckle deep into my ass. My humiliation only added to my excitement. I was ready to cum when Dave let loose in my mouth. I kept the pressure on with my tongue as my cock tensed up. I felt the squirt at the back of my throat and began to swallow. Jackie said, "cum for me. I want to watch you cum while sucking Dave's cock. Suck that big cock and cum for me." I could take no more. Sam fondled Dave's balls as he was shooting his load into my throat. Jackie stroked fast and hard until I came while Dave was squirting into the back of my throat. "Keep sucking," Jackie said. " Suck that cock and cum for me." The humiliation was ecstatic as I was cumming in front of two beautiful women while sucking on another man's cock. His cum was dripping down my chin as he continued to pump my face. Jackie finally slowed down her pace but with my jizz lubricating her strokes, she tormented me as she squeezed with every stroke. I was focused on trying to escape her hand and let Dave's cock flop out of my mouth. He turned away and collapsed on the mat. Jackie finally slowed her strokes and lightly massaged my balls as I regained some level of normalcy. At that point, I felt the discomfort from my arms being caught in the ropes and having my legs spread so far apart so I asked Jackie to release me and she did. I dropped flat on the mat next to Dave. He was spent and so was I. Dave said, "I was second at the state high school wrestling championships in 2011." "You made me work pretty hard. You done good." he said. I said to Dave, "I still believe I can beat you." Dave said, "anytime you feel lucky, I'll give you a rematch for the same stakes." I said, "you're on." Sam and Jackie joined Dave and me on the mat. We all voiced various expressions of exhaustion and amazement when we finally got up to clean ourselves and the ring before heading home. On the way home, Sam kept pestering me to set a date when we'd have the rematch. Jackie also wanted to know but I really wasn't ready to commit to anything yet. I was still pretty ragged out. I just said, "I need time to get over what just happened...we'll see." Obviously, my girlfriend loves seeing me suck the cock that just fucked her. Well, she'd likely enjoy seeing me suck any cock whether it had just fucked her or not. Strangely enough, I enjoyed it too. I loved how excited she got watching me hhhhhhhhh myself in front of her and others, and I loved watching her orgasm on Dave's massive cock. That says nothing of watching Jackie's long slim body orgasming while she stared at me trapped in the ropes with my cock fully erect. I may have lost the fight, but in so many ways, I still won. As I've written about these sexual romps, I've come to realize, this isn't so much an unlikely experience anymore. My fate has become likely. I've become Sam's willing cuckold and I was looking forward to whatever fantasies she dreams up. As long as it's good for her, it's good for me. That rematch just might come sooner than later.
  4. It was five months since Samantha and I had our foursome with Laurel and Rick. That was the first time any of us ever had sex with multiple participants and we all agreed, it was fucking crazy. Rick and I had gone out to shoot some pool a few times since then and each time, we talked about that night. I told Rick I wasn't the least bit interested in men, but humiliating myself with another man for the pleasure of women was different and an extreme turn-on. Rick said he pretty much felt the same way but he didn't want my cock in his mouth. Over these past five months, Rick and I made plans for the next time. We had all decided, the men had to plan out the next occasion. Rick and I felt we kind of had a score to settle (certainly I did) so we planned to control the girls much like they had controlled us. We couldn't wait to execute our plan but we had to let some time pass so we could build on the suspense and the surprise. The four of us had all gotten together a few times for drinks, dinner, playing games, watching movies, etc. Our crazed night of sex came up in conversation a couple of times and there's no doubt, we all wanted to throw down and get it on again, but it was up to Rick and me as to when and how. We never discussed anything about our plan in front of the girls despite their persistent inquiries. A few times, when I tied Sam up for sex, I know she half expected Laurel and Rick to show up but that never happened. Rick and I knew the girls were about to give up on us because it had been so long since our first encounter...perfect. We finally set a date and time when we'd get together. It would take place at our house again. The night finally arrived and Sam had no clue. Rick had to tell Laurel so she could prepare her proper attire for the evening, but he waited until just before they were about to leave their house so she wouldn't have a chance to tip off Sam. He told her what to wear but he didn't tell her why. Before they arrived, I told Sam I wanted to tie her up in the doorway. A favorite fantasy of ours is, I tie her up and sell her as a sex slave. We love role playing and we're both able to immerse ourselves into our fantasies. It's a matter of trust I guess. We just want to enjoy each other in ways we each desire without fear. I think Rick and Laurel feel the same way. I put on some electronic music and had it turned up pretty loud so Sam wouldn't hear when Rick and Laurel entered the house. I had Sam wear her black lycra thong and halter mini dress. The dress is very thin and clingy, accenting every curve of her slim frame. I wore lightweight, sort of opaque white slacks with no underwear and a tight, black silk shirt unbuttoned nearly to the waist. One could vaguely make out my package through the pants, but you really couldn't see any details. A slave trader should look sleazy I thought, so that's what I was shooting for. When Sam was ready, she came into the bedroom where I was lying on the bed waiting. She looked magnificent. She said I looked like a cheap, Miami pimp. Oh yeah, I thought, mission accomplished. I got out of the bed, cuffed her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. I told her I had to preview her for the bidders before tying her to (what we call) "the rack" (the closet doorway) where she would be auctioned off. Then I had her stand and wait at the foot of the bed for a couple of minutes. I told her she had to be quiet. Neither of us said anything. We could hear the music and feel the thump of the bass yet it seemed somehow silent in the room. Her expression indicated she was becoming frustrated so I finally broke the silence. I told her she had to wait in line until the girl in front of her was auctioned off. I loved watching the anticipation in her face. No doubt, she was really horny. Timing was everything. Rick and I planned for him and Laurel to arrive while I was toying with Sam so I left the front door unlocked. They arrived on time - while Sam was "waiting in line." The music was loud enough to drown out any sounds they might have made when they came in so she also didn't hear when I let Rick and Laurel into the bedroom. Rick had Laurel already dressed as a poor, slave girl. She had worn a dress on the way over to cover up her outfit but took it off and left it in the other room. When they entered the bedroom, Laurel crawled in on all fours wearing an obviously old, worn pair of pink bikini panties and a flimsy yellow tank top. The tank top was ragged looking, torn down the front from the neckline to just below her breasts. As she crawled, her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth. Even though she was covered, she almost appeared naked. I could make out every curve of her body as she moved. She seemed uncertain and vulnerable as a worthless slave girl should. Rick controlled her with a leash attached to her black leather collar. She was a sexy sight in her helplessness. Rick led Laurel to the bed, made her get on the bed and stay in a kneeling position. Then he got onto the bed, propped up pillows against the headboard and leaned back. They both faced the foot of the bed, Rick lying on one side and Laurel on her hands and knees on the other. They had the perfect spot for viewing my slave at auction. I began parading Sam around the room, telling her I was showing her off to a crowd of bidders. I told her she'd better look sexy so she'd bring the kind of money I knew she was worth. She strutted around the room slowly, deliberately sashaying her hips as I led her "into the auction." Sam had no idea anyone else was watching. I occasionally felt up Sam's thighs, her belly and every once in a while, her ass and her breasts while "showing her off." I told her she was being felt up by potential bidders getting a "feel" for what they were bidding on. Her nipples revealed her excitement. I led her to the closet doorway where we had leather wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the door frame. I told Sam she had to be restrained during the bidding. I unlocked her handcuffs and fastened her wrists and ankles to the cuffs - legs spread the width of the doorway and arms overhead. She was facing Rick and Laurel on the bed. I said, "in order to command the best price, bidders will have to see more." I stepped over her leg and got into the closet behind her. I reached to the back of her neck and untied her dress, but held onto the ties so the top of her dress wouldn't fall. Rick was lightly rubbing the inside of Laurel's thigh with one hand as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. He had his other hand down the front of his unfastened pants stroking his sizeable cock. I was already hard as a rock and couldn't resist occasionally rubbing myself while Laurel and Rick were watching us. I told Sam she had to appeal to big money bidders because they were the ones most likely to take good care of her. I reached around, feeling each of Sam's breasts and slowly let the halter fall away. She began squirming as she bathed in her helplessness. I told her the more she squirmed, the higher the bids. She looked so sexy as she arched her back, flaunted her tits and squirmed to the rhythm of the music. After a couple of minutes, I told her she did good and she'd been sold. Sam was the centerpiece and she had no clue Rick and Laurel were there watching. I told Sam that her new master said he only wants to use her for a little while, so he'd be willing to set her free if she does what she's told and performs as expected. Then, I slowly removed Sam's thong. I let her stand for a while, restrained in the doorway, again without saying a word and she renewed that look of frustration on her face. I said she was the last one to be auctioned off and that most people had left. I told her, "Your new master also bought another slave girl before buying you. He likes seeing two women get it on with each other." I told her she'd be watched as she's tasted by another woman. "You must display how much you enjoy it," I said. I slid my hands under her dress and slowly pulled it up over her waist to @@@@@@ her. I reached into my pocket where I had her mini vibrator. Without turning it on, I used the vibrator and my fingers to begin stroking her while telling her it was another woman's lips and tongue. Sam was moaning and gyrating. It was quite a site to watch her squirm as if she were trying to escape the embarrassment while at the same time, immersing herself in the sensation. It was obvious Rick and Laurel were enjoying the show as they never took their eyes off her. I told her she had to make sure her new master was happy. I said, "If he's not pleased with you, I'll have to return the money so you'd better make it look good." I told her, "let him know you're turned on by pulling at your restraints while being devoured by another woman." Rick got off the bed and took his shirt and slacks off revealing his large cock that was bobbing up and down like a swinging hammer handle. He grabbed his cock in one hand and Laurel's leash with the other and led Laurel off the bed. He had her crawl across the floor to Sam. Without uttering a sound, he motioned for Laurel to lick Sam. Laurel moved in slowly and licked ever so lightly in places where my hands weren't. She licked my hands as well which felt so sexy. Sam didn't realize there was more going on than just the vibrator and my hands, yet she seemed to lose control at times when Laurel's tongue would touch her. Her expression was that of surprise from sensations she couldn't understand. Once Sam had become really worked up I nodded at Rick and he pulled back on Laurel's leash to make her stop licking. At the same time, I stopped caressing Sam's pussy. Sam sighed when I stopped. I stepped over her leg again to get out of the closet and after a brief pause, Rick took over my spot behind her. I handed him the vibrator. He squirted some lube into his hands and picked up where I left off, but now with the vibrator turned on. Rick began pumping his cock on Sam's ass and she was thrusting back against him. I had no idea whether or not Sam knew it wasn't me but it didn't matter. The fact that she thought it was me allowed her to completely lose herself in the moment. I loved seeing her lose all inhibitions not knowing she was being watched. I figured that soon enough, Sam would realize it wasn't my cock humping on her so I slowly removed her blindfold. Then I pulled on Laurel's leash to force her face into Sam's pussy. When Sam opened her eyes, there I was, standing in front of her, still fully clothed with an obvious hard-on and Laurel's leash in my hand. Laurel licked all over Sam's crotch with the emphasis on her clit. I thought I saw panic in Sam's eyes for a split second. Then a knowing smile followed as she realized what was happening. Laurel attacked Sam's pussy now with her tongue and her lips. Sam flinched back and gasped, closed her eyes, let out a moan, and disappeared into the zone. I dropped Laurel's leash, walked over to the night stand, opened the drawer, took out a pair of scissors, went back and set the scissors on a shelf next to the closet doorway. Then I picked up Laurel's leash again. Rick pulled Sam's hips back and Laurel crawled forward to follow Sam's movement keeping her face planted firmly in Sam's crotch.. Rick bent his knees a little to maneuver his cock under Sam . Then he slowly entered and said, "I own you. Your freedom depends on how well you perform. I'm going to fuck you while your old master watches and another slave devours you." Sam was hanging by the cuffs, almost too weak to stand, yet so excited, she thrust her ass back against Rick and continued to squirm. I don't know if it was because of the size of Rick's cock or because of the fantasy, but I had never seen Sam so uninhibited and lost in lust. She continued to gyrate and I was mesmerized as I observed her pleasure. I told Laurel to stand up and suck on Sam's tits and massage her clit by hand. I reached around Laurel from behind, grabbed each side of the tear in her top and slowly pulled it farther apart tearing it to her waist. Her beautiful tits were swaying out in plain sight as the straps on her tank top continually slid off her shoulders. She was so sexy, pulling her straps back up as if she were modest and needed to cover up, but they'd slide off again as she leaned over to lick Sam's tits. Sam was mesmerized at the sight of Laurel having her clothes torn off and being forced to suck her tits. Laurel was obviously eager to please her master by doing her best to please Sam. She became a total sex slave. After bathing in the view for awhile, I finally ripped Laurel's top completely off and squirted lube all over her chest and on Sam's tits as well. Rick made sure to smear the lube all over Sam's tits. I pulled the front of Laurel's panties away from her belly and squirted lube down the front of her, then I did the same to her behind. Her lube soaked panties had become translucent and I could make out what was underneath. Laurel seemed to get into being a slave as much as Sam. I reached down the back of Laurel's panties to feel her slick crack, barely penetrating her ass with my finger. She was moaning as she gobbled Sam's tits. Laurel reached down the front of her own panties and began stroking herself. She too, was in the zone. We all had lube all over us with the heaviest concentrations on Laurel and Sam, but my pants were soaked enough to have become somewhat see-through. I unbuttoned the waist of my pants and reached down to stroke myself as I watched Laurel and Rick forcing Sam to the peak of ecstasy while she was helpless in her restraints. I really needed to fuck something so I made Laurel get back down on her knees and face me. I dropped my pants and without hesitation, Laurel grabbed my cock and began sucking it. It was obvious, Sam liked watching me getting sucked off by Laurel. She began moaning loudly and thrusting her hips forward and back wildly without taking her eyes off of us. The large cock inside her was obviously giving her amazing sensations she wasn't used to. She was absolutely wild in her movements, and her expression. She began pulling at her restraints and moaning uncontrollably as she braced to let it all go. She tensed up and began screaming as she had an incredibly intense orgasm. Rick didn't let up. Sam started bouncing around uncontrollably. He tortured her as he continued to pound her from behind while stroking her clit . Sam was covered with sweat and still moaning as she stared at Laurel giving me head. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop to the floor. Rick finally had to lighten up on Sam. She was sore and spent and begging to be released from the cuffs. Rick pulled out and released her from the cuffs. He said to Sam, "you know, you haven't earned your freedom yet," but all she could do at the moment was to lean back against the doorway and watch Laurel sucking on me. Rick stroked himself as he now focused on Laurel and me. I wanted to cum but I wanted Laurel to cum first. I told Laurel to stop sucking, stand up and face Sam and Rick. I picked up the scissors off the shelf to make one small snip in the waistband of Laurel's panties below her belly button. I stood behind her, grabbed each side of her snipped panties and slowly began tearing them apart toward her crotch. Laurel gasped slightly from the sensation, realizing she was now the center of attention as she played with her own slippery tits. I had her nearly @@@@@@@ when I reached inside the tear in her panties and began stroking her. She was slippery and delicious to watch as she played with her tits, gyrating like a stripper for all to see. I massaged her well lubricated clit with one hand and slowly pulled her torn panties down with the other until they fell to the floor. I inserted my finger into her pussy and caressed her tits with the other hand. She seemed to love that there was a third hand feeling her tits in addition to her own. Laurel began moaning loudly while she pumped her hips forward and back. She began moaning and breathing heavily as she tensed up to have a hard, straining orgasm that was just beautiful to watch. I wasn't about to let her off easy. I just kept rubbing her. Rick was stroking himself as he watched and Sam had regained herself enough to start playing with herself as well. Laurel began bouncing around a little trying to get away from my hand but I continued to stroke her as she struggled. It was amazing, to watch her helpless body gyrating so erotically. She finally couldn't take it anymore and suddenly, she turned around to face me, forcing me to let go of her. Laurel almost appeared angry. She unclipped her leash from her collar and forced it against my neck. She forced her slippery body against me and began pushing me backward toward the foot of the bed like she was now taking control of me. She said, "I'm going to get even with you for that you bastard." "You are not my master" she exclaimed. "Now I'm going to make you the show," she said loudly. She pushed me hard and I fell back onto the bed as Rick and Sam watched. She told me to slide down to the floor. I did as I was told and leaned back against the footboard of the bed. Sam walked over to the night stand and took something out, but kept it hidden behind her back. She walked over to Laurel, whispered something in her ear, then knelt down on the other side of me. I reached out to feel Sam's tits when suddenly, Sam and Laurel grabbed my wrists and pulled them back toward the corners of the bed. I thought that was pretty cool at first but before I knew it, Sam had a Velcro strap wrapped around my wrist and the other end wrapped around the top of the footboard. I panicked but she had the advantage as I tried free my left arm. I jerked my other hand away from Laurel to release the Velcro with my other hand but she grabbed my arm again, pulled it back toward the top of the footboard on the other side and held it there. She was strong enough to prevent me from freeing my arm. Sam secured the first strap, then moved to Laurel's side to finish securing me with another strap. Sam and Laurel had my arms spread wide apart, restrained at the corners of the bed while I was sitting on the floor. Laurel and Sam began stroking and fondling my slick cock and balls. Rick was stroking himself in front of me while watching the girls driving me crazy. That's when I knew. Even though I had done this once before, I became nervous and afraid all over again because I really wasn't sure what was in store. I felt fear and I was embarrassed by my predicament but I decided to make the best of it. I would make this a show the girls wouldn't soon forget. I just wanted to bathe in my own helplessness and humiliation in front of two gorgeous women whose desire was to watch my ecstatic degradation. Sam released my right hand and said, "You and Rick are going to jerk yourselves and watch each other while Laurel and I will get the benefit of seeing two boys stroke themselves for each other...and for us." "We're going to watch you naked little gay boys get yourselves off," she said. Laurel poured more lube on my cock and I began stroking. It was strangely exciting to stroke myself and see Rick jerking off right in front of me as women were watching. It could have been any women but it was more degrading that it was two women we knew so well. Rick's expression and his body language indicated Rick was as excited to follow orders as I was. Rick and I would never do this if it were just the two of us which is how I know we're not gay. I'm not attracted to men. I don't desire men, but having to do this for the viewing pleasure of women was uniquely depraved and exciting. We became more and more excited as the girls watched and rubbed themselves and each other. Rick and I weren't far from climax when Sam got up, grabbed a couple of pillows and put them on each side of me, Then she told Rick to kneel on the pillows and straddle me. Rick did just that and began rubbing his lubed cock on my face and across my lips. The humiliation excited me and I continued stroking myself. I could smell and taste Sam's juices. I barely touched him with my tongue whenever he dragged his massive member across my mouth. Sam said, "that big cock just fucked me into oblivion and you're going to suck the cum out of it." He released his cock from his grip for a moment and I grabbed it with my free hand and wrapped my lips around it. I began bobbing my head forward and back. Rick seemed surprised and excited by my enthusiasm and the girls watched intently. As I sucked his cock, I slid my hand down to fondle his tight balls. I slid my finger up to rim his slippery ass and the girls chuckled with excitement. They too were surprised at how I attacked him. Even I was surprised but I wanted to let it all go for the girls. Then I felt Sam place her hand over my free hand that was caressing Rick's balls and asshole. She pulled my hand down toward my crotch. She clearly wanted me to stroke myself again. She said, "you're going make yourself cum when Rick does. Keep sucking and jerk yourself off. You are helpless to do anything about your humiliation. I want to watch you as you savor the moment when that big cock that gave me such intense pleasure explodes in your mouth. I want to see Rick's cum is dripping down your chin." Laurel had the little vibrator in her hand and she began fondling my slick balls with it. With all the movement going on, I couldn't help slowly sliding down to the floor and I rested my head on one of the pillows. Rick followed my movement, legs spread with knees at my sides. He never missed a beat, continuing to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my face while laying on top of me. Laurel began rubbing my ass lightly with the vibrator. She said, "I'm going to fuck you like the lowly whore you are" as she gradually worked the tip of the vibrator into my lubed ass. I pulled my knees up to give her better access. That nearly drove me over the edge. I didn't want to cum yet so I stopped stroking myself. Rick continued to pump. I kept pressure on the underside of his shaft and I could feel him becoming increasingly swollen. He breathed heavier and heavier and began moaning loudly as the girls encouraged him to cum. I let go of my cock, reached up, pulled Rick's cock out of my mouth and began stroking him by hand and as he arched his back, I licked his balls. Laurel took over stroking my cock when I released it to service Rick. One hand cuffed to the bed, lying on my back on the floor while another man fucked my face, a woman vibrating my ass while my girlfriend watched was the most sexual degradation I'd ever experienced. Rick's orgasm was imminent so I put his cock back into my mouth to allow him to pump at will. Then Laurel pulled my free hand back down to my cock and told me to jerk off. I braced myself for Rick's blast. Sam and Laurel were telling Rick to let it go, to cum in my mouth. Sam said to me, "you will cum when Rick does. Laurel and I will watch you get yourself off with Rick's cock in your mouth. Cum for us while bringing the man I just fucked to orgasm with your mouth." I stroked my cock hard and fast so I would cum when Rick did. Sam and Laurel sat back and began masturbating each other. I was turned on to the max, being the center of attention as I was sucking Rick's cock. Rick tightened up, as his straining and grunting became louder and more intense. He blew his load into my throat. I heard the girls moan with delight. I continued stroking myself as I swallowed his juice, some dripping out of the corners of my mouth. When Rick came in my mouth, I heard Sam having another orgasm. I was overcome with pure lust over being forced to give myself up like this for the pleasure of these two women. I felt I was the humiliated object of a depraved sex show and nothing else existed in the world. Laurel slowly shoved the tip of the vibrator farther into my ass. That put me over the top and I stroked myself to an incredibly intense orgasm. A loud moan slipped out from between my lips and Rick's cock. I was shooting all over my stomach and Rick's ass and balls while grunting and straining with pleasure the whole time. I was so intent on sucking all the cum out of Rick's pulsing meat that my own orgasm became even more intense. Laurel then pushed my hand aside and pulled my arm outside Rick's knee, preventing me from using it to defend myself as she began stroking hard on my now overly sensitive cock. She kept it up for what seemed an eternity as I flopped around in agony trying to free my cock from her hand...but I could not. Finally, she began to slow down, still torturing me, but slowly allowing me to finish quaking on my own. She said, "I told you I'd get even." I was gently stroking the underside of Rick's dick head with my tongue allowing him slow recovery. We were both twitching in front of the girls and Rick finally rolled over onto the floor. I think Rick was as surprised as I was at how intense and exciting it was and I was elated by how much Sam and Laurel enjoyed it. The two times we did this with Laurel and Rick ranked as the hottest, most depraved sex Sam and I had ever experienced. Sam enjoyed the Dom role more than I had seen from her in the past...although she really enjoyed the sub role earlier that night. She just enjoys sex in most any role I guess. Seeing me tied up and at her mercy in front of other people though, that got her extremely excited and it gave me a feeling of confidence knowing how much it pleased her. Once we collected ourselves, Rick stood up and Sam released my left hand from the bed. Sam leaned over to whisper in my ear, "that was incredible," and kissed me on the cheek. It was difficult getting to my feet. My legs were still shaking. We were all exhausted and none of us were moving very quickly. We took our time cleaning up, then relaxed at the dining table with a drink while we talked about what we most enjoyed from our adventure. This was twice now that Sam and I had sex with Rick and Laurel and we decided we must do this more often. I asked Rick when he decided to change the plan. I said, "fucking my face again wasn't something we had talked about." He told me that when he told Laurel they were coming over, she told him how much she and Sam loved the last time - seeing me helpless while he came in my mouth and they'd love to see us do it again. "In addition," Rick said, "Laurel got especially turned on watching you the last time, but the next time, she wanted to see you get yourself off while I was cumming in your mouth." I had nothing to complain about. Knowing that someone as hot as Laurel enjoyed watching me in such a degrading position was really exciting and I would keep that in mind in the future. I really got off on how much the girls enjoyed watching. This was so new and different for all of us. Sam and I were exploring sides of each other we never would have known without Laurel and Rick. We all felt that, not only could we have sex in front of and with another couple, but we would likely enjoy sex in front of people other than just the four of us, and we could possibly even have sex with others as well. We decided, if the right opportunity presented itself to involve more people, we could be up for most anything. From my perspective, I knew my sex life would be forever changed similarly to when I lost my virginity. I could only fantasize about what might come next. I was anxious to explore.
  5. Samantha (Sam) and I have a wonderful sex life. We've been living together for nearly six years and we've never strayed outside of our relationship - neither on our own, nor as a couple. We treat each other with respect and we love learning about each other including sharing our wildest sexual fantasies. We each enjoy sub and dom positions and freely trade roles, though I tend to like the sub role more than being the top. Fortunately for me, Sam enjoys getting herself off as the Dom and I love watching. When it comes to sex, she is the most visually driven woman I've ever known. We tend to enjoy some different sexual positions, solo and mutual masturbation, and oral along with the use of videos, toys, light bondage, gambling, role playing, play wrestling, sexy clothes, lube... lots of stuff. We usually have our most intense sex when one of us is tied in bed or in a doorway so we tend to do that often. We are both straight, though we've imagined different scenarios where bisexuality is included as part of the fantasy. Sam has often imagined making love with another woman (something she'd never done) as I watch and jerk off. Occasionally she fantasizes about watching one man suck off another and we have a couple of gay videos she enjoys watching to enhance her fantasy. While it's not something I ever wanted to do, I can relate because I always wanted to see two women go at it. Sometimes she fantasizes about forcing me to suck another man's cock. She really likes to watch it in videos, imagining she's in control. The idea of having sex with another man turns me off, but being forced into it while a woman watches and gets off on it, especially if it were Sam is titillating. It has an element of filthy degradation that is strangely exciting. Occasionally, when Sam has had me restrained, she'll have me suck on one of her dildos as we both imagine me sucking cock. From purely a fantasy perspective, it's exciting because of how much she enjoys it, and besides, she always forces me to do it. Sam is beautiful. She is a natural strawberry blonde with short hair. She has a bright, happy and fun look, which is exactly how she is. She has contrasting, brown eyes and a "light up the room" smile people often comment on. Her body is slim with pert 34C breasts to die for. I consider myself to be an average looking guy but she tells me how hot I look just as I rave about her so perhaps there is a little emotional bias influencing our judgment. Anyway, a few months ago, she insisted on tying me to the bed. Who am I to argue? She wanted me to wear my black, silk boxers with slits up the sides, topped with snaps at the waist. Unsnap the sides and voila, they pretty much fall off. I love 'em, and so does she. There is a window above our bed where we can secure restraints - straps with Velcro loops at the ends which can be secured around wrists and/or ankles. With one end of the straps secured at the window, Sam tied my legs in the air, knees bent, but spread apart and my arms were secured over my head. Sam was wearing blue jeans over my favorite black, silk teddy that I had recently bought for her. The teddy has a low cut neckline with spaghetti straps that tie on the shoulders. She looked incredibly hot. I was at her mercy and pretty excited about it. Sam walked back and forth at the foot of the bed as she eyed me in my helpless position. I could tell she was in one of her wilder moods and things would get crazy. This went on for two to three minutes and though I trust her completely, I was beginning to feel a little intimidated by the long wait for something to happen. Finally, she broke the silence and said, "remember last week when we imagined having a foursome with Laurel and Rick?" Laurel and Rick are our best friends. Sam and I often fantasize about having sex with them but we never had the courage to suggest the idea. I said, "yeah." I was certain she'd share some dirty little fantasy involving them for me to focus on. She says, "well...they're here." Then she said, "look at you, tied to that bed and nearly naked. That's no way to greet our guests! You're improperly dressed and ill prepared for company. There will be consequences for your arrogance and ineptitude. I'm going to hhhhhhhhh you in front of them. I'll fuck Rick and force you to watch." She loves that fantasy. Frankly, so do I. I knew they hadn't really come over. She was just setting the stage for the night's fantasy. The idea of watching her getting herself off, while she's imagining getting fucked by Rick and making me watch is a crazy turn-on for both of us. "And what will Laurel be doing?" I asked. Sam says, "She'll be watching Rick and me of course, and getting herself off as she watches. Maybe she'll get you off too...maybe, but don't count on it." We've visited this fantasy in various ways with a variety of people. Role playing any fantasy with Sam is exciting because we both immerse ourselves into it . This one would be no different. I closed my eyes and imagined Laurel masturbating herself and me as we watch Sam and Rick. This was going to be a great night of fantasy sex. Then Sam put the blindfold on me. I couldn't see a thing. "I'll be right back," she said. "I want to make sure I look my best for Rick." I could hear some scuffling around. I knew she was taking off her sandals and her jeans and figured she'd be getting toys, lube, a video, or come up with something creative that might surprise me. I imagined her masturbating in front of me with a dildo or a vibrator while pretending it's Rick's cock. I suddenly felt her leaning against the bed next to me. She very slowly began removing my blindfold. I love seeing her in that black teddy so my excitement grew. I opened my eyes to see Sam at the foot of the bed, perfect in her black teddy, but with a very unexpected twist. Rick was standing behind her with his hands on her silk covered hips, dry fucking her ass at the foot of the bed. I was shocked at first, feeling a sense of jealousy and insecurity about my position. Rick is a great looking guy with a slim, solid body. He was wearing only a black, mesh thong and sporting an impressive hard-on. His size wasn't so big as to be scary but his cock was noticeably larger than mine. I knew Rick had always been faithful to Laurel, but here he was with my Sam. Sam seemed a little nervous by her pleasure, perhaps because of her uncertainty about my reaction to the surprise she put before me. She looked at me and gave me her beautiful, sexy smile. That helped me past the initial jolt and I could tell she really wanted this to continue. I began feeling a sense of reassurance from her look and I became more excited as I watched. I'm sure I could've stopped them if I felt that uncomfortable, but I love watching Sam bathe in her fantasies. I want to watch her, crazy turned on as she fucks someone else in front of me. The fact that I was restrained made it even better. It felt like I was being forced. Obviously, it wasn't Sam who took off my blindfold. It was Laurel. She was standing next to me and she too was watching what was developing between Sam and Rick. I looked over to see Laurel's black tap pants with leg openings so loose, I could catch glimpses of the edge her pubic hair through one leg as she was stroking herself through the other. She had on a loose fitting beige tank top with arm holes so big, I could see most of her bare breasts at times. I didn't actually need to see everything because the material was so thin, I could easily make out her nipples underneath. Laurel has, I'm guessing, "C" cup breasts, about 5' 5" tall and probably about 130 lbs. She has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes with a hot, sultry expression. She just always looks sexy. She was excited to watch Sam and Rick just as I was but she also liked eyeballing my obvious hard-on under my loose, floppy boxers. It was a little embarrassing but extremely erotic as the four of us embarked on a journey to a place where none of us had been before. Rick began running his hands slowly up and down Sam's sides from her hips to her armpits. Pretty soon, he was including her breasts in his motions. Sam's excitement was elevating as she looked up occasionally to see Laurel and me watching. Rick stepped a little to Sam's side and pulled the front of his thong below his balls so he could rub his bare cock against her silk covered hip. He slowly ran his hand down her back, to her ass. Sam began to tremble from excitement with every move of Rick's hands. I would witness her fantasy become a reality. I was surprised at how exciting it was to watch them. Rick began to probe between Sam's legs with one hand and she spread her legs wider apart. He gently stroked her, eventually bringing her into a frenzy she wasn't ready for. She quickly grabbed his hand to stop him momentarily. Then, with her hand over his, she moved his hand back and forth very slowly and she began to gyrate against his swollen cock. One snap at a time, he opened the crotch of her teddy and @@@@@@@ her soaking wet pussy. He continued stroking her. I thought she might cum but before she could, he slid his hands back up to her breasts and moved around behind her again. Rick turned her so she was facing me. Then he bent her over the bed with her head between my spread legs. She propped herself up, arms fully extended with her hands on the bed. Rick pulled his thong completely off, got tightly up against her, slowly penetrated and began fucking her from behind. He grabbed a handful of her blonde locks and pulled her head back so she had no choice but to look at Laurel and me. Sam seemed intoxicated by the sensation of Rick's cock penetrating her from behind while Laurel and I took pleasure watching. Sam began stroking her clit, occasionally reaching back to feel Rick's balls. It was obvious Laurel enjoyed masturbating, perhaps because Rick's eyes were so focused on her. Still stimulating herself, she sat on the bed next to me and began lightly stroking my cock wrapped in my silk boxers. This was almost too much at once and I thought I might cum right away but Laurel stopped in time for me to regain some level of control. Rick was still pumping Sam from behind. He reached up and put his hands on Sam's shoulders, hanging on to her as their excitement continued to escalate. Then Rick untied the shoulder straps on Sam's teddy. The front of her teddy slid off and dropped onto the bed. I watched her exquisite titties bounce up and down as Rick pounded her from behind. Laurel reached over and unsnapped the snaps on each side of my boxers, then resumed the gentle stroking of my cock still wrapped in silk. We each became increasingly excited. She relished in her control over me and I became more excited and nervous by how easily my boxers could now be removed. She'd let go occasionally to watch my cock throb as she gently teased me, then back to stroking again. Ever so slowly and deliberately, Laurel was allowing my boxers to slide out of her hand. It was like she was slowly strip teasing me until she had fully @@@@@@@ my helpless situation. I felt an increased level of sensation without the layer of silk between her hand and my bare cock. It was frighteningly exciting and I found myself uncontrollably lost in it. All of us were consumed with each other in different ways. This served as Sam and Laurel's defining moment with Rick and Sam fucking each other while watching Laurel and me - Laurel masturbating herself and stroking me while Sam and Rick watched and fucked each other. The girls became uncontrollably excited and could bear no more as they approached their peak. They each let go and came almost simultaneously. I think it added to their excitement to watch each other cum, knowing Rick and I are taking pleasure from watching them. Listening and watching both girls climax at the same time was unforgettable. Sam collapsed onto the bed, moaning as Rick continued his assault on her. Laurel tensed up at my side and leaned her head over me. I thought she was about to blow me but she just shuddered in her ecstatic state. Once Laurel regained her composure, she reached under my leg and very lightly began touching my balls. Then she ran her finger up and down my asshole, barely touching me. It tickled slightly, kind of a tingling sensation that was incredibly teasing. Then she'd go back to my balls, and so on. It was incredible to be so vulnerable with her stimulating my ass as I watched Sam in her ecstasy. I was so hard, it hurt when Laurel leaned down and locked her lips on my shaft. Rick was obviously on a mission, still going at Sam as she propped herself back onto her hands in front of me. Again I watched Sam's body flowing with Rick's rhythm. I began anticipating Rick pumping his seed into Sam when suddenly, she pulled away from him and he popped out of her. Sam slowly stood up and Rick looked like he wanted to say, "what the fuck?" He was obviously confused when she didn't allow him to finish. Laurel released me from her lip lock and sat back up to see what was going on. Sam walked over to the night stand, opened the drawer and grabbed our handcuffs and the bottle of lube. She threw the lube on the bed and slowly sauntered behind Rick, cuffed his hands behind his back and said to him, "I have a very special surprise for you." I knew she would suck him over the edge - that she wanted to savor his juice and control every aspect of his pleasure with her mouth. I knew what she was capable of and how much he would struggle under her oral control over him with his hands restrained behind him. Then Sam brought him over to the side of the bed so I would have a better view - or, so I thought, but she told him to get on the bed and straddle me. Almost immediately, I knew what she was doing and I became nervous and afraid. She wanted to fulfill the fantasy I was most uncomfortable with. She wanted to watch me suck off another man. Rick, wrists cuffed behind his back was now in a submissive position and he responded as he was told. He knelt there in front of me, his soaked hard-on bobbing no more than 3 inches in front of my face. I could smell Sam all over him. I could not only sense his willingness, but by the look on Rick's face, he seemed excited at the prospect of being sucked off by me in front of the girls. Sam looked at me and said, "that's me all over him. You always tell me how much you love how I taste. Open your mouth. You're going to taste me now." It was most humiliating and I was resistant to Sam's order. I noticed Laurel stroking herself again. She looked at me with her sexy, wanting expression and continued fondling my balls and my ass. Somehow, she knew exactly how to touch me and she was driving me crazy. She said, "you look so hot. You can't help yourself. You are hopelessly aroused and you'll do anything for us. Sam and I are going to watch you suck Rick's big cock and you'll be fully aroused by what you're doing in front of us. Sam and I really want to watch you. You'll do this for us, won't you?" I started to wonder what Rick's cock would feel like in my mouth. I wasn't sure I should, or even could do it but hesitantly, I opened my mouth and focused on the pleasure the girls would get from watching. Sam held Rick's cock straight out and pushed him forward forcing his wet meat into my mouth. I savored the taste of Sam and immersed myself in lust. I was tightening my lips on another man's cock to fulfill Sam and Laurel's wishes...and I found myself moaning from their excitement and my lusty humiliation. Laurel grabbed the lube and squirted it all over my cock, my balls, my belly - everywhere. She rubbed the slippery stuff all over me. I could feel it tickle my asshole as it ran down my crack. That was followed by the touch of her slippery fingers. Slowly but firmly, I slid my tongue up and down the underside of the head of Rick's cock. Laurel went back to that light touch on my balls and she continued stroking her swollen clit. Sam lightly fondled Rick's balls with one hand while reaching around him to stroke me with the other. In a very soft, sexy voice, Sam said to Rick, "you're going to cum in his mouth. Laurel and I want to watch him take your cum in his mouth." Then Laurel said to Sam, "look how excited these two boys are for us." I was probably as hard as I've ever been, not just from physical touch, but from fear of the unknown and the unfamiliarity of the depraved visuals. Sucking another man's cock, even for the pleasure of two beautiful women was a line I thought I'd never cross, yet there I was, tied up and helplessly forced to service Rick. I was overwhelmed and completely caught up in my lustful degradation. I applied pressure to the underside of Rick's cock with my tongue as I used it to stroke Rick's shaft. Sam continued stroking my cock. I started sucking on him, sliding up and down his rod while firmly stroking the underside of his dick head with my tongue. My mission had become to force him to cum in my mouth for the girls. Rick began pumping in and out of my mouth faster than my tongue was moving. I knew he was about to let loose. Between Sam's stroking and Laurel's light touch on my balls and ass, I was fighting to avoid cumming before Rick. Rick continued to pump faster as he became more swollen in my mouth. I continued sucking, harder now as I bobbed my head opposite his thrusts while still sliding my tongue under the head of his shaft. He could take no more. Rick erupted in my mouth and for the first time, I tasted another man's salty seed. Sam ordered me to eat it so I started swallowing as Rick continued to pump his load into my mouth. I couldn't keep up and felt some dripping out of my mouth and down my chin. I was squirming with humiliating pleasure as Sam and Laurel watched and forced me into bisexuality. Sam tightened her hand a little on my cock and increased the speed of her strokes. Laurel applied light pressure on my asshole with one finger as she continued to fondle my balls. Sam said she wanted to make me cum while sucking on another man's cock. I was thrusting my hips up and down now and telling them, "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." I shot a huge load into Sam's hand, into the air, and all over Rick's back and ass as I writhed and moaned in the ecstasy of the moment. Sam continued stroking me to the point where it became torture. I mumbled for her to stop while Rick's cock was still in my mouth but she just kept stroking. Rick was still quaking in my mouth. I was doing my best to make him squirm too. I was bouncing around like popcorn and trying to squirm away from Sam's hand but to no avail. Rick tried to pull away from me but I sucked harder and raised up to follow his movements. Then Sam pushed on his ass, forcing his cock fully back into my mouth. Laurel was still stroking herself as she watched me gyrating from Sam's torturous stroking. Then she leaned over toward my cock, tensed up, let out a loud moan which was almost a scream and came a second time as she licked the cum off the head of my cock. Finally, Sam slowed down her tempo and I began to tolerate her strokes, enjoying the occasional tremors that extended my level of satisfaction. Finally, I let Rick's wilting cock flop out of my mouth and Rick collapsed on top of my chest with my spread legs at his sides. It was so over the top for me. Had I not been through it, I would have said it couldn't have happened...but it did. We cleaned up, got dressed and relaxed at the dining room table. Everyone was in a great mood and seemed very satisfied. We had a drink, laughed and talked about our favorite parts of the evening. The time we spent talking while at the table was a great part of our night. It was important to our friendship to make sure everyone was still comfortable with each other after experiencing this fantasy together. We had an unforgettable, sex filled evening with our best friends and it was great. Laurel and Rick left. We hadn't made plans to revisit our adventure that night, though I was sure this was the just the first of more to come. I think we all knew, if we did this again, we would try to use the element of surprise again as that was a big part of the excitement. After they left, Sam told me that she and Laurel had discussed this at length beforehand and planned it all out. Rick knew in advance, he would fuck Sam while I watched, and that I would probably like it however, he didn't know he would end up fucking my face. Laurel kept that from him until that night. Laurel was sure Rick would love cumming in another man's mouth because he often fantasizes about having gay/bi sex in front of her. I never knew that about him prior to that night. I thanked Sam for trusting our relationship and taking the chance by initiating the fantasy. I also thanked her for putting her faith in me as I put mine in her. We were excited that we had opened a new door into the depths of our fantasies. Ok, game on... Rick and I would plan a night where we're in charge. I'm quite familiar with fantasies that excite Sam - things she'd never experienced because of her fear of them so it would be my turn to extend her boundaries. There is no doubt, we will do this again, next time with Rick and me in control. Maybe that's what Sam and Laurel wanted from the beginning.
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