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  1. Socks and sandals.
  2. I mean who doesn't love bareback, but unfortunately this is reality we're dealing with. We are arranging a bareback night with a few guys but we're going through some rigorous testing.
  3. subsucko


    How u doin? ;)
  4. subsucko


    So there aren’t really dirty girls that want to meet me?!
  5. subsucko


    This is not talked about nearly enough here. I feel like the "ur wife should be a bareback only slut with strangers" is almost the perfect litmus test to spot fakes.
  6. This is unfortunate but something that is fairly common and needs to be addressed in the community. Thank you for sharing!!!
  7. I'll keep that in mind! I imagine NYC would keep you busy though, don't they have an active community?
  8. I don't know how many messages I get asking to "fuck my slut" despite not having pictures. Then when I refuse to share the anger begins. Funny thing is once these fuckers get a chance to have sex with someone's wife, they chicken out.
  9. In reality even if Claire had reported it Ricky most likely wouldn’t have had any kind of repercussions. Women report abusive husbands all the time and it’s turned into them being an instigator. Well written although I still feel sympathy for Claire. She went from being an object for Ricky’s insecurities and rage into and object for Terrence’s kinks.
  10. Absolutely beautiful woman.
  11. This! Seriously embrace your kinks and stop worrying about other people.
  12. Awesome! Welcome. This is site is definitely a great tool in finding your way through the lifestyle so you picked the right place.