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  1. cumlayus

    Shemales for cucks

    I (cuck) would be sooooo happy to have a pretty girl with a hot cock to play with and fuck me often. It's one of my ultimate fantasies
  2. cumlayus


    She'd never pass the test! LOL
  3. cumlayus

    Helping out a friend then ended up fucking his wife

    I'm just curious, is this posted from another country outside of North America? I've never heard of the words or terms "spin" and "spun" when referring to cum or sperm. Or were they typo's? Just curious if it's another sexual term I'm not aware of yet
  4. cumlayus

    Advice needed

    Hotrail4U. I'm not positive but it could be that everyone is getting a bad feeling from you because you type everything in Capital letters which means that you're yelling. Drop it to regular type so you don't look like you're trying to intimidate everyone. Just an FYI and my own thoughts on it. Cheers
  5. cumlayus


    The thought of my wife being impregnated by an alpha male is intoxicating. I'd be soooo happy
  6. cumlayus

    A Cucky Reborn

    I wish my wife would allow her boyfriend to move in with us and totally take over as alpha male. I no longer fuck her or have any kind of sex anyway, so it would be perfect.
  7. cumlayus

    List Your Location

    Ours shows our location. Would be nice to chat/meet with others in British Columbia. Hot Canadian Hotwife and Cuckold here
  8. cumlayus


    That's beautiful. A cuck should never father a child, only the alpha male is to have that job.
  9. cumlayus

    The Fifth Date by Anonymous5

    Fantastic. It would have really made a terrific ending if she had been told that she could have Tom as a lover.
  10. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    We can't go anywhere, taking care of a family member in our home. So trips won't be happening for awhile
  11. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    Lol I wish you were closer to us
  12. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    I'm hoping she's still fertile but she hasn't been tested in quite awhile. She just doesn't take any chances and keeps taking her BCP's. Since not long after we were married I had hoped she'd cheat on me and become impregnated by a decent guy. I would have gladly taken care of the child as my own. I actually hoped she'd have several.
  13. cumlayus

    Panty Wearing Cuck

  14. cumlayus

    Greek Breeding Bull for your Wife/GF

    I wish my wife was still of age to be impregnated. I would think you would be a good breeder. I have wished for almost 13 years that she would be "accidentally" impregnated but she's done well at keeping her BCP's up to date.
  15. cumlayus

    A gay cuckold

    I am married but I consider myself to be gay. I enjoy sucking cock, taking cock in my boy pussy and much more. I haven't fucked my wife in almost 11 years and don't miss it. I enjoy knowing she has real men in her bed taking care of her needs. So yes, gay cuckolds do exist and I'm happy to admit I am one.