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  1. 1st time wife meeting guy alone

    Um can you explain the little dot or indent on the exact same spot of his cock as yours? Tell us the truth now please.
  2. 1st time wife meeting guy alone

    For sure you're doing the right thing. If you try to stop it now you'll not only confuse her but she'll never play along with anything you want to do out of the norm ever again. Relax, she'll have her fun and tell you about it, and you'll enjoy the sex afterward as well as maybe some "desert" lol. This lifestyle is amazing and those who are very secure in their relationships will not only endure but the relationship will become stronger and "hotter". We can speak from 12 years in this lifestyle and we still wish we had started earlier lol.
  3. Marriage Saved / Cuckold Born

    Good luck, you'll really enjoy knowing what a real cock feels like inside your man-pussy. You might even become a cock slut lol.
  4. He Has EVERY Right...

    Sissysteph, just keep on moving her slowly to your goal of her having a lover but don't push her, she'll eventually understand that she needs a real cock and man. Hopefully she'll cuckold you completely by cutting you off and only fucking him Good luck
  5. Looks Like It May Finally Happen

    We hope she finally finds a fulltime boyfriend to fuck her and she stops you from going near her with your little boy nub. If she's impregnated then you should be happy and honored that a real man's sperm has done it's job, and raise the child as your own. Good luck
  6. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Don't let the trolls push your buttons. We've told our stories online and had some say much the same thing, that we're not real etc, but we know we are and most others do as well. We're sorry to hear about your wife and we hope life gets back to normal for you two soon. We went through much the same thing only I was hit on the drivers side as well by a semi truck that went through a red light. I was in the hospital for two months with spinal damage and a bleed on the brain that had to be drained many times over several weeks. I'm not perfect now but doing much better and glad to be home and having a normal life again, including cuckolding my amazing husband (who stood by me and cared for me during my time of convalescing). Please continue to tell us your stories and ignore the trolls, we're here for you
  7. He Has EVERY Right...

    My cucky is here reading this and his comment was "And letting him cum in her unprotected pussy is so exciting too" lol. He has always been thrilled knowing I'm being properly fucked and cum in when I'm not on the pill because it's not my "time", but things can happen and he's aware of it and extremely excited to know I'm taking the "impregnation" chance. He always says he'll gladly take the baby as his own.
  8. He Has EVERY Right...

    Exactly how we did it, good advice.
  9. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    I just can't figure out what "sexboxing" is. My hubby doesn't know and no one else I asked does either. Looks ridiculous but hey everyone has a different type of kink and to each their own?
  10. Us as well. My husband saw it and said "WTF"? Lol. Boxing gloves just don't seem to portray anything to do with sex at all. Oh well, to each their own for sure.
  11. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    It's a hot story anyway lol
  12. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Yes we'd love to know if this is real, if so "Fantastic". Please let us know
  13. He posts everything with everyone wearing boxing gloves. I don't get the sexual connotation if there is any, as I'm sure most others don't either. Just really friggen strange.
  14. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Oh wow, me too. My boyfriend says by cucky's pussy is nice and tight. Cucky enjoys being a little bottom boi
  15. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Wow that's amazing how that happened so fast between them. I have felt the same way about a few of my lovers but I knew that I never wanted to be without my husband. So I have always told my lovers that they have my body and even a bit of my heart (you have to feel some love and passion for an affair to work) but my complete love will always be only for my husband. If she's ready to experience real sex with a real man with a real cock (sorry not trying to hurt you but I'm sure this is why you want her to have a boyfriend) then she'll learn the same things I did. Let her go forward after you both have agreed on the full rules of engagement lol. Lots and lots of sex and passion but the complete love stays at home. Good luck and please let us know what you two decide to do.