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  1. subsucko

    Open letter to Todos

    I'll take 1-300, you take 301-600, secondjag 601-900.... and we should be able to have them all flagged by 2029.
  2. subsucko

    Open letter to Todos

    The sad thing is they’re image posts that get the same number of views as my three page stories.
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    Open letter to Todos

    Please don't stop posting!!! I know I actually go into the topic channels and seek out new posts and I'm sure others do too.
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    Open letter to Todos

    It's incredibly disheartening to post anymore because as soon as you do, it will be buried under todos spamming. Adding to a few different threads would not only clear everything up, but he would likely get more views.
  5. We wake and I go kiss my wife, "not today. You know you can't have me while we're trying for another baby. I know it's tough but if you can't keep it in your pants, we'll have to cage you permanently." She smiles as she says this, "in fact, go get me your cage. I think it's better this way." I go to my panty drawer (I've been wearing only panties for the last year) and bring her the cage. She methodically puts my penis in careful as to not make me hard, "I can touch it as long as its soft" she giggles as she slowly locks it up. "maybe I should just give this to a friend to hold" she says as she twirls her key necklace around her hand. Luckily for me she puts it around her neck and a breast falls out of her nightie. She catches my glimpse and laughs as she puts it back in. "Well since your unable you can probably give them a kiss. God knows when you'll be able actually have them again." It's more of an order than a suggestion so I kiss them gently, "what do you say?" "Thank you Goddess" "Good boy". "Tonight's the night," she says as she gets out of bed, "we're trying again and need you to be here. I expect the house clean and you ready to grab whatever we need. It could be a long night and we may get thirsty and sweaty." "Of course Goddess, nothing would make me more happy". We go about the the morning, breakfast, laundry, she calls me upstairs to draw her a bath and to shave her. Once she's satisfied I dry her off and she asks me if I like the outfit she picked out for tonight. It's nothing the average person would look twice at but I do a double take. Black skirt, white baggy shouldered shirt, this was the outfit she wore when I proposed to her. She smiles as she picks it up and slowly puts it on, making sure I see every movement she makes. She wants me to know that she is going to filled with another man's seed in the outfit she wore when she pledged she would be faithful, I couldn't be more excited. It only seemed fitting. There's a knock at the door and she tells me to go get it. I open it and there he is. He has a bouquet of flowers like it's their first date. He shakes my and hand and gives me a hug and asks if I'm ready, before I can answer he brushes past me and she jumps up, wrapping her legs around him and giving him a passionate kiss. He drops the flowers and sets her on the table. The table I just set for the two of them. They kiss harder and harder, hands moving a million miles an hour. Across her back, up his chest, squeezing her breasts, gripping him through his pants. He slides his hand under her skirt to find her pussy very wet, and very ready. He begins to finger her and she braces her arms behind her, knocking a dish set to the floor, shattering it. He stops fingering her and she pulls him out and takes his sopping wet finger in her mouth and looks over at me and says strongly, "he can clean it up" and slides his finger back in. They begin kissing on the table and tearing at each others clothes, he throws her shirt off and i catch my key shine in the light. She wraps her legs around his waist pulling him in close, "let's go to bed" she says. He grips her ass and begins to walk across the kitchen. She looks at me over his shoulder and says one word. "Crawl". I get down on all fours and follow them. He throws her down on my side of the bed. Intentionally I'm sure. They shed what remaining clothes they have and she grips him slowly sliding him into her. Sliding him, into my wife, on my side of the bed. I catch another glint of metal as she wraps her arms around his back. She knows how much I love when she wears her ring. She moans as he enters her deeper and deeper. He begins to pick up speed, the sound of his balls slapping against her intensifies. After several minutes her moans turns to screams as she has her first orgasm. She convulses all over him before pushing him out. "Water" she instructs and I run and grab a glass. When I return she's on top of him, his cock resting between her cheeks. I hand her the glass and she chugs half of it before handing it back. I go to sick down but she coughs to get my attention. I come over and she looks to his cock and raises herself off of him. I grab him and spread her with my other hand and slowly guide him back in. As she lowers herself down she gasps again. She begins to ride him and I'm transfixed on her ass. I love the dimples in them as she grinds. He grips her cheeks spreading them revealing a huge glob of cream as she cums again. When she's done he flips her on her side so they are both facing me. He slides in and puts an arm around her neck and another around her stomach. She turns her head and kisses as he pumps in and out. Their tongues dance in the same rhythm as his thrusts. As he pumps harder and harder he flips onto his back fully and raises her legs in the air. He begins to moan gutterally and she screams. Harder, harder, faster, deeper and then he cries out and convulses underneath her. He grips her waist pushing her further down on his cock. She screams out in pure ecstasy and plants her legs down. She lifts herself up and slowly grinds back and forth, attempting to push his seed further in. She flips around with him still inside of her and kisses him passionately but tenderly. She slowly gets off him, careful as to not spill anything and rests her hand on his chest. They continue to kiss. And kiss and finally she says out loud in a soft tender voice directed at both of us, "I'm ovulating and haven't taken my pills". Life can't get much better.
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    Per request

    Just going to keep this alive so Todo doesn't bury it!
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    Is that it!

    My god, I'm jealous and drooling over here!
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    Panty Wearing Cuck

    New pair, u like?
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    Per request

    Seriously I would die to clean you up!!!
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    Christmas Help

    Lol, well maybe they decide to go for it. But fucking Pony makes me want to get down and dirty. Such a hot fucking song.
  11. subsucko

    Panty Wearing Cuck

  12. subsucko

    Christmas Help

    Well of course Let's Get it On is on there! You can't have baby making music without Marvin!
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    Party Season

    Call that whatever you want!!!
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    Per request

    You're horrible. I love it!!!
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    Per request

    My god, you make me want to turn in my cage and panties and join the ranks of bulldom! Amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.