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  1. As long as my wife has a boyfriend I am cut off but I'm happy with that as long as she's happy with his cock. I get to clean her though, so there's at least that lol.
  2. That would be the perfect thing to happen. We wish we had been in this lifestyle near when we were married. We've both talked about it and we agreed that a boyfriend/lover giving us a baby or two would have been so perfect!
  3. See? I was right! LOL. Kidding, glad you got it going. Google Chrome can be a PITA but it works
  4. Hey folks, just a quick FYI. A friend who is a computer tech told me that many websites aren't loading or working properly on Internet Explorer because it's not being supported anymore as of 2012. As the technology in websites change Internet Explorer isn't changing or improving to keep up with these sites. I'm not sure if this is what's happening to all of you but if you are using Internet Explorer (not Microsoft Edge in Windows 10) you might want to try using Google Chrome instead then test it here. Cheers
  5. I've done that to my cucky several times, and one time it was with a fellow from his work that he didn't care for. I met him at his staff Christmas party and hit it off. I didn't know my husband didn't like him until the fellow told me about it. He was fucking me for about three weeks when my husband found out. He wasn't too happy but the little growth in his pants told me that he liked it more than he let on. When I pointed it out he was a little embarassed but he told me it was a turn-on to know that his rival was fucking me bareback. We dated for about 6 months before he had to move from the area. During that time they made up their differences and became friends. My cucky would greet him at the door with a beer and we'd go up to our bedroom for hours of sex while my husband watched TV (and masturbated with the TV muted, listening to us fuck) lol.
  6. It's the soft part of a pair of panties in the crotch that covers over top of the pussy.
  7. That's totally me only I have a MUCH smaller cock :)
  8. I hope you're not making your wife suffer with this little thing lol. Does she have a boyfriend to take care of her needs now?
  9. When my cucky was still "attempting" to fuck me he was much the same. He's only 3 inches hard and just at the point where he touched my labia with his little pud he would suddenly squirt all over and he was done. This happened pretty well every time for several years until he finally convinced me to find a boyfriend and cut him off. I would get him to lick me clean then get me off with his tongue, which is the only thing he's quite good at in sex
  10. My cucky and I share this account but I created the account. So I guess you could say I'm a VIP (Very Important Pussy) LOL
  11. Oh me too, me toooooo :) My cucky is a very good cleaner-upper lol
  12. We've been in the lifestyle for 13 years and my cucky has been cut off sex for 8 of those years (for reasons of lack of length and his asking to be cut off). I agree with you that the loving can't stop, we need to know you love us as much or more than you did when you married us. I love him more than anything in the world and I tell him so all the time but I also admit to loving my boyfriend, just not quite in the same way but still enough to have all the passion that makes it all worthwhile. I always check with him to see if he doesn't want me spending a weekend with my boyfriend or if he doesn't mind at all, it's always nice to be asked. As you, he's always treated me (and love me) the same way all the time, whether I'm getting laid that night or if I haven't had sex for several weeks. A lady needs to know she's loved at all times so there's no feelings of angst or loss of love/attachment to or by our husband. Yes this is all about us having the best sex lives we can, but we can't forget that it's for our husband's enjoyment too, and without total support from both parties it just won't work out and trouble will soon ensue. My cucky loves to hear about my evenings and even see photos/videos if I've taken some for him. We work together on this so we're both happy
  13. I (cuck) would be sooooo happy to have a pretty girl with a hot cock to play with and fuck me often. It's one of my ultimate fantasies
  14. cumlayus


    She'd never pass the test! LOL
  15. I'm just curious, is this posted from another country outside of North America? I've never heard of the words or terms "spin" and "spun" when referring to cum or sperm. Or were they typo's? Just curious if it's another sexual term I'm not aware of yet