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  1. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    We can't go anywhere, taking care of a family member in our home. So trips won't be happening for awhile
  2. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    Lol I wish you were closer to us
  3. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    I'm hoping she's still fertile but she hasn't been tested in quite awhile. She just doesn't take any chances and keeps taking her BCP's. Since not long after we were married I had hoped she'd cheat on me and become impregnated by a decent guy. I would have gladly taken care of the child as my own. I actually hoped she'd have several.
  4. cumlayus

    Panty Wearing Cuck

  5. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    I wish my wife was still of age to be impregnated. I would think you would be a good breeder. I have wished for almost 13 years that she would be "accidentally" impregnated but she's done well at keeping her BCP's up to date.
  6. cumlayus

    A gay cuckold

    I am married but I consider myself to be gay. I enjoy sucking cock, taking cock in my boy pussy and much more. I haven't fucked my wife in almost 11 years and don't miss it. I enjoy knowing she has real men in her bed taking care of her needs. So yes, gay cuckolds do exist and I'm happy to admit I am one.
  7. cumlayus

    Panty Wearing Cuck

    My wife has made me wear panties for the last 7 years. I don't remember what it's like to wear real men's underwear, but I'm not a real man so that could explain why lol. I really do enjoy the soft feminine feeling of panties.
  8. cumlayus


    That's perfect, exactly where your release should be. Useless sperm should never be allowed anywhere else
  9. cumlayus


    I'm sorry but we're not traveling that way anytime soon, but we'd like to visit there sometime, maybe in a few years.
  10. cumlayus

    Advice for new plz

    You are absolutely correct, I was going to say much the same thing. The cuckold husband is so very important in the hotwife relaxing and enjoying her tryst (s). My husband took a long time to convince me that he was so good with me having lovers but I love him so much that even when I finally got into the "swing" of it, I was still concerned that he would not see me or love me the same as he used to. But after even more time and talking I finally understood how much he really did love me, maybe even more than he did before we got into the cuckold lifestyle. He's there for me when I come back to him and he talks to me about my evening with my lover and always pampers my pussy with his tongue as I tell him all about how amazing my lover is, he can't wait to hear it all. He's so important to me, if I ever thought for a moment that he wasn't happy or was feeling left out I would stop seeing my lover immediately and turn my attention to my husband because he's the most important person in my life. This is the way it really should be in a successful cuckold/hotwife relationship. Some people prefer that the cuckold is left completely out of the whole thing but in my eyes it just means that he's really not that important to the hotwife in the first place, and he's just happy she's still in his life even though they're no longer connected spiritually. Again this is just my opinion but every couple in a cuckold relationship I've ever met in the 12 years we've been in the lifestyle, have been much the same as us, spiritually bonded and VERY into each other's roles and interactions. So in my opinion you shouldn't stay out of her meetings with men for the first time, on the contrary, you should introduce yourself to the potential lover and explain that you love your wife very much and want her to be sexually happier than she currently is in your relationship, but you'll always be there for her and you'll protect her if anyone should hurt her or try to split the two of you apart. My husband has several black belts in martial arts and would have no problem taking care of anyone who hurt me or tried to break up our marriage, and he explains that to my lovers as well. All of my lovers have respected my cuckold husband and even became friends with him. They respected the fact that he is such a good husband who wants me to be happy. Now yes, my cucky wears panties and even other feminine items when I've told him to, but it's all in the fun and he enjoys the role. I hope this helps a bit, as others have said, everyone has some different ways they work in this lifestyle but in the end everyone has to be happy or it just won't work. Good luck in your adventures
  11. cumlayus

    More revealing

    Wow I hope that cutie is getting laid by a nice cock, she deserves it
  12. cumlayus


    Very pretty. I hope your boyfriend appreciates how nice you look
  13. cumlayus


    This is Cathy, my gorgeous hotwife. Anyone interested in her? She has a new boyfriend but she loves to have men in places we travel to.
  14. Cathy found a new lover with a beautiful cock, he's amazing. He doesn't just fuck my pretty wife, he makes passionate love to her. He gives her a nice massage then kisses her all over, ending at her pussy. Then as he's slowly penetrating her he's kissing her deeply and telling her how her pussy makes his cock feel like it's entered heaven. After up to two hours (and sometimes all night) of love making she comes to me with an enormous amount of sperm in her panties and still dripping from her pussy. I thank him for the very tasty treat :) And thank you Cathy for being the hottest wife in the world in my eyes. I'm the luckiest cuckold in the world (at least as far as I'm concerned :) )

    I'll post more as their love making progresses, and I'll ask them for some photos to share.

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    2. cumlayus


      Thank you, it's going to be a wonderful ride, well at least he's going to enjoy a wonderful ride LOL. And yes it would be terrific if she were to breed with him.

    3. tahanefartasse


      wawwwwwwwww c is wonderful to have a hot and passionate wife and fuck with love and tenderness with her new lover you are lucky and it is my wish that my slut do it in front of me

    4. Bull69


      awesome sexy pic...i'd love to eat her well fucked cum filled gorgeous pussy:rolleyes:

  15. cumlayus


    Congratulations, I'm jealous. Unfortunately my wife and I are a little to old to have a baby. She told me that if we had started in this lifestyle around 20 years ago then she would have gladly had a lover impregnate her. Take care of her, you've got a wonderful lady