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  1. subsucko

    SEX 1222

    Pics from the internet. He posts probably 30 times a day of just pornstars.
  2. subsucko


    My god she is sexy.
  3. subsucko

    Who likes sexy underwear

    Love my sexy underwear.
  4. I think living in the lifestyle we’re all pretty damn lucky!!!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Your husband and lover(s) are very lucky indeed!!!
  6. subsucko

    Cuckold Threesome

    Ugh, the best! Love days like those!
  7. subsucko

    Shemales for cucks

    That’s tragic!!!
  8. subsucko

    Shemales for cucks

    I’m drooling thinking about them.
  9. subsucko

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Been too long since I've sucked black 😕
  10. subsucko

    Any wannabe cucks want to talk?

    Not a wannabe or under 4 inches but would love to talk. :)
  11. subsucko

    Shemales for cucks

    Facefuck me, bend me over just let me have it!!!
  12. subsucko

    Shemales for cucks

    My god. Too fucking sexy. I would ride that dick for days!
  13. I'm curious is anyone is aware of any podcasts or documentaries related to the cuckold lifestyle? It would be interesting to see a scientific perspective on these kinks. If anyone knows of any please let me know.
  14. subsucko

    Shemales for cucks

    All things being said, that is an incredible cock and I would love for that to be in my wife and me.
  15. subsucko

    Cuckold now but started as a Bull

    Amazing story! I am sorry about the loss of the baby, but everything else was just perfect! I look forward to hearing more of your journey.