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  1. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Oh wow, me too. My boyfriend says by cucky's pussy is nice and tight. Cucky enjoys being a little bottom boi
  2. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Wow that's amazing how that happened so fast between them. I have felt the same way about a few of my lovers but I knew that I never wanted to be without my husband. So I have always told my lovers that they have my body and even a bit of my heart (you have to feel some love and passion for an affair to work) but my complete love will always be only for my husband. If she's ready to experience real sex with a real man with a real cock (sorry not trying to hurt you but I'm sure this is why you want her to have a boyfriend) then she'll learn the same things I did. Let her go forward after you both have agreed on the full rules of engagement lol. Lots and lots of sex and passion but the complete love stays at home. Good luck and please let us know what you two decide to do.
  3. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    My cucky almost begs me to do this and I love it when he does lol. I hope you get your wish and she gets her "real" cock Let us know how it went please, I'm letting cucky see this shortly. Cat
  4. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    My cucky loves to suck cock as much as I love to watch him. He has even entertained my lover who's showed up early before I'm home from work. Cucky had a day off so it was perfect timing. He sucked his cock then took him bareback in his little man pussy where my lover planted a load of seed lol. When I got home my lover was ready to go again and for a long time. My lover took a pic and texted it to me, it was of my cucky bent over the couch, his hole wide open and leaking the deposit LOL. Loved it and couldn't wait to get home
  5. How many start with cheating?

    No truer words have been spoken
  6. Cuck Forced To Take Wife's Birth Control Tablets

    That's so perfect. My wife wanted me to comment on this one. After reading this my wife is going to give me all her birth control pills and present herself to her lover with an unprotected womb. We've agreed that if this actually works then I am going to do it. We want or I want my cock to shrivel down to nothing but a tiny nub and never have sexual urges ever again. I am in full agreement with her that I should never be sexual and to lose my cock would be perfect. I've become more gay lately anyway, and enjoy sucking her lover's cock and taking his cock in my ass, so what do I need a cock for? This is my destiny and I'm happy to accept it. If others have experienced the loss of their cock and libido then please let me know. Thanks for this terrific news
  7. Marriage Saved / Cuckold Born

    My cuckold husband not only enjoys seeing me fucked but he also enjoys a cock in his man-pussy or in his mouth. So it's all a win-win situation without jealousy from anyone. It's all just sex and the enjoyment of it is not male or female only. In others words a cock can be enjoyed by husbands and wives as can a pussy.
  8. text i receive from my wife this morning

    My wife has a new boyfriend. He has an amazing cock and really knows how to use it. When he fucks her she pants and moans and even cries as she's cumming real hard. She told me that I've never been able to do that to her and she's right. I'm very happy he makes love to her instead of me, and so is my wife.
  9. text i receive from my wife this morning

    Pretty girl, how old are you two. Does she cuckold you?
  10. How many start with cheating?

    Me too, only I CRAVE it. I get excited when my wife goes out on a date and I know she's going to bring home a "treat" for her little Cucky!
  11. 300_1000.jpg

    That's great! My cucky gets his man-pussy fucked and filled by my lover at least once a week and he loves it. I think he might be more gay than straight now but that's ok, he hasn't been near my pussy in 6 years.
  12. Cuckboy Died In A car Accident Yesterday.

    My deepest condolences. I love my husband so much I'd be devastated if I lost him. Very much like your hubby, my cucky loves to share me and I love being shared, but I wouldn't ever want to be without him. We'll all miss chatting with him on these sites. We hope you live a long and happy life. C.
  13. What If I Make Her Pregnant

    That's what makes it so much more exiting for many cuckold couples. Brad (as I mentioned above) was very happy to let his wife be impregnated by a lover, as would I if my wife could do so. Many bulls love the chance to impregnate someone else's wife with the husband's permission.
  14. What If I Make Her Pregnant

    I posted this in another topic but I thought this was a good one to repeat it. This is a TRUE story! When I was starting in the Cuckold/hotwife lifestyle about 12 years ago I met a man much like me and we chatted a couple of times a week (we'll call him Brad). He told me about how much he loved his wife and knew she needed better than him in bed (again like me). He convinced her to find a lover which she did after many months of him saying she needed better than him. He said she really enjoyed her new lover's cock very much, then she cut Brad off of sex about a year later. He noticed that after having two lovers with very large cocks in her tight little pussy, she was no longer interested in his tiny little nub. She'd let him pump her with all he had to give and just look over to the side while he was going at it, and he'd say "what are you thinking about?" She'd say "I'm thinking about how much I love you but hate your little penis, and how I wish David was fucking me instead of you". That would make him cum right away (about a minute and a half into sex) and she'd laugh and say "you're pathetic, I'm calling David". He was always happy to see him walk through the door. He'd offer David a beer and he'd head upstairs to fuck Brad's pretty little wife the way she needed to be and rightfully deserved to be. After he left she would call Brad up to their bedroom and order him to lick David's cum from her well fucked, gaping pussy, which he gladly did. About a year later David and his wife (yes he was married) moved from town. Brad's wife met another man (who was also married) at a supermarket. Andrew would go over twice a week, sometimes more to fuck her. His cock was at least 11 inches long and as thick as a pop can, which pleased Brad when he was allowed to watch how her pussy wrapped around it and seemed to suck that monster cock into her. Andrew was never allowed to use a condom which is what Brad and his wife both wanted. She was on birth control pills but one day she sat down with Brad and told him that she wanted to go off of them because she wanted a child. She told Brad that she didn't want his worthless seed, but wanted to be impregnated by this Alpha stud! She explained that they had talked many times about having children but always agreed that if they had a boy he might end up with a tiny worthless peepee like Brad's (and yes it's so small he has to sit to pee because he can't hold onto it or get it to stick out of his pants enough to avoid peeing on his pants, which is why we became friends because I'm exactly the same). It didn't take him long to come to the conclusion that she was absolutely correct, and he didn't want to pass on his little boi peepee to a son. She was so happy when he asked her to mate with Andrew that she squeeled with excitement and hugged him and gave him a big kiss then said "I love you". They sat down for another quick chat and he said that when the baby is born he or she will have Brad's name so no one is wiser and Andrew's wife and family would never know. Andrew was surprised that Brad was ok with it and the two of them sat down and talked about it and came to agreements. When his wife was ovulating she let Brad know and he called to Andrew's house to ask him to come over (so Andrew's wife wouldn't think anything of a guy calling her husband out for beers). The very first time Andrew went over Brad was allowed into the bedroom and he guided Andrew's enormous cock into his wife's pussy then held her hand while Andrew fucked her. When he came in her Brad put a pillow under her to allow Andrew's sperm to flow back and hopefully do it's job then thanked Andrew for doing a very good job. Well he was a heavy cummer and sure enough he did impregnate her successfully first try. When she had the baby (beautiful girl) Andrew was allowed to see her as often as he wanted but was always known as Uncle Andy. Brad is very happy to be her daddy and raise her as his own while he continues to be the obedient cuckold to his pretty wife and is wearing babydolls and panties to bed as ordered (just like me lol). She has three lovers now and so far Brad and his wife think their daughter doesn't know what's really happening with mommy and her uncles, but I'm willing to bet she does and will grow up to be a hotwife and/or Cuckoldress just like her mommy. To this day I continue chatting with Brad and my wife chats with his wife too. My wife has told her that she would have loved to have cuckolded me before we had our kids and had a lover's baby or two (which actually would excite me if she could do this even now lol). They talk about how much they really do love us (cuckold husbands) and wouldn't trade their lives for anything else, which makes both Brad and I happy to know this. My wife and Brad's wife trade pics of their lover's cocks and pics of Brad and I in panties and other frilly garb My wife sent a picture of her recent lover's cock to Brad's wife, so I attached it here. She wouldn't let me post a pic of Brad's wife's lover's cock (whew that was a mouthful lol). Brad and I met once about two years ago, but that's another story ;)