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My ex wife and I had an exxxtremely wild relationship that ended a few years ago. However, she left me  a total sissy slut cuck. We did so many things together and I love sharing our wild stories. From gangbangs to crossdressing to whoring ourselves out as a "lesbian" couple we were hot together. interested in sharing, swapping, stories with others interested. prefer to do it via discreet phone. dont have camera on computer and dont have skype. im 42 white male in us. hit me up at [email protected]

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Cuckold Tests

My cuckold story!

Me and my mrs was sitting one night watching tv, we did not realise that main door is open . Suddenly 3 men enter our house they were robbers, my wife was wearing pink top and black tights with no bra, robbers tie me and my wife and start looking for stuff of there interset they took some cash my car keys and my laptop, when they were going out , my wife called them fukin bastered they get pissed of wirh my wife and came back in the house , one said lets teach this bitch some manners, i knew whats coming, i beg then plz dnt touch her but they start riping her clothes off, they untie her and force her to suck there cock, she cry and refuse but one of them hold her head and other put his cock in her mouth i close my eyes i was shouthing but they did not care , this guy start licking her pussy , she start moaning little, after few minutes one guy hold her and the other told her to ride his cock she said no , they force her to do it and she have no choice, first they hold her hair and force her but after some time i realize the no one was holding or grabbig her , she was sucking two of riding the third one she was enjoying it u guess, they all fucked her hard rhey stays for an hour and fucked her many times, then they left, my wife runs towards me and untie me , i ask her why were u enjoying it? She told me do i had choice? I said no but atleast you shoyld resist, she smile and went to sleep, now everytime i am recaping that scene and looking at my wife riding them turn me on

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