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Bull Master And Sexual Owner For My Wife


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Its not the first time we go this journey,..


My wife had lots of sexual adventures with all kind of people in the past. I can send pictures to prove it.

Now I am looking for a fix and engaged sex partner for my wife.

After my wife tried out some single men she is very disappointed.

I will invite couples with the intention to go for an engaged and intense sexual trio relation with my wife. If it click they become the sexual owners of my wife.

I will consider a single man as her bull master.


Me the husband must not be involved, because for me its not a big step to accept an extreme cuckold position, what means no any sexual activity with my wife any more.

After my wife tasted the exiting kinky sex with other men, it evolute to have no normal sex relation any more with me. We give each other just very poor masturbating sex and not frequently. Now she need the excitement of kinky sex to be healthy, happy and enjoyable to me. To give her that is my only concern.

My wife is very easy to seduce and an easy prey to catch by a gentlemen and foxy dominant bull. If he push the right buttons there will be no obstacle to become her bull master and sexual owner with exclusive and unlimited sexual rights and authority over my wife (and me?). My wife can't give herself an orgasm, so she must concentrate her sexuality and desires on her bull master.

He can make her addicted to his power and sex drive. I saw it happens before.

She will obey him and give him all sexual pleasure, any time and as much he want.

Her bull master can train her to become the perfect sex slave. Also to use for pictures, video, internet websites, webcam, exhibitionism, public life sex performance, etc.

Even when her master like to make some financial profit with it.

He can order her to give sexual service to others or can full share her with some trustful friends as party sex and fuck toy.

However my wife will be only submissive to her bull master and not to any else.

She will not have any sexual activity without the presence and order of her bull master.


All of this I saw before and certainly during a 3 month real relation with a bull master. I have lots of pictures and video of it to prove.


Because of to much disillusion with fake candidates, means it turned out that they were occasional bulls, I will consider only the ones who will go for an very high engagement of sexual ownership for lifetime. After my wife accept her bull master owner, Then he must mark her with full pubic tattoo who show the status of owned woman and the initials of her master strait above her pussy.

If it would be a black master, then she become also the black spade sign above her pussy.

My wife (and me) will give watertight no way back guarantee by sign a copyright and unlimited modelling contract.

For myself, I hope to be allowed to watch and masturbate or see video or webcam when my wife is used by her master or is ordered to give sexual service to others.




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Cuckold Tests

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I will try your wife.

You prepare her to be deviant, willing quiet and enthusiastic.

I will use her on your marital bed.

If she performs well we can discuss the contract.

You will purchase a cock cage for yourself and your only masturbation will be anal. And in front of us.

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