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Hello everyone:


Real, submissive cuck here from NY.  I have been looking for a cuckold forum to share my experiences, and hope that this is it!  As a way of introduction, a bit about me, my wife, and a short clip of me serving her.


I am not sure how long Tara (that's my wife) has been cheating on me.  We are in our early 40's now, been married for 12 years, and I suspect that she's been cheating for at least 10.  But I'm not sure, and never asked her when it started.  


However, I do know, and she confirmed, that she has been cheating on me for at least last 4.  You see, I have always had a submissive nature when it came to women, and at some point in the past told her that I wanted to be her slave, chastity and all, and that she was free to see whomever she pleased.  She at first didn't take to this idea.  Said that her dream in life was to have one husband, who would be sexually faithful to her, and she to him.  And that she was disappointed that I said what I did.  I have to explain to you guys that we talked about domination and submission many times, and even engaged in chat about FLR, but it was always in hypotheticals.  That one particular time I was feeling very submissive, horny and very much in love, and wanted to be completely honest with her.


Anyway, to make a long story short, we didn't return to the subject of cuckolding for quite a while.  Like every marriage we had our ups and downs, an whereas I, unable to satisfy my submissive cravings in reality lost myself in femdom and cuckold porn, she began to look for lovers outside of our marriage.  At first I didn't even suspect, and trusted her when she said that she was working late or was out with friends. But one day I returned home from work, and found most of her stuff gone from the apartment, with a note that said that she was moving in with her boyfriend.  It was just like that. out of the blue, but that's her nature...


I was somewhat surprised to find out that instead of being angry and wanting to seek them out and beat the crap out of this boyfriend, I became very excited at the thought of her fucking someone else. She conveniently left some of her clothing around, so I would often spend long nights sniffing her undies, shoes, and bras, all the time while thinking about her being pleasured by someone else. The desperate cuckold orgasms that I experienced were sad, but also incredibly powerful!  


After about week since she left, she began to contact me, and ask for money, as well as wanted me to do certain things for her, things that a wife would ask her husband.  At first upset, I soon realized that giving her money, while knowing that she was bedding someone else, was an incredible turn on.  My submissive side was now in full bloom, and the jerk off sessions with her clothing became even more intense after I sent her money, or ordered her food, etc.  I was being completely used, and completely cuckolded, but somehow I was loving it!


Her relationship with this "boyfriend" turned sour soon, and she returned to out apartment.  No explanations, no sorries, just a return to our everyday life.  Few days after her return I asked her for sex, and she told me that from now on I can only touch her feet and her asshole. Pussy was off limits, unless she needed to get off and had no other way to do so than have me eat her out. She also said that she would much rather have a vibrator in her pussy than my cock.  It was then that I realized that she treated me like a complete cuck and a slave, and that our relationship (that is, life as a couple) was over.  My cock has not been touched by a woman since then.  I asked her about her now ex-boyfriend, and she really didn't divulge too much, as she said it was her personal business. I prodded her a little, and she told me a bit about him, she also told me that I was much better than him in bringing her to orgasm using my mouth.  I was of course proud, but I always knew that I was really good at giving oral.  I suppose it's because of my submissive side. 


Anyway, in order not to bore you with the stories of my sexual abilities, I will continue about Tara.  About a month after she returned to our apartment, I was awaken by her cell phone which she left in the den that also served as my bedroom (since she came back, we slept in separate bedrooms).  I walked over to the phone to turn it off, but realized that the phone was opened to a web site called OKCupid.  Right away I knew that it was a dating site, and that she has been on it. I felt bad about doing it, but the turn on was too much!  I looked through her OKCupid messages, and then through her text messages.  I have never done this before, but the excitement was just overpowering!  I realized, reading the messages, that she has been dating lots of guys. There were introductory messages, ones that went in depth, and outright vulgar ones.  Tara didn't play the role of the slut on that dating site, but rather of someone who is looking for a long term romance.  How strange that seemed when there were five or six conversation strings, with different guys, about how great their sex was, how much she liked giving head, and even one asking a guy to bring pot and "party hats" to their meeting!


Needless to say that night I fished out a pair of her used panties out of the hamper, and jerked myself crazy.  I must have cum at least ten times, and didn't sleep a wink.  The humiliation, the submission, and the excitement were just too much to handle.


I never spoke to her about this, but she must have suspected, as she kept her phone close to her person from then on.  


Since then we had a tacit understanding:  she gets to sleep with whomever she pleases.  I give her money and generally support her, but am not allowed to touch her, unless she explicitly request me to.  This touching is generally restricted to giving foot massages, and I also must ask her permission if I can kiss, sniff, or lick her feet while massaging them. When she tells me to, I am also allowed to lick her asshole, which I absolutely love doing especially after her night out. She very rarely tells me that she has been out fucking, but if I beg her to tell me, she might admit it and may even give me some details. But generally she will let me worship her asshole and feet only after I have been good to her, as for instance when I give her a very expensive gift, or lots of cash.  I suppose Tara's sex life is very rich and active, since she hasn't told me to lick her pussy for a long time now.  I am not allowed to ask her to touch me, or for any other sexual favors.  I am, however, allowed to masturbate on my own and out of her sight without restrictions.  


Anyway, that's my story.  It is 100% true.  I am hoping to connect with other cuckold slaves, such as myself, or even bulls, to exchange experiences, ideas etc. But please, be real!  I understand that this area of sexuality is a fantasy for many guys, but since I am living it, I really don't want to hear about fake cuckold stories. I do welcome messages from cuckold wanna-be's who want to perhaps ask more details about Tara and my relationship.  I would also consider privately sharing her photos with bulls who are interested in fucking her, or other submissive cuckolds who want to spew a "worship puddle" to her, but I would have to feel comfortable with you.


Anyway, the attached clip is of me licking Tara's asshole, after she has been fucked. It's never been posted before! I don't think on that particular night she was fucked up the ass, but pussy definitely, as there still was some dried sperm on her thighs and panties.  I filmed this after she already was asleep, our unwritten deal is that I lick her asshole for at least one hour after she falls asleep, before I am allowed to masturbate in my room.   Anyone who spewed sperm while watching Tara's dominant, cheating asshole get worshipped, you are welcome to tell me about it!  


EDIT:  I can not attach the clip, despite trying many ways many times.  I PM'd the Admin, hopefully he will help, and the clip will either appear in this thread or wherever he will put it.  I will update you.  






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I uploaded the ass worship video to the "cuckold videos" section.  Should be available after moderator approval.  I should warn potential viewers that it contains an extreme asshole closeup, and a hairy crotch. She doesn't like to trim herself down there.  


I am trying to figure out what photos of my wife to post.  I don't feel comfortable showing her face at this time on the forum, though.  

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I bet you're not using 'Chrome' are you - probably IE or something.    Change to Chrome, and the pics will come across OK.


Nice story - hope you are pleased with the way things have turned out for you - we're all different, and like different things.


Like you, I am submissive to my wife, and would do almost anything to get her into bed with someone again.  She used to have our best friend daily for about 7 years, he used to come around and sleep with her when I was away on work - at least I knew she was safely tucked up in bed with him - or should that be 'safely fucked up in bed' ? 


I loved the humiliation, knowing she was being unfaithful to me every day, tasting his creampies when she returned from his place in the evenings.



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