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  1. My Cuck Story

    Good that the situation turned good for everybody :-)
  2. Your Opinion

    KennyG gives one of the best advice (if not the best) that I have ever seen.
  3. Bad experiences

    Thank you for reviving this post. It's very important that everybody is aware of the risks and downfalls on this lifestyle as to the benefits and joys of it. Not everything is a stairway to heaven nor a highway to hell.
  4. He came on her face

    Great. Keep sharing with us.
  5. Well, our family doesn't know about it...At least that we are aware about... But some friends of my wife do know. And we know that they have shared the "news"...
  6. Bad experiences

    So we were reading other topic about a cuckold experience and this subject "cummed" on our mind. We all love to read about a good cuckold experience, it drives our imagination to places most of us have not been before,but what about bad cuckold experiences? We think this could help new couples and singles to deal with fears... Set the mood right... And break some chains... Hope for the best, be prepared to the worst - our motto... Kar & Kow
  7. Pics

    Nice collection! Keep sharing with us.
  8. Fag friend's wife

    You can make both happy... keep sharing with us...
  9. good luck lilcuckman keep sharing with us
  10. My mature hotwife

    WOW... Keep sharing your Hotwife with us...
  11. Cucked by babysitter?

    That was Hot!!! Keep sharing with us.
  12. Petitemom

    WOW... Keep sharing with us.