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    U re fantastically beautiful. good luck to you)

  2. I almost thought someone wrote our story lol. You must be our doppelgangers We had very much the same thing going on but we made our way through it, but after almost 14 years in the cuckold lifestyle we're still "working on it" and that will never change. Our differences were ironed out by lots of talk and a lot of give and take. Now when one of us has an issue going on inside we don't brew it up to the point of explosion anymore, we pour a drink, sit down and calmly discuss the issue at hand without bringing up any stress levels in either of us (this includes my boyfriend). You described it all so very well, keep up the good work and keep on working on your communications, that's so critical in this lifestyle. Cat
  3. I hate the term "bull", if my boyfriend is a bull then that would make me a cow. So needless to say that word is never used around here if my boys wish to keep their hangers lol
  4. Nice videos but we believe that if the cuckold is allowed to fuck his wife, he's the only one who should be wearing a condom, not her lover. His sperm should be allowed to settle deep inside of her to make him truly his.
  5. Yes yes yes. I'm sure if I hadn't convinced Cathy to find a lover/boyfriend almost 14 years ago we wouldn't be together now. My little pud wasn't doing it for her and I knew it. Once she started dating other men our marriage became so much stronger. She been dating her current boyfriend for over a year and she's very much in love with him and I'm happy too. I haven't had sex with her in over 8 years but I'm still very happy to have clean-up duties and helping her select her sexy outfits for her weekend dates with him. She usually goes to his house on weekends but sometimes he stays with us and I sleep in the guest room. I never tire of the hot sounds of them having sex above my room He's a really good guy and he treats her well. Having an almost 10 inch thick cock also makes her happy lol.
  6. That's terrific! Please let us all know if this could be happening, very exciting for sure Hopefully you'll be involved, like guiding his cock into her before leaving them to mate.
  7. Would you let a lover give her/you a child? That would be so perfect for a Cuckold marriage to a young fertile wife.
  8. As long as my wife has a boyfriend I am cut off but I'm happy with that as long as she's happy with his cock. I get to clean her though, so there's at least that lol.
  9. That would be the perfect thing to happen. We wish we had been in this lifestyle near when we were married. We've both talked about it and we agreed that a boyfriend/lover giving us a baby or two would have been so perfect!
  10. See? I was right! LOL. Kidding, glad you got it going. Google Chrome can be a PITA but it works
  11. Hey folks, just a quick FYI. A friend who is a computer tech told me that many websites aren't loading or working properly on Internet Explorer because it's not being supported anymore as of 2012. As the technology in websites change Internet Explorer isn't changing or improving to keep up with these sites. I'm not sure if this is what's happening to all of you but if you are using Internet Explorer (not Microsoft Edge in Windows 10) you might want to try using Google Chrome instead then test it here. Cheers
  12. I've done that to my cucky several times, and one time it was with a fellow from his work that he didn't care for. I met him at his staff Christmas party and hit it off. I didn't know my husband didn't like him until the fellow told me about it. He was fucking me for about three weeks when my husband found out. He wasn't too happy but the little growth in his pants told me that he liked it more than he let on. When I pointed it out he was a little embarassed but he told me it was a turn-on to know that his rival was fucking me bareback. We dated for about 6 months before he had to move from the area. During that time they made up their differences and became friends. My cucky would greet him at the door with a beer and we'd go up to our bedroom for hours of sex while my husband watched TV (and masturbated with the TV muted, listening to us fuck) lol.
  13. It's the soft part of a pair of panties in the crotch that covers over top of the pussy.
  14. That's totally me only I have a MUCH smaller cock :)