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Where to find bulls


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I would say you can look here, but in the years I have been on this site I have had at least 6 couples express interest until it came time for an in person meeting.  Some of them just ghosted me, yet they are still active on this site while others just did not show after making a date to meet for drinks.

My actual connections have come from meeting folks at vanilla parties, and some non cuck oriented sites where the wife was on there looking and did not tell me she was married until our first date was nearly over.

I am at the moment between cuck couples my last couple of 13 years having moved out of the NYC area, but it is like hunting unicorns.  Many people want the fantasy, but are not ready to step up when it comes to meeting.

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On 8/18/2019 at 8:59 AM, choc delite said:

well this BBC BUL is in your city once a month lets talk,




Bro,1st off...I mean NO DISREPECT...but if you have to anounce that you're a bull...IN EVERY THREAD YOU COMMENT ON/in...........IMO oppinion,,you are nota bull....you may want to be ,,,but just calling yourself a bull..does not make you one..

And again.this is not an attack of any kind,

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