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Lara's First Time


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I've decided to do a chronicle of our adventures into the lifestyle. So naturally I will start with the beginning. For those unfamiliar with our story Lara and I had begun dating right before I left on my second deployment to Afghanistan. She was a virgin when we began dating and I had felt some guilt for that. So I proposed we open her end of the relationship up when I left. She was reluctant at first but after a few months of me being gone, inhibitions got the better of her. This is the story of that first time. 


I had been gone a few months and it finally begun to take its toll on her. I had proposed time and again she take a lover with the only rules being wear a condom, tell me everything and make sure it was none of either of our friends. As spring turned to summer she began having a more active life. Parties and festivals every weekend. Finally after months of waiting, she finally did it. 


There was a three day music festival in the village she lived in. House and techno. So naturally a lot of alcohol and a lot of pot. Her usual MO at festivals was get black out drunk and run around in her thong. This time was a little different. On the second day after copious amounts of alcohol she met a guy. He was from a neighboring village and took to her right away. They spent the day with her friends drinking and smoking. 


As the night progressed and the alcohol took its effect they got closer and closer. Dancing and grinding. Finally they began making out. In front of our friends. She later told me when she opened her eyes they had looks of shock on their faces. For some reason that turned me on like nothing else ever had. As everyone got comfortable with the new turn of events they began making out again. She invited him back to her tent, which he happily obliged. 


Being  a techno fest there was no lack of public debauchery. Lara and her lover were no different. They began undoing each other's clothes in front of the tent and once her pants were unbuttoned they jump into the tent and finally into bed. Once they get in, they lay down and start grinding on each other.He slides his finger into her dripping pussy and she moans like a whore. When he pulls it out she grabs his hand and sucked his fingers dry. After they were nice and clean she pullls him out. She gives him some firm strokes as they make out. 


When the time finally came he pulled out a condom and she spread her legs. The first new cock she had in months finally entered her oozing pussy. He thrust into her. She opened her legs as wide as she could and within minutes was spraying everywhere. As she screamed and moaned she heard her friends start laughing in the tent next to her. They said something about, "so that's what her boyfriend always hears". She wrapped her arms and legs around him and laughed as she kissed him. 


She rolled him over and rode him until she came again. After her convulsing on top of him stopped she went for one more go around. This time he hit her from behind doggy style. She said he couldn't stop slapping and playing with her ass. As he pounded her harder and harder he said she could feel him tense up with each thrust. His hands spread her ass cheeks exposing his dick in her busy as he filled the condom up inside of her. 


They exchanged numbers and met a few more times, however she wasn't feeling it with him. However he opened the door to a whole new lifestyle with the two of us. 

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ooh.. nice adventure. does she continue this lifestyle? she still fuck other guys.. in front of you too? DP?

Yes, we are still in lifestyle and she has been with other men in front of me. No dp yet. She has had a boyfriend for about a year on the side and it's been serious with him. 

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Do you guys ever clean up your own mess or purely others and my girlfriend not into this lifestyle yet but wants me to clean her up after we fuck.

I am activly persaudeding her on this lifestyle.

But she is nervous as im her first sexual partne.

I can't speak for everyone but I've cleaned up my own mess, but once you nut you kind of lose that excitement so it's more rare for me. 

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On 10/26/2015 at 7:00 PM, Louise said:

You lucky devil, I love my hubby cleaning up my mess.

when WE decided to try a cuckold relationship the first time my wife invited to our home a huge black bull.  I agreed to follow the rules of the cuck and obey my wife who plays the role of a hot whore. When the bull took off his panties not only my wife's jaw dropped. Black bull s superior cock size was about 11 inch long and she hugged his cock with both hands and started suck it .I almost burned with shame when she started laughing and said that my 4 inches  BABY WHITE DICK DON't COMPARE with BBC. Then wife said that I had the smallest penis she had ever seen on a man in real life and started laughing and humiliating me that my dick is three times smaller than his lover almost to the end of sex and when bull was cum in her pussy she ordered to lick the cream pie to the last drop. While she was licking cum off his huge black cock I had to clean her freshly fucked pussy. Now they were laughing at both of me and I was red with shame trying to clean up her pussy faster.  When I finished I was waiting for a new surprise-a passionate kiss with my wife who had a mouth full of cum of her black lover. She was telling me to clean her, but I refused and then she grabbed my face and started wiping the bull's cum on me. I was shocked.  She said it was the best sex of her life, and now she's gonna have sex with me once a week, and and with her new lover whenever she wants. My reward will only be to clean all her lover's cum off her body or face. 
time passed and we came to an opinion its a honor for a cuck hubby to clean bulls creampie from wife's filled pussy...
Sometimes humiliating me, she says that white man's TRUE burden: to eat a black man's cum from a white pussy.  
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On 11/24/2015 at 7:15 PM, subsucko said:

I can't speak for everyone but I've cleaned up my own mess, but once you nut you kind of lose that excitement so it's more rare for me. 

same goes for me.....kind of lose the desire to eat her cum filled pussy after I bust inside her ...trying to get her to "make me" i.e.forcing my head into her snatch,or sitting on my face ...I'm more in to it than she is

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