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Letter To A Rich Cuck

pb rider

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Happy Belated Anniversary John!

There’s a surprise planned for you today. Not a party, don’t worry, an adventure.

Go to your office and look for the envelope in the liquor cabinet.

Have fun!


Dear Loser,

Congratulations on finding the liquor cabinet. I usually prefer to drink from one of the decanters when I’m here, but this time, the last time, my plan is to liberate whatever fine bottle was sitting where you found this letter.

So sit down, pour yourself a drink.

The good stuff.

You’ll need it.

First up, I know you, and you know me, but I’m not going to tell you who I am. What I will do, and at great pleasure and length, just like when I did the deed, is tell you that I’ve been fucking your trophy wife, Yolanda. She’s taken my seed and dribbled it out from cunt and ass and mouth, but now we’re through and I thought I’d let you know the truth about that great family life you think you’ve got there.

You see, by any reckoning you’ve been a friend for a significant amount of time, and I see it as my duty to let you let you know what the situation is, just in case you want to put a stop to things before they get out of hand.

Only joking.

I’m doing this to cause you pain.


Now I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of laying out my backstory, or specific grievances, blah, blah, blah, which would only leave a trail of clues. Suffice to say, you’re a rich, successful man. You own a lot of businesses, you do a lot of traveling. You know a lot of people and you’ve stepped on a lot of toes. There are plenty of men you’ve pissed off who might want to cuckold you just for the lulz. The fact that Yolanda is such a knockout, and bored and frustrated to boot. Well, no wonder I’m not the only guy who’s been nailing her.

But you’re John Bondurant, your family own half of Newton and maybe I’m not so smart, maybe you’ll get my name pretty easily.

In which case, come at me bro’.

I may not have your money or power, but I have sets of photos and videos, private messages, texts, laying out the whole thing, from soup to nuts.

Coming after me would not help your new career.

So pour yourself some of that fine scotch and think about whether you want to burn this message before reading it all.

But if you insist: go to the center of the room, get down and look under the middle of that big ass bearskin rug. You’ll find the next part of this letter.


You found it, great.

That’s the game we’re playing here – hide and seek.

Like I said, I don’t want to give too much away, I’m in hiding too, because the fact is you do know me, and pretty well. I’m someone you see at least once a month, and we’re on a first name basis, which seems fair, since I’ve dropped enough loads on your wife’s face to get her mistaken for a half-cooked omelet.

Of course, you’re probably thinking this will turn out to be a simple case of blackmail, and I did think about that when I started fucking Yolanda, but then I just did it for the keepsakes, the pictures and videos we made, so that I could look back on this whole episode with some clarity. I mean, one day I’m going to think “no, there’s no way I fucked Big John’s wife and…”

Yeah, we’ll get to that later.

So relax, sit down, have another drink, take your cock out and whack off for all I care, you freaky fuck, because what I’m going to tell you here is all true, and the only reason I’m done with your wife is she dumped me in favor of another guy, who, and I quote, “has a schlong like a lumberjack’s forearm.”

She has a way with words, doesn’t she?

Of course, she has an even better way with dick.


Thing is, you probably think you can just ask your wife and get a straight answer.

Like: “Guy wrote a letter says he fucked you – is it true?”

But behind her eyes she’d be all like: “Which one?”

Because there have been quite a lot of them since you two got married three years ago last week.

Yeah, I know the date. You were out of town for the anniversary, but Yolanda still wanted to celebrate, so me and her, plus a third party, as yet unnamed – came to your office here and had a good time.

At the start we made out on this rug, and it felt good. Another solid purchase – just like your wife.

OK – next up, go the bookcase and look in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Isn’t this fun?

Nice office you got here, by the way. Good place to run your empire from.

Of course, being a rather close associate of a close associate of yours I know exactly what your business is, and how well you keep it hidden from the straight world.

I know all about your little sister, too, keeping a hotel suite for her shenanibangs. Shit, everyone knows about Celine, except maybe her husband. But that’s what they say, right? The spouse is always the last to know, and since you’re just finding out now that I was banging Yolanda for months, shit – I guess everyone knows you’re a cuck.

Good job, John, nice public image, and I hope you’re enjoying the campaign.

Great slogan, by the way: John Bondurant – a Family Man for a Family Town.



To the best of my knowledge, at least seven guys and two women you meet in your common daily business, personal and professional, have fucked your wife, and I guess the true figure’s at least a dozen or two.

It’s OK, though, it’s just sex.

I mean, how many whores have you knocked off in the last few years?

Yolanda gets around, it’s true, but so do you, and she knows about it, dummy. So I’d say there’s a finally laid balance of terror going on here, with you looking, as ever, like a goddam loser, because you have to pay to get laid, whereas your wife just has to open her legs and whistle.


It’d be nice to say it was a whirlwind romance, but it wasn’t. I knew Yolanda a few years before we hooked up, through you, of course.

Shit, I was at your wedding – which should narrow it down to, what, one, two hundred guys? About the same as the number of cocks she sucked since high school.

In fact, that’s when this whole cuckold thing started, when she found out you fucked a whore at your bachelor party. That’s why she blew a couple of guys at the wedding, one before the service, one after. That’s why she was late, getting the jizz off her face and putting the make-up back on.

Oh, and your sister helped.

I know, I saw the pictures.

She thinks they’re funny as fuck, and if you knew you the two guys she was with – Well, it’s not my place to say, but I’m sure it would break your whore-fucking heart.

Screw it, isn’t that what I’m trying to do here?

OK – next part is behind one of those photos on the shelf.


The first cock she sucked on your wedding day was attached to one of the guys at your bachelor party, who told her about the whore and got rewarded with a blowie, and the second was your son, although I don’t remember which one – Kyle or Trent?

Look at the wedding photos you’ve got on the shelf there. Does anyone look like they have a secret?

Anyway, whoever thought that honeymoon was a good idea certainly had no idea about your interests. She said she knows for a fact that you fucked a whore every day you were there. No wonder she went to a hooker bar one afternoon, while you were out ‘exploring’, and went back to another hotel with a couple of marines and two go-go dancers.

How do you think she learned how to deep-throat like that?

Or maybe she never showed you that trick.

She told me doesn’t even suck your cock, likes the idea of saying ‘no’ when you need it most. Funny thing is, sucking dick’s about her favorite thing to do, that, and spending your money on other guys.

Later I’ll tell you about the watch she gave me as a gift, and which she hid in her snatch as a surprise.

That reminds me – happy belated anniversary!

Now where were we?


Oh yeah, how I’m not the only one whose been tapping your wife’s ass. Shit, me and another guy took turns when you were away one weekend. Yolanda and I got high together at my place, and then she wanted a DP, and that’s how we got the other guy involved, just someone she saw online and invited over – the kind of stoner kid who maybe caddies for you in the summer, but with a cock like ship’s rope and balls like coconuts

I never knew a woman could fuck like that and still walk the next day, but then your wife’s had a lot of practice.

Still, look at it from her perspective – how do you expect a woman like that to feel passion for a man twice her age who’s got a body like a sack of potatoes rolled in pig fat and nose hair?

I can’t see why a woman would like you, unless her $ depended on it.

Other than your ######, of course, daddy’s little girl.

How’s it been going with Tiffany since you dumped her mom as soon as the kids finished high school? That affect your relationship much?

Now I’ll get back to her, but all in good time, because this needs to a little context, otherwise it’s all too implausible, a drug-fueled sex dream, and not the sad, sordid reality of your life.

OK – next part’s tucked behind the wall clock.

That’s the end of the sample – the full story is available at Amazon.

More stories, and this one without the ###### at the author's website pbrider.wordpress.com

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