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Extreme Interracial Cuckold Stories For Your E-Reader!


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Hi, I'm Miriam Garrity and I've been writing interracial cuckold stories as a hobby for over a decade. Now I've begun self-publishing them on Amazon (other carriers like iBooks and Smashwords coming soon).

My first series of short stories are all about a big black stud named Luke Powers who spends his days and nights seducing, corrupting and enslaving unsuspecting white couples across the world.

His huge BBC gives the white women a fucking like they've never gotten before, and they do things for Luke that they never would have done for their little, limp-dicked cuckolds.

And the white boys quickly learn their place under Luke's foot, learning to serve their new black master and become his sissy bitch for him and his gang of black fuckers. If they're really lucky, he'll even let them be his human toilet.

Whether it's crashing the wedding, ruining their honeymoon, invading their vacation or taking over their own home, these white couples and families are never the same once he's done with them. They've all truly learned the truth that once you go black, you never go back!

Check out the first two short stories (samples included) that I've released on Amazon below (if there's interest, I'll continue to update this thread with new releases).

And you can check out my author's page on Amazon and follow me to be notified of new releases!

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Cuckold Tests

"Wrecked Wedding Night, Wrecked Rectum"

The first story is "Wrecked Wedding Night, Wrecked Rectum" (I know, subtle, right?). In it Luke Powers crashes the wedding reception of a newlywed whitebread couple, humiliating the groom and molesting the bride. Later that night, he crashes the honeymoon, too, and the poor groom has to watch his innocent new bride lose her anal virginity to the biggest, blackest cock imaginable. And he gets a front row-seat, pinned under his lust-crazed wife's ass as Luke pounds her shitter like a savage animal! And this humiliation is only just the beginning for the poor cuckolded groom...

Features interracial sex, cuckolding, husband humiliation, slut wife, oral sex, heavy anal sex, anal creampie, cleanup duty, size humilation, bisexual sex, gang bang, watersports and some implied scat.

"Wrecked Wedding Night, Wrecked Rectum"

Sample below:

For the first time, Chet looked up at the limo driver's face and saw it was Luke! Luke shoved Chet aside through the door to the suite and carried Bunni over the threshold into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Chet followed, dumbfounded. He watched in impotent paralysis as Luke held Bunni face down, grabbed her wedding dress by the seams and literally RIPPED it off of her! Yanking and pulling with no regard for the expense of the exquisite satin and taffeta white gown, no concern for Chet and Bunni's possible desires to have it as a keepsake of their union for all time, and certainly no concern for Bunni as he yanked and pulled, contorting her poor limbs this way and that. Then the black bastard tore off her bra and her lacy white underwear, grabbing it from the back and ripping it from between her thighs.

She struggled as he did this crying "Ow! ow!" but he shut her up by giving her several sharp open-palmed SMACKs on her ass reverberating loudly around the room and leaving large red handprints that covered her entire cheek.

When he was done, she lay there exhausted and sweaty, roughed up and sore. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he stood back up by the side of the bed. Chet thought she would be livid, furious at Luke for destroying her dress and treating her so brutishly, but she had an entirely different expression on her face than he expected. It looked more wild, wide-eyed and primal. She was heaving and had her eyes locked on his. Somehow she looked both challenging and submissive.

Chet spoke up and broke the tension, "See here, now, um, driver, I don't think that was necessary! I think we won't be needing you anymore tonight, and I intend to lodge a complaint with the service..."

Chet barely managed to eke out the end of the sentence as Luke had turned his gaze on him and Chet felt his courage drain away. He considered reaching for his wallet to offer the man a tip, hoping it might make him go away, but now Bunni spoke.

"Well, don't just stand there, honey," her demeanor had completely changed, now she was all sunny and bubbly again, "Get naked! We've got some celebrating to do!" Bunni chirped as Luke stood at the bed, watching. Chet felt very self-conscious, but did as she said. He took everything off except his boxer shorts and his bow tie which she instructed him to keep on because it was "cute".

She pulled him over to the bed and yanked off his boxer shorts to his surprise. His small, skinny, pale penis hung flaccid from his patch of blonde pubic hair, barely peeking out. With the bizarre conditions, he couldn't bring himself to be aroused.

Bunni's eyes opened wide and she gasped. Luke chuckled. Chet tried to protest, but Bunni cut him off.

"I've HEARD of micropenises, but I've never seen one before!" she exclaimed to Chet's utter horror. Bunni couldn't believe it was so small. That's what she got for saving herself for marriage, he should have told her about this! That's not fair to her. Chet argued that it wasn't THAT small!

Bunni disagreed and asked Luke if he could show his, for comparison, to see if Chet was right. Luke happily obliged and got COMPLETELY naked himself (which was completely unnecessary, Chet thought). When his soda-can-thick 14-inch monster flopped out of his pants and swung down and smacked obscenely against his muscular thigh, Chet thought he was going to faint. Bunni let out an audible squeal and couldn't take her eyes off of the ebony monster dangling pendulously before them.

"Well, I guess that settles THAT debate!" she rasped.

Chet felt very uncomfortable now, but Bunni took control. She told him he might still be good for something and had him lie down on the bed with his head near the edge and his feet toward the headboard. She then squatted over him facing him, with her cunt in his face. "Let's see if your tongue can reach places your little dickie can't!"

She settled her wet pussy over Chet's mouth and he obliged her, licking away and tasting her for the first time. She was sweet and clean-tasting. Bunni moaned and began to gyrate a little. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, he head falling back. Chet finally felt a stirring in his loins and completely forgot about Luke as he felt his wedding night had, at last, begun in earnest.

But he made the mistake of opening his eyes. Not only was Luke still there, but he was standing extremely close, his massive black cock dangling mere inches from Chet's face as he watched Chet eating Bunni out. Luke's eyes hungrily leered at the moaning and squirming bride, running his gaze up and down her toned curves, he skin covered in a sheen of perspiration. Her perfect breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. She opened her eyes and locked them with Luke. As they glared at each other, she began to grind her cunt into Chet's mouth harder and harder, faster and faster. Chet's heart began to beat so hard he could feel it. This wasn't going to end well, he thought.

Suddenly, Bunni began bucking and convulsing. Chet could taste her wetness really flowing now and watched as all the muscles up and down her torso rippled. She reached out and grabbed Luke by the neck and came with a vengeance in Chet's mouth. Chet lapped and licked obediently as she flooded his mouth with her juices. Luke and Bunni's faces were as close as they could be without kissing and she smiled.

Bunni let Luke go and rose up off of Chet, his face soaked with her cum. Chet went to sit up, but she held him down, "whoa, whoa, stay right there," she said as she turned around, sitting over him again, but now facing away with her ass in his face.

"Let's see what that tongue of yours can do with THIS end!" She teased as she lowered her asshole onto his mouth.

Chet was shocked at what she was suggesting, but did as she wanted. He was fully in her sway, now, and was powerless beneath her. He flicked his tongue along her chocolate starfish, taking a few tentative little tastes.

She cooed and, encouraged, he wriggled his well-lubricated tongue into her quivering anus only to be rewarded with a rude-sounding and foul-tasting fart that made Luke chuckle and Bunni giggle.

But Chet was not dissuaded, in fact he felt a sense of accomplishment as he pushed his tongue in further and she sighed and gyrated her hips on his face.

As he darted his tongue in-and-out, tasting her salty insides, he watched as she reached back and pulled Luke towards her. She leaned back against his broad, sweaty chest and used him as leverage to grind her ass down on Chet's face.

"Wow, honey, how long IS that tongue of yours?" Bunni marveled as she felt the wriggling protuberance massaging her anal cavity.

"Shit, homeboy's a real Roto-Rooter up in there, ain't he?" Luke mused.

"MMm, yeah, he's really digging around up in my dirty little pooper!" Bunni giggled, then moaned as Chet hit a sensitive spot, "Oh, that feels GOOD, honey..." she started breathing heavier and wrapped her arm back around Luke's thick, trunklike neck.

Chet soaked up the encouragement and thrust his tongue deeper and waggled it more vigorously causing Bunni to let out a little yelp, "OH! He's REALLY in there!"

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"Our Jamaican Vacation"

The second story is "Our Jamaican Vacation" and in this one, a rich white couple is vacationing at an expensive, exclusive resort where the beaches are nude and the staff is all black. When they see Luke Powers emerging from the ocean like a sculpted ebony god of myth, neither of them can take their eyes off of him and his huge black cock, dripping wet and swinging pendulously between his muscular thighs.

Feeling conspicuously inadequate, the husband decides to head back to their overwater bungalow only to accidentally catch Luke rinsing off at one of the public showers. He can't help but watch the black Adonis stroking his huge black cock as he cleans it... stiffening and rising hypnotically. He hurries back to his bungalow and hits the shower himself. As unwanted images of BBC make him both confused and aroused, he's surprised in the shower by the big black beast himself!

Unable to resist the dominating presence of the black Adonis forcing himself on him, the poor hubby becomes Luke's shower bitch in every possible way... all while his unsuspecting wife is using the bathroom and talking to him! Wait until she gets an eyeful of her sissy husband's new hobby!

Features interracial sex, cuckolding, reluctant gay/bisexual sex, voyeurism, slut wife, domination and submission, humiliation, size fetish, oral, anal, watersports and scat.


"Our Jamaican Vacation"


Sample below:

Richard, for his part, was strangely proud of himself... in some sick, submissive, sissy way, he was proud that he was capable of pleasing this masterful specimen of manhood.

"God," Richard thought, "I am such a fucking faggot." The tears welled up in his eyes and ran freely down his cheeks.

This caused the Black Man to flash a wide, toothy grin and his massive cock twitched inside Richard’s throat in a way that made the white slave’s groin quiver with girlish delight.

The Black God kept his cock buried to the hilt down Richard's throat for about a minute or two, giving his gullet time to expand and get used to the size.

Then, slowly, he began pulling it back out. As the impressive girth left him, Richard felt a bizarre sense of loss, of emptiness. As if he was no longer complete, as if he was missing something. He realized he would never be the same after this - he would always know the feeling of a gigantic black cock throbbing inside him, warming him, filling him... and he would always feel its absence.

Finally, the black man pulled the cock all the way out except for the wide head, which he left in Richard's mouth. Richard relaxed for a second, letting his body adjust to the sudden emptiness and freedom of movement.

But he was not done, not by a long shot.

Suddenly, savagely, the Black Man shoved the entire length of his monster cock right back down Richard's sore throat, down to the hilt; grinding his crotch in Richard's face!

Richard was caught completely off guard - he would have fallen down if the immense phallus anchored in his torso hadn't kept him held up! He wanted to choke, to vomit, but it was simply physically impossible with the big, black dick corking him up as it was.

Then, just as suddenly, the Black Man pulled back out and plunged it back in. Again and again, roughly and savagely, with no concern for Richard!

He had been so gentle at first, Richard thought, why was he being so rough with him now?! The Black Adonis was literally fucking Richard's face as if it was some cheap whore's gaping pussy!

The Black Man held Richard's head firmly in place with both of his strong, meaty hands as he worked his big black dick in and out at a breakneck pace. He pistoned it deep into Richard’s poor, abused throat over and over; his powerful black muscles flexing and relaxing with near perfect beauty - spraying water around the shower with each thrust.

Richard went totally limp and took the punishment, fixing his gaze on the Black Man's burning dark eyes, now filled with a primal lust. This was not about Richard and his pride anymore, this was all about the Black Man's cock and its burning need for release!

Over and over the wet, hot ebony cock plunged to the depths of Richard's soul, each time taking with it a bit of his pride, his manhood... and his humanity. With each thrust Richard became less of a man and more of an... animal... a thing - a hole, existing just to please his Black Master. And by the time Black Man would finish with him, he would be a whiteboy faggot slave to black cock, body and soul. There was no denying it.

The Black Man's relentless, savage rhythm started to change and Richard instinctively knew (as any natural cocksucker would) that he was getting close to blowing his load.

The Black Man was now plunging his burning cock in hard and fast, then holding it all the way in, grinding it down Richard's gullet, flattening Richard's abused face against his rock-hard abs.

Then he'd pull out even quicker and instantly shove his cock back in to the hilt and grind some more. With each thrust, Richard could feel the Black Man's cock throb in preparation for the inevitable... the final release that would seal Richard's fate.

"Sweetie? Are you in the shower?"

Richard jumped as he heard his pretty wife's sweet voice come from the bedroom. He snapped back to reality and looked around, panicked. For a moment, he had to figure out if he had really been fantasizing about the mystery Black Adonis mouth-raping him while he masturbated in the shower...

But the freight train of Big Black Dick plunging into Richard’s belly was all too real... And the Black Beast didn't stop, didn't even lose a beat! He continued to pound Richard's throat like a possessed animal!

"Sweetie? Richie?"

Richard heard her voice even closer as she came into the bathroom! Richard was completely panicking now - he couldn't let Whitney see him like this! He had to do something, and quick!

"Richie, are you okay?" She asked, now right up against the shower curtain. He could see the silhouette of her perfect naked body against the curtain as the afternoon sun shone into the bathroom from the window behind her.

"Yes!" Richard managed to spurt out quickly between thrusts.

The Black Man did not stop. He kept pummeling Richard's mouth. The wet slapping sounds must have piqued Whitney's curiosity.

"Wow, sounds like you're really lathering yourself up good in there," she teased lasciviously, "Want some company?"

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