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  1. Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Just recently I became fully bi. For years I had been into oral play with our bulls but with my wife's current boyfriend things escalated beyond that. I now love being penetrated by another man and look forward to it everytime we get together.
  2. My 26 Year old GF.

    Gorgeous indeed! You sir, are a very lucky man.
  3. Wew

    My wife has opened up to her feelings toward our boyfriend and we now openly say I love you to her and she says the same to us. The human heart is capable of so much if you only allow it.
  4. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    Our bull, my wife and I go on weekly date nights. For the last year or so we've gone to the same restaurant and had the same waiter for about 80% of the time. He considers us a regular. Finally one night he asks why I never come with a date, and my wife perks up and says, "I'm his wife and this is our boyfriend". I about melted into my chair and he just sort of smiled.
  5. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    It's crazy how this lifestyle can change a person. When we set off, my wife (then my girlfriend) expressed interest in me sucking a cock. Of course I was adamant it would never happen. Seven years later, she jokes that her boyfriend's cock is in my mouth more than hers. Needless to say I've grown to love it.
  6. Changes

    Since I had last posted a lot has changed. I have climbed further down the cuck's rabbit hole and have become more submissive to both my wife and our bull. Last winter the three of us took a trip together for a weekend where I began what would be a much more prolonged use of my chastity cage. A fourteen hour train ride in a private room led to much fucking and cock sucking (for both of us). As our relationship has become more and more female led they have been going on date nights (and allowing me to join). Despite this my wife and I have gotten even closer and still fuck like rabbits. A series of trips to the swinger club has had me clean not just my wife and our bull (who is now more like her other husband) but another couple as well. They went one weekend and were incredibly cryptic about what transpired so I can only imagine she got gangbanged. Two weeks ago I sent them on a cruise where I paid for everything. The vacation was all about them and my only rule was let me know when you get into port and back on the boat. Any other rules we had were off I must say, I am looking forward to what the next few months have in store for us.
  7. We had just started dating and my wife was a virgin. I was in the army at the time and getting ready to go back to Afghanistan. So before I left I suggested she can have an open relationship. It took her a few months but finally at a music festival she met a guy and they danced, made out and finally fucked. The best part about it, her friends were present until they went into her tent. She met him a few more times during that summer but eventually moved onto another guy and that's basically it in a nutshell.
  8. hello..should i eat the bulls cum?

    That is entirely up to you. For the longest time I had no interest in it, however as things progressed I felt myself pulled more and more into the thought. The thought became a fantasy. The fantasy became an obsession. And finally the obsession became a reality. Once you try it everything changes, whether you continue or not. If you're comfortable with where you are now then don't. If you want to experience a different kind of humiliation, then do it. Either decision is right since ultimately it's your wife's and your lifestyle.
  9. Chastity Cages

    I'm a little bit bigger (7.5 inches, not huge but not tiny) So if they make them in bigger sizes as well I'm interested in trying it out.
  10. Chastity Cages

    To my fellow cucks out there, recently we've purchased a chastity cage. I was wondering which ones all of you have and what you like about them, what would you change? Currently I have the Bastille Cage from Imperia.
  11. Cuckold Hotwife Captions

    I cannot get enough of cuckold captions.
  12. Lara's First Time

    What would the difference between that and cuckolding be?
  13. Lara's First Time

    We had started with swinging, but I enjoyed her with another man, than I liked being with another woman so we got away from that.
  14. Lara's First Time

    Haha, well I'm not the typical cuckold I guess, I can satisfy her, but I get so much excitement when she is with another man. So I have definitely heard her screams.
  15. Lara's First Time

    I can't speak for everyone but I've cleaned up my own mess, but once you nut you kind of lose that excitement so it's more rare for me.