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  1. peterjf61

    Love the idea of cuckold, but wife hates it

    hi , I think your wife would be missing out on lots of fun , but if she not into it you don't stand a chance mate , lets hope she changes her mind or she starts cheating on you and confesses,
  2. Ukc109811 on £kype

  3. Contact me ..Wife is 46 UK

  4. peterjf61

    List Your Location

    east Yorkshire UK here , older uncle type ,
  5. peterjf61

    Wife to be fucked by 75 year old this weekend

    this is so true , im peter in east yorkshire , 62 yrs young ,
  6. peterjf61

    Guy in lanzarote

    Matagorda , pocillos, 5th oct to 19 oct
  7. peterjf61

    List Your Location

    east Yorkshire can travel
  8. peterjf61

    my skinny wife

    a little stunner
  9. peterjf61

    Shy Uk Wife Clare

    looks very sexy
  10. peterjf61

    My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    id love to spread her on the net aswell , I'm nth uk , maybe a few sexier pix would help, cheers , pete
  11. as the weather gets better , anyone up for outdoor fun, take your wife dogging , photography outdoor shots, cuck can attend , beaches , woods , public areas showing her off in all her glory , I'm in east Yorkshire easy access to coast , your hotel ,
  12. maybe a few paragraphs would help , and a few capitals
  13. peterjf61

    List Your Location

    east Yorkshire , UK, MATURE 61 YR OLD
  14. peterjf61

    photography , nth uk / east yorkshire

    ready to chat whenever you are
  15. peterjf61

    Who Likes What

    fresh shaved , no underwear , thin dress , a wife / girlfriend who isnt quite sure she wants fucking, the hubby has dressed her and prepared her for the meet , meet initially at their home or hotel , the air is electric, I tell the wife to kiss her hubby goodbye for 3-4 hours , she text him throughout the evening , telling him what is happening, not allowing her to clean herself up after fucking , sperm running down her bare legs , making sure there is a sperm seepage on her clothes , return her back home , she can make hubby and myself a coffee, then she can sit with hubby whilst her fingers her , just before a leave I give her one final fucking whilst hubby is holding her hands , making sure he knows that she has totally enjoyed her older guy from east Yorkshire uk x