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  1. nice to have you onboard

    1. baluba81


      tried to chat with time :)

  2. baluba81

    Geschichten Auf Deutsch (German Stories)

    ich hoffe das Ihr "Po" auch dran glauben muss
  3. baluba81

    juju and lover

    In my opinion the hottest HW on CF ,i'd like to see Juju spitroasted inbetween two strong black guys .mmmm
  4. baluba81

    Watching My Mom?

    Oi! i was wondering if i can find here anyone with the imagination or even experience of watching mom getting fucked!? No Incest! The cuckold son and the hotwife mother. I've seen some clips on the net
  5. baluba81

    Bad experiences

    Look what i've found : My b/f of over 10 years is obsessed with the idea of watching me have sex with someone else. Things weren't going well so as a Christmas Gift I suggested a three-some (this has been something he has talked about for years). We set it up - met with the person and all went well. However, it is NOT something I wish to do on a regular basis. Since then he has become obsessed with it - wants to see me with 1, 2, 3 guys at a time while he watches, films, etc., and partakes as well. He is on the computer 24/7 looking for people to set up encounters with. I have told him this is not my idea of a good time and his response is I put no effort into the relationship by not wanting to partake. How do i get him to understand this is not something i'm comfortable with or am I truly not putting effort in by not wanting to partake. Read more: Group Sex - Relationships and Marriage Forum - eHealthForum Follow us: @ehealthforums on Twitter
  6. baluba81


    Duckmeat4u Your wife is divine Love to watch her and would like to kiss her and be continued
  7. baluba81

    can i ask your opinions of myself?

    I love your piercings! :*
  8. baluba81

    bigger wives to fuck

    Duckmeat your wife Tammy is awesome!!!! 100 points
  9. baluba81

    cucks made to clean cum

    That's right. It is your duty to clean her pussy and ass with your tongue. I like getting sucked before i fuck "my" hotwife and it's such lovely mouthfucking him while i'm kissing his wife...
  10. baluba81

    my wife - Meine frau

    Anstatt der Gurken wären zwei Kerle angesagt
  11. Looking for hotwife/cuckold couples from Croatia,Serbia,former Yugoslavia for contact and more. In such countries is the cuckold lifestyle growing but because of the conservative enviornment it's pretty closed.Tourists visiting this countries are also welcome
  12. baluba81

    my wife and her lover

    Your wife getting fucked and of course you licking the balls or cleaning up after they've done their job
  13. baluba81

    chubby wife, whatcha think?

    she's awesome
  14. baluba81

    chubby wife, whatcha think?

    You're a happy cuck
  15. baluba81

    How would this make you feel?

    in your presence ?great period