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  1. Spot on! Humiliation works when it's wanted. Bulls and those who want to be need to understand that they are a tool used in fulfulling the couples fantasy. It's a privilege not a right to be with our women. The only one that gets to hhhhhhhhh me is our long term!
  2. She's a very close second, but luckily for you in my ranking I haven't had any interactions with her ;)
  3. Hands down @Naughty Nicki. Sexy, sweet, and just plain fun she's definitely cream of the crop around here.
  4. I wouldn’t say meet but it has happened. I’m very hereroflexible. I’ve had multiple encounters with our bf and a few with other guys. I prefer her to be there as I love doing it in front of her but sometimes other things happen. Lol.
  5. My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship since 6 months into our relationship, with a few attempts at swinging and a six month separation before we were engaged and over the years it has evolved considerably. As I've grown more into the actual world of cuckoldry I've seen it change too. So much of what you say resonates with me. I am a cuck (a term I use proudly) by choice. I'm fit, have a decent dick, know how to use, good stamina. The stereotypes to me, have really begun to spin out of control, almost to the part where outsiders view it as the norm. Our boyfriend (what started out as just a regular playmate has blossomed into a polyamorous relationship) is white. And although she has had a few black lovers she still has no preference on skin color. I've seen a lot of people claim to be in hotwife lifestyles but not want to call it a cuckold relationship because of the connotation of it. Instead they opt to call their husbands (or themselves Stags) However these have tended to be simply open relationships where the husband gets to fool around as well. This bothers me most, a stag is a type of cuck, however one that tends to take a more passive role. Not into humiliation, maybe still dominant to his etc. You cannot change the definition of something because you don't like it, then hijack another term because you like the sound of it. Sorry this is so disjointed, I'm typing on my phone in two minute increments trying to look like I'm returning something important. Lol. Anyway I love this thread and am looking forward to see what everyone else thinks!
  6. Absolutely! When we began the lifestyle I swore I would never suck dick. After about a year and a half I sucked my first and now 8 years later I am in panties and have enjoyed our bf (and a few others).
  7. subsucko


    My wife and our bf have put me in panties, not fully sissy but never rule that out.
  8. Absolutely! By opening up about our desires we have found a level of trust we probably never would have known. By indulging in our fantasies we've been able to keep things exciting where it would have grown stagnant years ago. As I grew in the lifestyle I found myself more and more accepting of people of different lifestyles as well. Have we had fights? Definitely but even the most traditional vanilla relationship has issues. By being in the lifestyle I would say I've become a better person. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  9. Your bull's cock is making me drool!
  10. I'm going to follow this because I've done a little reading into it but right now don't have the time to post everything I've found. But so far no actual studies have been conducted so everything is just doctors observations. But I'll get back when I have more time.
  11. subsucko


    I wear panties exclusively, unless I'm working out then I'm allowed to wear spandex, but 7/10 I elect to wear panties. It was my wife's idea and her and our boyfriend bought me my first pair..
  12. We've lost a great! But I wish you good luck on your next chapter!!!