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  1. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Consider me drooling!
  2. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Thank u! I do like them.
  3. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Awwwww. 😊😊😊 thank u.
  4. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! But it looks like I have to go panty shopping for myself. Lol.
  5. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    And?! DId she like? Or was she upset you stretched her sexy panties? Lol.
  6. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    Is that such a bad thing? Lol.
  7. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    My wife and our boyfriend recently made the decision that I wear panties from now. She even bought me my first pair. They’re a little small but they feel nice. Any other cucks out there wearing panties?
  8. subsucko

    Cucks, show off your cages

    The tattoo is what its all about.
  9. subsucko

    Soon wifey shall permit to post all pregnancy pics.

    Looking forward to seeing her!!!
  10. subsucko

    cucky bi

    Absolutely love doing this now!!!
  11. subsucko

    Wannabe - How did u start with this lifestyle?

    I was enamored by it. I was nervous with butterflies in my stomach and shaking. The first times I got to watch I waited until her guy would finish and then I would have my go, which never lasted long when I had seconds. Eventually I began to prep her and finally him. When we first started I swore I would never have sex with another man or do anything with them but she planted a seed and things just changed.
  12. subsucko

    Wannabe - How did u start with this lifestyle?

    Well I wasn’t with the first time or for the first six months until i fan back from Afghanistan. After i got to watch some. We’ve been married for five years and for the last three she’s had a steady boyfriend. We have a baby now so things have slowed down but are starting to pick back up.
  13. subsucko

    Wannabe - How did u start with this lifestyle?

    My story wasn’t that crazy. I simply told my wife (gf) at the time my fantasy. There was some disbelief but I assured her i wasn’t using it as an excuse to sleep around on her. I was in the army at the time and left on deployment. After a few months she took me up on it and met her first boy toy at a music festival.
  14. subsucko

    Our First Gang Bang

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun writing it and even more fun living it.
  15. subsucko

    Wife said she's to big

    Oh no. Assure her she’s beautiful and let her know people love bigger girls. Sounds like some strange cock is the self esteem boost she needs.