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Bull Master And Sexual Owner For My Wife


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Its not the first time we go this journey,..


My wife had lots of sexual adventures with all kind of people in the past. I can send pictures to prove it.

Now I am looking for a fix and engaged sex partner for my wife.

After my wife tried out some single men she is very disappointed.

I will invite couples with the intention to go for an engaged and intense sexual trio relation with my wife. If it click they become the sexual owners of my wife.

I will consider a single man as her bull master.


Me the husband must not be involved, because for me its not a big step to accept an extreme cuckold position, what means no any sexual activity with my wife any more.

After my wife tasted the exiting kinky sex with other men, it evolute to have no normal sex relation any more with me. We give each other just very poor masturbating sex and not frequently. Now she need the excitement of kinky sex to be healthy, happy and enjoyable to me. To give her that is my only concern.

My wife is very easy to seduce and an easy prey to catch by a gentlemen and foxy dominant bull. If he push the right buttons there will be no obstacle to become her bull master and sexual owner with exclusive and unlimited sexual rights and authority over my wife (and me?). My wife can't give herself an orgasm, so she must concentrate her sexuality and desires on her bull master.

He can make her addicted to his power and sex drive. I saw it happens before.

She will obey him and give him all sexual pleasure, any time and as much he want.

Her bull master can train her to become the perfect sex slave. Also to use for pictures, video, internet websites, webcam, exhibitionism, public life sex performance, etc.

Even when her master like to make some financial profit with it.

He can order her to give sexual service to others or can full share her with some trustful friends as party sex and fuck toy.

However my wife will be only submissive to her bull master and not to any else.

She will not have any sexual activity without the presence and order of her bull master.


All of this I saw before and certainly during a 3 month real relation with a bull master. I have lots of pictures and video of it to prove.


Because of to much disillusion with fake candidates, means it turned out that they were occasional bulls, I will consider only the ones who will go for an very high engagement of sexual ownership for lifetime. After my wife accept her bull master owner, Then he must mark her with full pubic tattoo who show the status of owned woman and the initials of her master strait above her pussy.

If it would be a black master, then she become also the black spade sign above her pussy.

My wife (and me) will give watertight no way back guarantee by sign a copyright and unlimited modelling contract.

For myself, I hope to be allowed to watch and masturbate or see video or webcam when my wife is used by her master or is ordered to give sexual service to others.




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I will try your wife.

You prepare her to be deviant, willing quiet and enthusiastic.

I will use her on your marital bed.

If she performs well we can discuss the contract.

You will purchase a cock cage for yourself and your only masturbation will be anal. And in front of us.

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    • By surry
      When I was a young teen 50 years ago, I would go around and cut yards to make extra money.  This one couple was very nice to me. Debbie & Paul were there names.  When I knocked on the door, with my old lawnmower, Paul told me “young man does it look like I can’t cut my own lawn?”  His wife Debbie heard this & came to the door all nice & that was the first time I noticed her breast & body. I thought to myself, “WOW!”  She told her husband “Paul behave, this young man just wants to make some money.” When he started to say something she held up her finger & he shut up. She looked me up & down & to her husband said “Now be a good boy & finish cleaning the bathroom.”
      He said “yes dear” & walked away. Debbie told me I could cut her yard & to come back every weekend.
              After I cut the yard the next weekend, when I knocked on the door, Paul came to the door in an apron. He invited me in & Debbie was sitting on the couch in a robe. Paul told me to sit next to his wife. I called him Mr. & Debbie corrected me & told me her husband would never be a Mr. He will always be a boy because he has a small “dick”. Isn’t that right? Paul nodded & told me he is too small to please his wife properly. 
              I was embarrassed & did not know what to say.
       She told Paul I was Mr. Doug to him, because she was sure this young boy was more man than you.
      Debbie asks if I was a virgin & had a girlfriend.
       Yes I am a virgin & I have no girlfriend.    
      She asked if she could be my girlfriend.  I looked at her husband, & Debbie laughed & said, He has no say so. “My boy husband would love for you to be his wife’s boyfriend.
       Now dear show Mr. Doug what he get gets if he decides to by my secret boyfriend.”  Paul walked over & pulled her robe open.  That was the first time I had seen a full grown woman naked.
       Paul said Mr. Doug you can touch her & placed one of my hands on her pussy & the other on her tits. I went crazy exploring!
      Debbie was smiling & told me the rules.
      1) I could not tell anyone.
      2) I would be the man of the house & control both of them.
      3) I would decide if Paul got any pussy from his wife.
      4) As the man, she & her husband would be available to me for anything.
      But first I had to prove to her I was a Man.  I nodded excitedly.  She had Paul remove his clothes. He was hard but small. I was so relived I started laughing & proudly took off my clothes to show my stuff.  Debbie made Paul feel how hard I was & he told her he have never got this hard.
              For some reason this made me feel bold. I told Paul since I was now the man he should suck my cock like a girl.  Paul got a surprised look & Debbie started laughing.
      Paul said Yes Mr. Doug & proceeded to suck me.
      I couldn’t believe the power I felt.  A husband was sucking me while his wife was touching herself, telling me Mr. Doug make my husband your bitch & me your whore.   I pushed his head all the way down & came as he gagged on me. Paul did not try to pull away, but took it.
      After that I made him leave while Debbie taught me how to eat pussy & fuck.  Paul would come back & suck Debbie clean & get me hard again.
      I called home & got permission to stay the weekend.
      Debbie made Paul give me a key to the house. 
      Paul would cut his yard while I did his wife.  I fucked both in the ass a few weekends later. 
       I made Paul moved out of his bedroom.
       Paul would call me & try to get permission to fuck his wife. Most times I said no, she’s my slut. If I was nice I would have Paul jerk off while he told me how much he loves my fucking his wife.
       Now one of the best power trips was to call Paul at work & have him call Debbie to fake like she was sick, & go home to take care of me.  Sometimes I would have Debbie do this to Paul.
      Debbie sex drive & mine were the same.  Paul was on most of the time. But I like to have him suck me when he didn’t feel like it.  That was a power trip too.
      One day Paul was begging Debbie to give him some pussy or something in front of me.  His dick was dripping.  He got turned on a lot when he was denied. Debbie said Mr. Doug you think this boy have earned any pussy?
      I spoke up “if he gets some, he should be fixed like a dog!”
      They both gasp surprised, & Debbie stated to Paul “Well you heard him. Do you want some pussy, you have to get fixed.”
      Paul excited agreed.  She placed Paul’s small dick in her & held him there.
      Told him do not move.
      Now Paul, how does my pussy feel?
      Very wet & hot.
      Do you know what you are agreeing to? Getting fixed?
      Yes, a boy should not have children.
      Paul are you saying Mr. Doug should get me pregnant?
      Paul looked at me & stated “Mr. Doug has proven what a man he is.  He has taken my own wife’s pussy & body from me. He want people to know I am not the father of my children.”
      Debbie, smiled & said “That’s what a true boy would say. Now pull out & go flush my birth control pills.’
      Paul whimpered & did as he was told. 
      When Paul came back in I was fucking Debbie & he jerked off as he begged me to get her pregnant.
    • By secretcuck
      Á procura de um casal para trio sexual intenso com a minha mulher.
      Somos estrangeiros e esta mensagem foi traduzida com a ajuda de um amigo online. Eu não escrevo português mas falo alguma coisa. Podemos ter uma conversa discreta cara a cara.
      No passado, a minha mulher teve várias aventuras sexuais com todo o género de pessoas. Posso enviar fotografias para o provar.
      Agora, está à procura de um parceiro sexual fixo.
      Após ter tentado com alguns homens solteiros, ela ficou bastante desapontada.
      Agora estou autorizado a organizar festas desde que haja pelo menos uma outra mulher envolvida.
      Regra geral, a festa começará com uma dança erótica e poderá continuar numa onda de relaxamento, massagem ou actividades sexuais. Eu, o marido, estou disponível para servir da forma que desejarem: posso fazer boas massagens ou apenas observar sem interferir.
      Vou considerar um homem solteiro também.
      Também convidarei casais com o intuito de terem uma intensa relação sexual a três com a minha mulher. Se houver quimica, poderão ficar com o direito a exclusiva e ilimitada relação sexual com a minha esposa.
      Eu, o marido, não imponho qualquer condição sexual.
      Não perturbarei a relação mesmo que se torne bastante intensa.
      Estou preparado para aceitar uma posição de corno levada ao limite. Não voltarei a ter relações sexuais com a minha mulher.
      Assim, o focus de minha esposa em termos de satisfação sexual serão vocês.
      Se decidirem e gostarem de ter relações sexuais com outros, a minha mulher estará sempre disponível, envolvida e participará nessas aventuras.
      A minha unica preocupação é ver a minha mulher feliz e saudável e, para isso, ela precisa de mais sexo.
      Se perceberem inglês, podemos comunicar nessa língua . Se não, demorará um pouco mais devido às traduções ou podemos ter um encontro discreto para falar cara a cara.
      Looking for a couple who will go for intense sexual trio relation with my wife.
      We are foreigners and this is translated with help of an online friend.
      I don't write Portuguese but speak some basic.
      We can have discrete personal talk face to face.
      My wife had lots of sexual adventures with all kind of people in the past. I can send pictures to prove it.
      Now I am looking for a fix sex partner.
      After my wife tried out some single men she is very disappointed.
      Now,....I am allowed to organize parties if there is at least one other woman involved.
      Generally the party time will start with erotic dance and has options for wave relax, massage and sexual activities. Me the husband is available to serve as you want, I can give good massage or I just watch with no disturbance from me.
      I will consider a single man as well.
      I will invite also couples with the intention to go for an engaged and intense sexual trio relation with my wife. If the chemistry is there and it click, you can go for an exclusive and unlimited sexual relation with my wife.
      Me her husband has no any sexual requirement.
      I shall not disturb the relation if it becomes very intense.
      I am prepared to accept an extreme cuckold position, no any sexual activity with my wife any more.
      So my wife will be focus on you for all sexual pleasure.
      If you decide and like to have more sexual adventures with others, my wife will be always available, involved and full participate in this adventures.
      My only concern is see my wife happy and healthy, and for that she need more exiting sex.
      If you understanding English, we can communicate in English. If not then it go slower by translation or we can have a discrete meeting to talk face to face.
      Greetings JS

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